Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sometimes I do things just to be like 'One of Those People'

Like my title? 

It is true!

Sometimes I look at certain people and think " I want to be like them"


"I want to do what they are doing"


"Hmmm, maybe I should start ______, or_______, or __________ then I will be one of those cool whatever kind of people"


Cool Vitamin Healthy juice drinking people:
I was at Target in the makeup section buying new lip gloss. The Vitamins were one isle over. 
Hmm, I thought. Maybe I should buy some vitamins. I could have them sitting on my counter, like "Hey look at me, I take vitamins. Not just a plain ol' boring multi vitamin, but like different letters and stuff!" 
I scanned the shelves. Fish oil......Uhhhh! Cod Liver?? WTH?......Prenatal?? Ahh, now that I recognize, and boy it sure did make my nails grow out long and strong. Vitamain B6? My eyes went straight to the word ENERGY. I need more energy, because I am always tired in the afternoon. Throw it in the basket! YAY, Success. Cool Vitamin Person, I have now become. 

A Person Who Can't Start Their Day Unless They Start it With CARDIO!
That person is NOT me! I do not get enjoyment from working out. I buy workout clothes only so that I have something to wear on the days that I don't feel like wearing tight jeans, but can't get away with wearing my fuzzy pajamas to Target. I want my friends to call me and say "Hey, whatcha doin today?" and for me to say "Oh, heading over to the gym..........after I work out at home first. You know me, HaHa Ha, the gym is my church!" 
The Gym is NOT my church! The Gym is not my go to happy place! Working out is awful, and I would rather have my eyes poked out with hot needles! 
Although, if walking from my car to the inside of Target to purchase more workout clothes;only to have to try on 4 different sports bras, 3 pairs of yoga pants, and 2 zip up hoodies........well if that doesn't sound like cardio to me, I don't know what is. Hey, maybe I am a fitness freak after all! 

An 'I can sit around discussing foreign news, the stock market, and overseas trading at a party' Type of Person.
First of all, is Overseas trading even a phrase? Is it even a 'thing'? It just rolled off my tongue, so I typed it.
Anyways, lets move on. I am already yawning!
Don't get me wrong, I can hold an intelligent conversation, but certain topics leave me bored and baffled!

Well I may not talk politics over a cosmopolitan,

I can wear a mustache, fake glasses and wave my hands in the air like I 


No 'Bored and Baffled' going on here! Just a whoooole lotta Warm Rum Cider, Fake Mustache/Nose/Glasses and some music!
Take that Foreign Trade Stock Politics!


  1. Love the photo and yay you for being a cool vitamin girl! :D And I totally get this because I always wanted to be the health freak mom that sent apple slices and carrots to school with my kids instead they got twinkies n' ding dongs.. Eh, they survived. They're all healthy. And now I have grandbabies.. Maybe I'll give them apple slices n' carrots.. Yeah, probably not.. Lol.. Great post. :)

    1. Thank you! I am only halfway to being a 'cool vitamin girl' Now they have to get off of the counter, and into my mouth. That is the hard part I am having.

      LOL on the healthy snacks! I just had to bring SUGAR FREE popsicles to my daughters class for her Birthday. SUGAR FREE?? UGGGHHHH ( not to mention popsicles in the winter?)

      Thanks Mimi!

  2. Hahaha! Crazy girl! I love seeing crack me up. Keep doing your thang, girl!

    1. Thank you Tina! There was a lot of cracking up going on this night! Fun times.

  3. Haha! I'll have whatever you're drinking.
    I've gotten as far a taking the vitamin B tabs, still working on going to the gym. But after I've packed my bags full of gym stuff, I have to go and lie down for 10 minutes. Seriously, I've got the energy levels of a sloth.

    1. Hot apple cider spiked with RUM! ;)
      Energy level of a sloth. I may have to use that one.
      If I am not feeling energetic enough to do something, I will simply say "Sorry guys, I am feeling a bit slothy today. Mommy needs her nap"
      Yup! Got it.....Slothy! My new word for tired. I was getting sooooooo bored with tired.
      Gyms ...I just don't get them.

  4. Totally not what I expected! And I will hang with you anytime. Just say the word. Bailey's on me.

    1. You did not expect me to have a mustache Marianne? I have tried bleaching, waxing, shaving, and nothing works. I have chosen to just be 'me'! ;)

      Baileys! I think that is going to be my next 'warm beverage additive'

  5. I'd rather wear glasses and mustaches with you than talk about overseas trading with stuffy people!

    1. Glasses and mustaches are so much more fun.So is dancing to Flo Rida, which is what I believe I was doing in this picture. It was my husbands 40th Birthday party,so much fun was being had.;)

  6. Are we the same person? But add in: making clothes for the children, preparing delicious 'you can't even tell it's tofu' meals, and cleaning on a regular basis. They all seem like things that the lady I aspire to be would do, but the me in real life just says 'Fuck this!' and sits down to a Lifetime movie with a big glass of red wine. Loved it!

    1. I know,I am loving your posts.
      All of your add ins soooooooo could have made my list. This is a post that I think could have been longer,but it was one of those nights where I sat staring at my laptop, and suddenly did not feel like typing anymore. So that was it POST DONE. I hit 'PUBLISH' and grabbed a glass of wine and turned on a Lifetime movie.....Whaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa WE ARE THE SAME PERSON;)

      Thanks for following! Always makes me happy.:)

  7. J.R.,
    As 2012 Comes to a close I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I usually read them on my phone and have trouble "commenting" from there or I would "comment" more often. Thank you so much for sending me the website. I LOVE your sense of humor. It is very refreshing. You have made me laugh so hard I cry! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Love ya,

    1. Thank you Dana!!! Love ya too.

      Happy New Year

  8. It's official, I DO love you.

  9. AWESOME! I love being loved! I need validation from others ;)
    Thank you Thank you

  10. Starting the day with cardio? People really do that? Everyone I know with exercise equipment seems to use it as an extra closet or a place to air dry sweaters. Besides, I've always heard that mustaches are slimming. Sort of like wearing black, only better.

    1. I did feel rather slim in my mustache, and it was black. So double slim!
      Oh, I can't tell you how much laundry is on our bike.

  11. Well, I was pretty excited to think you were back posting, but what is this??? Did you know this posted itself on your behalf? Maybe it's a sign from the universe that you are needed in blaaahgland???? Come back!


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