Thursday, October 11, 2012

We saw the 'Biebs' in concert! Cue the SCREAMS!!!

 Yes my household is a music loving household. All types of music can be heard from our ipods.
From Fleetwood Mac to Flo Rida.
From Johnny Cash to Johnny Rotten
From New Kids on the Block (hey, I relive my youth once in a while) to Justin Bieber!

I sat in front of two computers, four months ago and anxiously awaited while the hourglass spun in circles.
Would they be sold out?
Would I be able to figure out the Ticketmaster Captcha?
Are the $50 dollar seats going to be in the nosebleed section? spoiler alert.....Yes they were!

Hourglass stopped spinning

The hoops I had to jump through to get these tickets........
too many hoops to count!

Pre-Sale to American Express cardholders only- No problem!
Yes Problem- We don't have an AMEX

Call my parents, they'll surely have one- they don't
Sign up for one online, Genius!- Card will arrive in the next 2-4 weeks, WTF?? I NEED IT NOW! 

Call my parents back asking for advice- Go to grocery store and buy AMEX gift card?!?!
GENIUS PARENTS I HAVE! WAIT, NO, Not enough time!!!
Tell parents you love them, but you have to hang up now and contrive a plan- Dad says "hold on, call your Aunt! She may have one, and you can pay her back." GENIUS AGAIN!

Best Aunt in the world, can I have your AMEX # to purchase some tickets to see the Biebs in concert?- YES? I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Tickets Purchased!

'Upper Concourse' Section 316......Code Name for 'NOSEBLEED'
But in all honesty, my girls and I don't complain. Justin Bieber the size of an ant is better than no Bieber at all.

My Co-Worker/BFF also jumped through the same hoops that morning, and was able to buy tickets for herself and her three girls.

Then our boss, who, in case he is reading this is THE BEST BOSS EVER, found out we were going and used his Marriott Reward points to get us each a Hotel Room.
CAN YOU SAY          

When checking into a hotel that is full of Justin Bieber fans from all over California, what do you do first?

You leave your teen daughters in the hotel room with your five year old while they get all decked out in homemade t-shirts, and makeup (teens, not 5 year old! No makeup for her yet. This isn't Toddlers and Tiaras)

You tell them you are going to 'check out the Hotel and go for a little walk', then you grab your husband (who only came because he happened to have the next day off. No ticket for him. He was going to lounge at the bar while I have my ear screamed in by crazed lunatic teenagers) 

You call your BFF who is staying a floor below you;even though the B*TCHY girl at the front desk swore you were on the same floor. Uhhhh, when did 21 and 20 become the same number?

.......and you wind up here
We checked out the Hotel......on our way to the outdoor bar. These parents deserve a drink before heading into the treacherous land of Maniac Bieber Fans!
By the way, we could hear the screams from the Staples Center while sitting at the bar. The screams of girls that thought if they showed up early they'd catch a glimpse of JB hoppin out of his tinted windowed, chrome car!

Bartender, can you make that a double?

Time to go!

Blurry action shot of the girls jumping in the hall on the way down. 

All in all it was a great experience

Oh, wait let me rewind. 
A word of advice

Five year olds get tired waiting 2 hours for someone to show up on a stage. 
Five year olds don't care about concerts
They only care about Hotel Pools and jumping on Hotel Beds
Five year olds grab your hand midway through the FIRST SONG and yell in your ear
"Can I go to the Hotel with Daddy? I'm tired!"

Five year olds make teenagers say 
"OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOODDDDDDDDDD! She is wasting a ticket! We so could have brought one of our friends"

To which mom replies-

"We are NOT even going to go there!"

and for once.......they zipped their lips, and didn't go there. :)

Daddy saved the day.Thank goodness he came, thank goodness he was 2 seconds away having a tray of sliders and a beer at the ESPN Sports Bar! Thank goodness his night was made by having two moms try to pick him up because he looked 'lonely'.
Thank goodness he had an excuse of "Oh, I'm waiting for my wife and daughters inside the concert"
Thank goodness that excuse turned out not to be a lie, because one minute later he was actually needed.

Daddy to the rescue. 
YES, they went back to the room and jumped on the beds! He is a big kid too!

What an AMAZING time with my family.

The next morning we raided the Executive Lounge for all of the free snacks.Thanks Boss....again......for being an Elite Member! We love free snacks!

We were exhausted, but hubby still drove us through Hollywood to 'see the sights'
Sights being Homeless and Graffiti, but Hey, I got my Hollywood sign Picture.

Lessons learned

  • If you are going to sit in front of your computer for AMEX presale tickets. Make sure you actually have an American Express. 
  • Don't think your homemade purple t-shirts from Michaels are going to be 'Super Original'- They AREN'T! I can't even tell you how many homemade purple t-shirts we saw! And Justin didn't even take the time to come find my girls and compliment them on their iron on skills.
  • If your five year old states to you beforehand that she is SUPER excited about the Hotel, but the concert 'Uhhhh, not too much Mama'- Believe her! Don't waste the money on the ticket. She will have just as much fun in the pool or jumping on the bed with Daddy.
  • Find the Bar! Find the Bar at the Hotel, and then when you get into the arena, find that bar too. Smile at the Bartender, slam your hand down on the counter and say "I think this Mama deserves a Margarita"
  • Most important lesson learned- HAVE FUN! Because I did! 
  • Upper Concourse means............             UPPER CONCOURSE!!!   SUPER DUPER UPPER!


  1. Oh, J.R. Has your hearing returned yet or are you still experiencing the shrill screams of the feverish young thangs?
    My nieces want me to take them to see One Direction next year. I dread the ticket purchase!
    Get over and enter my giveaway, girlfriend. It's ending tomorrow!

    1. My hearing was actually o.k which was VERY surprising. One Direction, that was another one, but we did not get the tix.


  2. You are the BEST MOM EVER!! Even though I can't stomach Bieber, this sounded insanely fun. Your advice? Spot on. Well played, mom.

    1. Thank you Marianne.......Can you repeat that line "you are the best mom ever" and then have it engraved in Gold, then send to me via fed ex but have it addressed to my teen daughters so they can hang above their beds?


      Oh well! LOL- Seriously though, thank you. It actually was pretty fun:)


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