Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sooo, My daughter wants to be a Vegetarian....Does that include Hamburger Helper?

My thirteen year old announced a few months back that she was now a vegetarian. Before she announced this to the family, let me clue you in on some of her favorite meals.

  1. Baby Back Ribs
  2. Tri-Tip
  3. Filet Mignon
  4. BBQ'd chicken
  5. Tacos
You get the point, she liked meat.
At first I thought it was a faze, especially because she was picking and choosing the days she was a vegetarian.
"Who wants McDonalds?"


"You want a cheeseburger? What about not eating meat?"

"Oh yeah.Well, just get me a chicken sandwich. I will still eat chicken"

So I did what any mom would do in my situation, I instantly started going through my HUGE magazine pile up in my room ( I went a tiny bit crazy at the pre-school magazine drive, much to my husbands dismay)In one of my magazines, I remember seeing an article about "So your child wants to be a vegetarian?"  Ah Ha! Found the article, also found an article on how to get your husband to REALLY listen to you, but I will tackle one family issue at a time.
It says to go over this list:

  • What are her reasons? - animal rights?, diet? Health? Taste?- Her reason was animal rights, but I guess slowly she has decided to only care about Cows. (She was only eating fish and chicken,then my husband told her 'Pork was the other white meat' like the commercial, and since she is eating chicken, and chicken is white, I guess she thinks pork is o.k.) 
  • Talk with her about how she will label herself- Well, she has labeled herself a vegetarian,but since the rest of the family likes to tease her,poke fun, and give her a hard time about this (i.e. older brother in a teasing voice"Oh, I'm such a VEGETARIAN, wow, I'm so cool! Oh, but I will eat a chicken!!!") I have made a few suggestions on how she should word it. I think she needs to actually just start saying "I don't eat red meat anymore" Plain and Simple. But she keeps using the word vegetarian, and I can't shield her much longer from her meat eating siblings.Which leads me to the most important tip in the magazine.
  • BE SUPPORTIVE- It says that no matter what, whether it is a faze, a true desire for animal rights, or a way to be different/cool/quirky, Be Supportive. So I am, but sometimes we forget. I put a tri-tip in the rotisserie, mash the potatoes, yell "Dinner is served" and when they all trample into the kitchen I see her eyeing the counter space, looking for that one lone piece of chicken that my husband or I cooked just for her. (we do this, when we can remember) But sometimes we forget, and her dinner plate will consist of mashed potatoes, corn, and a tuna sandwich. Or just a buttload of mashed potatoes, corn, and more potatoes. Just so her plate looks nice and full, and I don't feel like a horrible mom.Although it is hard, she forgets sometimes too. Eating my pork chops the other night, but then insisting on turkey bacon. (if you know my husband, he LOVES his greasy, salty, PORK bacon. But he was a good sport, even saying 'yum' once)
So supportive, I am trying to be, and just when I start thinking I am a horrible mom for all of the other mistakes I make daily, I score a point. Yesterday for example, I woke up in the morning, cut up all the fixings for homemade crockpot chili. Onion, green pepper, garlic, kidney beans, pinto beans, chili seasoning, and of course browned meat. I was about two seconds away from adding the last ingredient, COW, into the cooker, and I actually remembered my daughter. Sh*t!! Wait, I know. I dug through the cabinet, remembering a mini crockpot that came free with our large one. Hidden way back in the cupboard was the cutest little cooker I have ever seen. I think it is actually made for warming rather than cooking, but hey it'll work. 

I accomplished a few things today-
  1. Woke up (yes that is an accomplishment. I'm a tired mom, remember?)
  2. Got kids to school
  3. Prepped dinner in the morning
  4. Prepped VEGETARIAN dinner especially for my 13 year old daughter
  5. Went to work
  6. Came home, and showed off little mini crockpot to my daughter. 
I got a huge hug for the little black pot on the right! It's the little things that matter sometimes.

I was then thanked with a huge, warm, loving hug from her. Not for buying her new clothes, or giving her money, but by showing her my support. Love and support matter, more than we know. I need to remember that sometimes. Sometimes love and support are pushed aside, and taken over by anger, annoyance, and frustration. With three teenagers, and a five year old, I can only promise to take it one day at a time.But I will definitely try my hardest! 


  1. Hi JR, just chanced upon your blog and reading through some of your posts had me laughing out loud.

    Love it, hence why I'm now following. :)

  2. I cannot find a 'post a comment' on your recent post, so I thought I'd post here instead.

    I know exactly what you mean on searching for names that signify you have something in common with other mums. I wanted to find others who wrote about the realities of motherhood, not the fairytale.

    Because I cuss, call my child spawn and talk about my 'Lady Garden,' I have been given the boot by a lot of 'mummy' blogs...oh well.

    Also I found that my original title, 'The incoherent ramblings of a single parent', tended to put people off, so I changed it to, the incoherent ramblings of a Moose. It kind of makes no sense...much like my blog.

    I love the way you write and how it's not sugar coated. It's funny and real both at the same time. :)

  3. Yes- I did not realize at first what a name could do.I am still pondering this one.Your name is great, 'single mom' and 'moose'- I will definitely check it out.
    If we can't poke fun at ourselves, and realize sometimes we are great moms,and sometimes we just plain suck,and are borderline mental, then all of our 'mommmy' stories would not be as eventful. Moms need to be able to let their guard down. Thanks for following and double thanks for commenting!


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