Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, I guess I should write something

I am getting ready to go to bed, my eyes hurt, I am tired, I have a bit of a head cold (mostly consisting of an annoying runny nose) I actually forgot that I had made a little mental promise to myself to 'Blog everyday, no matter what!' Wellllll, I can already tell how that is going to turn out, but what a loser I would have been if I didn't atleast last a few days, full force blogging!! Especially the First Flippin day!!! I went and bought myself a new purse this morning at my favorite store ROSS. I love ROSS, love, love, love. I mean who would not love Ross Dress For Less (had to say the whole title atleast once) Everything in the store is inexpensive, and everything in the store is really super cool. Fashionable cute clothes, great shoes, awesome home decor. The purse I just got today, 20 bucks. Red, leather purse. LOVE IT!!! I bought it with the money that I got from returning the robe, (and other stocking stuffers),my husband bought me. His feelings were a bit hurt. Really? Really honey? Because I saw the receipt, and you bought it at CVS drugstore for $9.99 on Christmas Eve. I will not tease him anymore about this, and I will remind you of the reason. This Laptop, remember? He bought me a laptop for Christmas. A really nice laptop (not only did he do that, but it also came with some endearing words of support and encouragement regarding my writing) So his last minute stocking stuffers were perfectly fine.
Here is my theory on people who say that they don't like ROSS....... Want to hear it?....... They are snobs!! Maybe the word snob is a bit harsh, but come on people give it a try. Why would anyone pay full price for anything? I mean I am not saying that I only shop at ROSS. I don't. I love Macys, Forever 21 (although am I getting to old for it? NO!! Not everything in Forever 21 is made for me, so I won't buy everything they sell. ) I go to Nordstroms, the Gap, you get my point. But, the thing is, I do not, will not pay full price. I shop sales. And ROSS is one big sale 24/7. A store full of an ongoing sale.
And on Tuesdays it is Senior Citizen discount day, which reminds me, I need to start inviting my mom to hang with me on Tuesdays. ( She won't know its for the 'discount') Love you mom if you are reading.

After I bought my cute new purse, and was on a new purchase natural high, I came home and hung out with my hubby, big brother, dad, and neighbor and watched the Chargers kick the Raiders A**!!!
If I just had you fooled into thinking I was a huge football fan, and actually sat and watched the whole game cheering,well, I apologize. The Chargers did win, but Kickin A** is not a phrase I use. And I only really watched the end of the game. Because that is when the pizza came, so I decided to sit with everyone while we ate. 

After the game, I fell asleep for a bit on the couch. I think I drooled a bit on the little pillow, due to the fact my nose is completely clogged and I am breathing out of my mouth. Took a bath, made some hot tea, watched Oprah interview Steven Tyler (my crush on him has always weirded me out, even though it is my crush. I question my own crushes sometimes. Normal? Weird? I don't know. Who cares?!)

Now I'm in bed. Good Night!

Oh, last night?? What did I do last night? New Years Eve?? Went to or next door neighbors house for what was supposed to be a Raging Huge Party. But  T (God love her, and her funny self) forgot to send out the evite. And only really realized it about 10 minutes before the party. She has 5 year old twins, and a baby in her stomach. Babies in stomachs literally suck smarts  out of mommies brains.So T is exempt from having to do anything that requires drawn out, thought processes. Any pregnant women should be.
So I got a call from the almost 18 year old saying he was going to stay at his dads to go out with friends in Orange County for New Years. O.K.
My fifteen year old had her best friend over, then asked if two 'guy friends' could come over. (since my husband and I would be literally 10 feet away next door, I said yes. Not to mention we know the parents of one of the boys, and we know that they have threatened him with death if he ever so much as breathes too close to our daughter. So I am pretty sure they are 'just friends'. Plus my daughter has a boyfriend. But hey, ya never know right?)
My thirteen year old went to a friends house, so she was all good, cozy and safe.
I got my 5 year old to sleep, but this was after we played tag, hide and go seek, and relay all around the house. I wanted to tire her out so that I would know she was safe in bed while I went next door to be an adult for about an hour. And also so that the 15 year old would not feel stuck babysitting.
All went great. I lullabied nans to sleep. Called my son to tell him (just one more time) to be careful whatever he does, and I love him more than anything, and please don't drink, but god forbid if you or one of your friends does drink, please call us, no questions asked, we will get you........ so on, so on. My 13 year old, was happily hanging at her good friends house (who is the daughter of one of my really great friends) so I knew she was safe. My 15 year old was in the kitchen with her best friend, and 2 guy friends, pouring soda and watching the surf channel. I gave them all the death glare, and told them I would be 'watching them'. I then walked next door, played 2 games of pool, had 2 pear ciders, and came home to ring in the New Year with my kids (well half the bunch). Kisses, sparkling cider,MTV countdown........ 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1


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