Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changing the name of my blog- Just a heads up for my 6 Followers

Soooooo, I was thinking of changing the name of my blog. I started this blog a year ago, and at the time wasn't even sure how to blog, what blogging really meant, what it felt like to have followers, or how much I would really get into it. Well I am really into it, I pretty much get it, am super stoked to have 6 followers, (although I am pretty sure it is my supportive family using fake names) and it is like mental therapy for me.

But I have now found my blogging style. I mean, I have always known my blogging style, it is smart ass humor most of the time, with a bit of tender, sweetness mixed in (Gag, that sounds weird, but I'll keep it. I'm tired of backspacing, and literally F ' ING TIRED)
I named it The Concoctions of My Life, because that is a funny word in my family. I like to cook, I really do. And sometimes I make do with whatever ingredients we have on hand. But my husband is a mixture of (when it comes to eating) old fashioned meat and potatoes guy and 'Ill try anything guy. But I'm never sure which guy is going to walk into the kitchen on any given night.
So when I would just "throw stuff together" that seemed a bit different, he would kinda sniff around, pick up the lids, give me a look, and want to know what it was called. If I didn't have an official name, then he would turn a bit weary. Feeling like it was something his crazy wife made up.
But I mean, why can't you boil pasta, stir in a can of white beans, and some sundried tomatoes, then some mushrooms and spinach as an after thought, and call it a dinner. But that was it, what to call it?
I would sometimes try to think of a name quickly, he needed a name, but then the only sound that would come out of my mouth was -
"well honey its a wibble schnabble, wopple boople, oh never mind! I made it up! Just eat it!"

" Ooohhh, it's another one of your CONCOCTIONS?" he would ask.

So, there it is! There is the reason for my name. 
It is a big inside joke in my family, but not sure it screams out to the people I would think would find my blog humorous. 
For example. I just starting writing a blog about a year ago, but I just, just, JUST started reading other blogs about a month ago. So I will randomly blog jump from one blog to another. Clicking on any Blog Names that shout out to me. I was talking to one of my best friends today about blog titles.
I was saying that when I look on someones blog list, to see what blogs they follow, my eyes start skimming for titles that scream "READ ME" or "I WILL HAVE EVERYTHING IN COMMON WITH YOU" . 
Like 'I'm a Mom, shoot me now' -or- 'Leave mommy alone honey, she is fantasizing about not being a mommy'. I mean, I'm kidding (kinda) but from the title alone, I can tell that these are obviously Moms that are blogging, they are probably good moms, but they like to vent through words. (Yes, I can tell all of this from a title. It's a gift) 
My title- The Concoctions of My Life, url well that could mean ALOT of stuff. I am a chef writing about my escapades in the kitchen. I am a world traveler, backpacking across Europe, journaling the concoctions of my day. I don't know it my title somersaults into the hearts of whom I believe would truly enjoy my blog. 

So a warning to my millions of fans out there, your favorite blogs title may be changing. It is o.k., you will still be a follower. Nothing about our relationship will change, just a name. 
I will keep you posted, ( or I will give you no further warning, it will just happen in the middle of the night) 

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