Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death By Mosh Pit Is Not How This Mom Wanted To Leave This Earth

Went out for pizza and beers last night, then to go see the Expendables in concert. My husband told me that they were a punk/reggae band.I think I was expecting a bit more Reggae, and a little less mosh pit inducing punk.
We are almost 40 years old. Our kids listen to the Expendables, but a friend asked if we wanted to go, so we went. A designated driver, some pizza, a few beers, why the heck not?

Why the heck not? I will tell you. My husband every once in a while tries to relive his youth, and let me  tell you, his youth was Craaazzzyy! He was by no means a 'good boy'. He listened to punk music, surfed, skated, ran around the town like a juvenile delinquent, and completely disobeyed his parents (sweet B & B) And that brings us to the present day. He is now a responsible grown man. A husband, father, homeowner, general contractor with his own business. When he does surf it's on a longboard, not a shortboard. If he jumps on a skateboard, it is usually when one of the kids is on theirs and he wants to show them 'some moves' from his youth. He has the utmost respect for his parents, and punk music is partly to blame for the fact that he cannot hear as well as he did when he was young. He still listens to it as loud as can be when he is tooling away in the garage, but the only difference is now he has a wife yelling out to him to 'turn it down' instead of his mom (How did she do it?) Mosh pits are a thing of his past, but you can take the boy out of the pit but you can't take the pit (Mosh) out of the boy.

Long story short, he moshed!! Or pitted?? which is it? Who cares!! Then when he decided he needed a refill on his beer, he came to find me.

This whole conversation was yelling in one anothers ears over the music:

Husband: Babe come out and dance with me!!

Me: What?

Husband: Come dance with me, they are playing mellower music now. Come ON!


Husband: Come on! - pulling my hand, and dragging me to the center of the crowd. Where he then proceeded to gyrate behind me in a manner best suited for a Color Me Badd song. 'I Wanna Sex You Up', is definitely the signal he was sending to me. But hey, I went with it. To me any husband who dances, no matter good or bad, is a god send. Some are just such sticks in the mud, but mine does it with a smile. 
***** We proceeded to dance, if that is what you want to call it, to a beautiful, romantic, sweet little song, that goes a little something like this*****
Oh I
I packed this bowl for two
And I
I'm gonna wanna smoke it with you
Yes you know it is time
For us to sit down and unwind
I know the feeling, I know the feeling
So stay with me tonight
Gonna kick back relax 
Make sure the ganja's packed............... 

*** You get the point of this wonderful love song, obviously meant for a sweet little stoner couple. And if that was my husband and I, I am sure I would be all over this smooth jam! 

Well, within seconds this mellow little diddy, changed tune. The bass player had a different look on his face, it went from a stoned happy look, to an angry, I just smoked a joint laced with PCP and I'm gonna kill you look (slightly exaggerated, but I want you to really feel it) The crowd starting swaying, then the sway turned in to shoves, and the shoves turned into punches. And so it began, the F*ing mosh pit, and little ol' me was smack dab in the middle of it. My husband, who is major alpha male, started swinging his elbows, clearing me a path to get out of the pit of death. I ran into the ladies room and just took a breather. I had to calm down, mostly so that I wouldn't go back out and rip my husband a new one for dragging me in there in the first place. 

The night continued, he moshed away (or pitted away?? Really, what is the proper term?) relived his youth, lost his shoe in the pit, found his shoe in the pit, made friends with ALL of the security guards (well, he thought he was establishing life long friendships. The security guards were just establishing peace in their bar) I was alive, we left with the same amount of people we started with, no man left behind, and all was good in the world.

.................Until February when we see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or March when we see Flogging Molly. I think the nosebleed section watching RHCP, we will be safe from any crowd rushing. And Flogging Molly at The House of Blues, general admittance, well we will see. I will keep you posted.

And hopefully my hubby only relives his youth every so often. I don't think his poor body can take it! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lovin my family! Yes Siree!!

I am going to add this little disclaimer to my blog- I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!
That is it!
I was standing telling my husband that I want a laptop for Christmas, mentioning it would help me write more. Then my 14 (almost 15) year old daughter asked "write what?"  I then realized that alot of my content in my blog (or private exaggerated comedic diary, since really it is not public yet) is about my children.They are not always going to be shone in the best light, so I wanted to explain that to her the best way possible. So in terms she would understand, I said this "Well, B, honey, sometimes I will take life's daily little stories, and then re-tell them for millions on the internet. Of course adding a humorous twist. But don't worry, I will never write that you were sitting on the toilet with Diarrhea and right before that your boyfriend broke up with you. No, my sweet little daughter. I would never do that to you. Instead I will write that you were sitting on the toilet with Diarrhea, and that YOU broke up with HIM! No one dumps my daughter!!!"

Love my four kids- for all the joy, heartache, humor, sadness, love and frustration that they bring to me. Because if I had to do it all over again, well....... I wouldn't! This is the way I want it to be! I mean I would change a few things. A maid, a butler, a driver, loads of money, 2 vacations a year to a tropical getaway. One for just my hubby and me, NO KIDS! and One for just my hubby and me, NO KIDS!- Kidding, one with kids! Mommy loves you ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicken Tortas.Yum!!!!! -blogged on my iphone. Totally annoying!

Ma made Chicken Tortas for dinner tonight.Yum!Gotthe recipe off the Internet.Not that I really needed a recipe, I mean how hard could it be?
NOT HARD AT ALL, But my goodness was the hubby impressed! One point for Mom/Wife. Oooowi, gotta go, SONS OF ANARCHY is gonna be on soon! The best show ever! Well, next to The Office, oh, yeah and General
Hospital, and ....... O. K. Every flipping show out there is my fav, because I LOVE T.V.!!!!! Total sidetracked, hodge podge blog tonight, but I have a reason. Wanna know the reason? No, you don't care ? Yes you do, cause you are still reading, agh caught ya! Anyway, hodge podge and probably full of typos or weird auto correct mishaps, because,....da, da, da da drumroll please..... I am blogging from. From my new iPhone for S. Yes folks I finally got an iPhone woo hoo. 0 By the Way these last two sentences were done using the voice activated system is press a button and it types exactly what you tell it to well not exactly. I think I will leave the typos and mistakes and all the other strange things that AutoCorrect decides to type out because it adds character to my blog but it probably is going to be the last time I use my iPhone to blog .
Night night

Monday, November 7, 2011


So Bailey is definitely, DEFINITELY,a part of the family. Love this cat.