Friday, December 30, 2011

My Glamorous Home Office

This is what I looked like last night blogging. Just figured I'd share real quick, before I jump in my car to pick up my two teen daughters from a 2 day sleepover with their cousins. It is not just down the street though. Nope! Lucky me drove an hour away to drop them off on Wednesday night (after work). My brother had said if I drop them off, he'd be able to bring them home. But now he has to work (not his fault I know) So my Friday has turned into a 2 hour drive. An hour there, an hour back. My husband is fishing, and my plans were to clean up some of the Christmas stuff before our New Years weekend. Looks like plans have changed. I will now be driving (did I ever mention my freeway anxiety? FUN!!), then by the time I get back I will NOT feel like cleaning. I will NOT feel like organizing. I will NOT feel like exchanging the robe my husband got me for Christmas(well, maybe I will do that because then I get something in return. FUN!)

Anyway, quick morning blog - along with a picture. Me, Bailey the cat, my 5 year old (who wanted to sleep in our room and wait for the tooth fairy. Yes she lost her first tooth. She is sooo flipping cute) and my hubby sleeping snoring so peacefully! All the while, Mama is bloggin away (and strategically using her phone to take a picture of the scene) in her home office.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Anxiety,Laptops,Irritable Bowel, Oh My!

I am typing on my brand new LAPTOP!!My husband has faith in me. He wants to be supportive of my writing. He says he 'believes in me', and now I will be able to write more / blog more.
You want to know what I think???........................... I think he is secretly hoping, wishing, and praying( to whomever will listen)  that I will somehow become the next Stephenie Meyer. That I will wake up one morning and start typing away about a dream I had, and that dream will turn into a gazillion pages, that will then turn into a book. A book that is number one on the best sellers list for 50 weeks, and then he can quit his back breaking job of being a general contractor. We will live off the millions that I rake in, traveling the world to attend my book signings. All the while having to hire an agent to help sort out all of the calls from Hollywood producers who want to turn my novel into a Mega Hit! Oprah will call me personally to beg me for an interview which may be hard because I have grown increasingly anxious in certain situations. And sitting in front of Oprah could cause me to black out, or worse get diarrhea, which is a blog within itself. I keep Immodium A-D in business.There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to my new found anxiety. No pattern at all that makes sense. Sometimes I am the life of the party, or life of the office, life of the carpool ride, life of the supermarket line, life of the shower, which is where I do alot of my talking to myself. Re-enacting moments from my day. What I would have said to that lady who cut in front of me at Jack in the Box had my brain worked a bit faster at getting a quick one-liner to come out of my frozen mouth. But..........sometimes I am super nervous, anxious and surprisingly do NOT want all eyes on me. Hmmm, another one for the therapist. If I ever get around to meeting up with a therapist.Who has the time for that, maybe there is a therapy app for my phone. Can it prescribe xanax? Because my doctor won't prescribe it, nope! His answer to me when I asked him for some (which a friend of mine just informed me that you never, never, NEVER under any circumstance, walk into your doctors office and ask for a drug by name.) You have to let the doctor suggest it to you, never the other way around. How she knows this, I am not sure, and that seems a bit more shady than just asking. I figured I was being honest, and he would just appreciate that, and start filling out the prescription sheet with his chicken scratch. Uhhhh, NO! This is what he asked back to me, a question with a question. Great!  "do you ever just get 'me' time? Do you get time to just walk on the beach? Breath? Maybe try deep breathing and yoga." Thanks Doc, I'll let my 4 kids, husband, and job know that I will be taking some time off for some deep breathing, walks on the beach, and daily yoga. I'll get right on that. But since I am a push-over, who never rocks a boat, I smiled and said 'O.K'

Anyway, back to my hubby and my laptop.He believes in me, he loves me, and this morning he surprised me BIG TIME!! I have wanted a laptop for a long, long, LONG time. How is it that all of our kids have one (well not the 5 year old, thank god, but I am sure she is next at the rate the world is going) and I don't? I hope to make him proud, I hope to show him how much I appreciate this gift, and I really hope that atleast I win a short story contest in a magazine, winning $200, so that I can say 'Hey I am a published writer, and I owe it all to my supportive husband' ;)

Merry Christmas Everybody!  I know mine started out Awesome!!

Coming attraction for my next blog: 
Next I am trying to decide whether I will dedicate a whole post to my Irritable Bowel syndrome, which my husband thinks the only good thing that comes from that is that it may be the reason I am still thin after having four kids. I eat like you would not believe. I believe junk food was sent to us from heaven above, but I can also make an awesome organic butternut squash chili. I am definitely multi layered in my likes, personalities, quirks, etc. But I am constantly having stomach issues, so no food stays in for too long. Maybe I won't write about that. Who needs to know all of that, it is definitely more than my husband wanted to know about me, but he had to learn quick. A first date that consisted of Sushi for dinner than off to Dave and Busters for games, drinks, and more food, well yes, he got a full dose early on. But I was showing alot of cleavage that night, so he was able to overlook the fact that I had to literally sprint to the bathroom.
Or a post talking about my freeway anxiety. The husband loves road trips with mom. He once made me put wine in my coffee sipper to calm my nerves while we took all the kids to Balboa Park for the day.
Kids: Mom, what are you drinking?
Me:  Uhh, oh, umm, Chai tea - Dammit why did I say that? The girls LOVE chai tea, and I always give them sips
Daughter: Chai tea? Can I have a drink?
Me: No!! Oh, I mean No, no sorry honey. I have a cold and don't want you to get sick.
Son: It smells like wine or something.
Me: O.K. FINE, I AM DRINKING WINE. I was so nervous about the freeway today, and Dr. F wouldn't prescribe me anything, so we thought maybe if I gulped down some wine I'd be a bit calmer. Sorry kids, never do this o.k. It's bad and illegal. Even if you are a passenger, here I will just gulp it before we pull out of the driveway.
Son: mumbling under his breath You should have just had a shot of Tequila. It would have been quicker.
How he knows this I am not sure, that will be my next blog.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Date Night With my Hubby

iPhones have taken over my date nights with my husband. How? You might ask. Well, one word........
(actually three words) WORDS WITH FRIENDS!!! Yes, we sit on the couch together, not staring longingly into one another's eyes, but playing WWF in silence. Now we are up in bed, not renting a movie, not chit chatting about our day, not utilizing the empty space left by our four year old who is actually sleeping in her own bed. Nope folks, we are in our California King bed,keeping to our respective sides, playing a grueling, competitive , neck and neck game of Words with Friends!! 10:30 on a Saturday night!
We are a couple of party animals, let me tell you.

Ooooh, gotta go, it's my turn. Yup, I'm blogging and words with 'friending' at the same time.
**words with friending being one of those special phrases/words that I store in my own dictionary, deep in the crevices of my smarty pants brain. If I wasn't a smarty pants would I be kicking my husbands butt, (not to mention my moms butt)at this game right now!!! Oh, that'll be my next blog, my mom and her iPad. The present she still hasn't figured out!!! I definitely would have won Americas Funniest Home Videos if I'd have recorded her as she opened it. Love you mom. Xoxo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death By Mosh Pit Is Not How This Mom Wanted To Leave This Earth

Went out for pizza and beers last night, then to go see the Expendables in concert. My husband told me that they were a punk/reggae band.I think I was expecting a bit more Reggae, and a little less mosh pit inducing punk.
We are almost 40 years old. Our kids listen to the Expendables, but a friend asked if we wanted to go, so we went. A designated driver, some pizza, a few beers, why the heck not?

Why the heck not? I will tell you. My husband every once in a while tries to relive his youth, and let me  tell you, his youth was Craaazzzyy! He was by no means a 'good boy'. He listened to punk music, surfed, skated, ran around the town like a juvenile delinquent, and completely disobeyed his parents (sweet B & B) And that brings us to the present day. He is now a responsible grown man. A husband, father, homeowner, general contractor with his own business. When he does surf it's on a longboard, not a shortboard. If he jumps on a skateboard, it is usually when one of the kids is on theirs and he wants to show them 'some moves' from his youth. He has the utmost respect for his parents, and punk music is partly to blame for the fact that he cannot hear as well as he did when he was young. He still listens to it as loud as can be when he is tooling away in the garage, but the only difference is now he has a wife yelling out to him to 'turn it down' instead of his mom (How did she do it?) Mosh pits are a thing of his past, but you can take the boy out of the pit but you can't take the pit (Mosh) out of the boy.

Long story short, he moshed!! Or pitted?? which is it? Who cares!! Then when he decided he needed a refill on his beer, he came to find me.

This whole conversation was yelling in one anothers ears over the music:

Husband: Babe come out and dance with me!!

Me: What?

Husband: Come dance with me, they are playing mellower music now. Come ON!


Husband: Come on! - pulling my hand, and dragging me to the center of the crowd. Where he then proceeded to gyrate behind me in a manner best suited for a Color Me Badd song. 'I Wanna Sex You Up', is definitely the signal he was sending to me. But hey, I went with it. To me any husband who dances, no matter good or bad, is a god send. Some are just such sticks in the mud, but mine does it with a smile. 
***** We proceeded to dance, if that is what you want to call it, to a beautiful, romantic, sweet little song, that goes a little something like this*****
Oh I
I packed this bowl for two
And I
I'm gonna wanna smoke it with you
Yes you know it is time
For us to sit down and unwind
I know the feeling, I know the feeling
So stay with me tonight
Gonna kick back relax 
Make sure the ganja's packed............... 

*** You get the point of this wonderful love song, obviously meant for a sweet little stoner couple. And if that was my husband and I, I am sure I would be all over this smooth jam! 

Well, within seconds this mellow little diddy, changed tune. The bass player had a different look on his face, it went from a stoned happy look, to an angry, I just smoked a joint laced with PCP and I'm gonna kill you look (slightly exaggerated, but I want you to really feel it) The crowd starting swaying, then the sway turned in to shoves, and the shoves turned into punches. And so it began, the F*ing mosh pit, and little ol' me was smack dab in the middle of it. My husband, who is major alpha male, started swinging his elbows, clearing me a path to get out of the pit of death. I ran into the ladies room and just took a breather. I had to calm down, mostly so that I wouldn't go back out and rip my husband a new one for dragging me in there in the first place. 

The night continued, he moshed away (or pitted away?? Really, what is the proper term?) relived his youth, lost his shoe in the pit, found his shoe in the pit, made friends with ALL of the security guards (well, he thought he was establishing life long friendships. The security guards were just establishing peace in their bar) I was alive, we left with the same amount of people we started with, no man left behind, and all was good in the world.

.................Until February when we see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or March when we see Flogging Molly. I think the nosebleed section watching RHCP, we will be safe from any crowd rushing. And Flogging Molly at The House of Blues, general admittance, well we will see. I will keep you posted.

And hopefully my hubby only relives his youth every so often. I don't think his poor body can take it! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lovin my family! Yes Siree!!

I am going to add this little disclaimer to my blog- I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!
That is it!
I was standing telling my husband that I want a laptop for Christmas, mentioning it would help me write more. Then my 14 (almost 15) year old daughter asked "write what?"  I then realized that alot of my content in my blog (or private exaggerated comedic diary, since really it is not public yet) is about my children.They are not always going to be shone in the best light, so I wanted to explain that to her the best way possible. So in terms she would understand, I said this "Well, B, honey, sometimes I will take life's daily little stories, and then re-tell them for millions on the internet. Of course adding a humorous twist. But don't worry, I will never write that you were sitting on the toilet with Diarrhea and right before that your boyfriend broke up with you. No, my sweet little daughter. I would never do that to you. Instead I will write that you were sitting on the toilet with Diarrhea, and that YOU broke up with HIM! No one dumps my daughter!!!"

Love my four kids- for all the joy, heartache, humor, sadness, love and frustration that they bring to me. Because if I had to do it all over again, well....... I wouldn't! This is the way I want it to be! I mean I would change a few things. A maid, a butler, a driver, loads of money, 2 vacations a year to a tropical getaway. One for just my hubby and me, NO KIDS! and One for just my hubby and me, NO KIDS!- Kidding, one with kids! Mommy loves you ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicken Tortas.Yum!!!!! -blogged on my iphone. Totally annoying!

Ma made Chicken Tortas for dinner tonight.Yum!Gotthe recipe off the Internet.Not that I really needed a recipe, I mean how hard could it be?
NOT HARD AT ALL, But my goodness was the hubby impressed! One point for Mom/Wife. Oooowi, gotta go, SONS OF ANARCHY is gonna be on soon! The best show ever! Well, next to The Office, oh, yeah and General
Hospital, and ....... O. K. Every flipping show out there is my fav, because I LOVE T.V.!!!!! Total sidetracked, hodge podge blog tonight, but I have a reason. Wanna know the reason? No, you don't care ? Yes you do, cause you are still reading, agh caught ya! Anyway, hodge podge and probably full of typos or weird auto correct mishaps, because,....da, da, da da drumroll please..... I am blogging from. From my new iPhone for S. Yes folks I finally got an iPhone woo hoo. 0 By the Way these last two sentences were done using the voice activated system is press a button and it types exactly what you tell it to well not exactly. I think I will leave the typos and mistakes and all the other strange things that AutoCorrect decides to type out because it adds character to my blog but it probably is going to be the last time I use my iPhone to blog .
Night night

Monday, November 7, 2011


So Bailey is definitely, DEFINITELY,a part of the family. Love this cat.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

SHUT THE DOOR!!!!!! please

So, Bailey the cat is doing great! I have signs posted on each door so that we always remember to SHUT THE D*M DOOR!!!!!!!! Goodness, Gracious if that cat ever got out, my little 4 year old would be devastated! Therapy sessions, hypnotic mind erasing procedures, tranquilizers........they would all be needed. (and I'm talking about myself, because the guilt would eat at me like vultures to a dead squirrel) Bailey would be a nice little appetizer for the Chupacabra that live down in our canyon. Coyotes, some may call them, but doesn't Chupacabra sound so much more frightening? Mystical? Folk Lore-ish? The Chupacabra can be heard at night, screaming, cackling, taunting. Bailey dipped in some ranch dressing. That is what they are waiting for. They are seriously hoping that one day, that ditzy mom with the four kids will forget, and she will leave that sliding glass door open. Then Bailey will go running, full speed ahead straight into their arms. (or skinny, raggedy, mangy little paws)
But so far, so good! No body forgets to shut a door- well except people that don't live here. It is a strange thing to yell at people who you normally would never raise a voice too. But something about having an "indoor cat" gives you that right! I kinda like it. I can take out my aggression on unsuspecting people. "SHUT THE DOOR!!!! THE CAT!!!! THE DOOR, SHUT IT NOWWWW!!" Ahhhh- I feel so much better. Then I take the tone back down a few decibels, and pleasantly say "oh, you know, its an indoor cat. It would just devastate our daughter if anything ever happened to itty bitty Bailey. You understand right?" Then I smile. Nobody is exempt from my door shutting wrath. Not the poor religious solicitors, the pizza man who probably wonders why I pay him with only my face poking through a crack in the door, all the while darting my eyes, swinging my head my from left to right keeping an eye out for the sneaky little cat. I hand him my money, in such a hurry saying "keep all of it, change is your tip" not realizing I just gave him a ten dollar tip for a $8.99 pizza. Then I open the door a tiny bit more, he slips me the pizza sideways to fit through the 5 inches of space I have left, then I slam the door before he even has time to say "Thank you mam" or realize that the crazy cat lady just gave him a 125% tip. 
I go inside, pronounce to the family that dinner is served, my husband asks for the change, I tell him "Oh, about that". The kids start spilling into the kitchen, grabbing their plates, pouring their sodas. And then K runs in, gives Bailey a huge hug (well a huge choke hold, but what do you expect from a four year old who loves her cat more than the world. She's just giving her a little extra love squeeze) She laughs while she is patting Bailey on the head."Oooh, Bailey! You are so silly. I love, love, love you"
So I will continue to be crazy, yelling, sign making, door slamming, cat lady! I will because Baileys life, and my daughters happiness depend on it. All the kids in fact. Everyone loves Bailey. She is a cool cat, she.......wait, wait a minute. Who left the D*M DOOR OPEN??? What in the .......................I Gotta Go. There is someone to yell at!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Portraits

My preschooler has to fill a brown paper bag called the "ME" bag with 4 items that tell about her. One needs to be a family picture................................. So far I have gone through 3 picture albums, 1 box, and 15 different files on my computer looking for just the perfect picture. What would the perfect picture be? Well, ummm, well........OK, I am actually looking for the  perfect picture of myself. End of story!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am sitting at the computer eating snickerdoodles and washing them down with a big glass of milk. One of my best gal pals told me about these delicious cookies, and since we have the same 'style' in food, I knew they'd be yum!! And yes, if you are wondering, they are really, REALLY, good! Thanks D!
I decided to take my little baby bear with me to Fresh n Easy to get these cookies. I did this after picking her up from pre-school. She is an "all-dayer" now. Which is another way of saying, Mommy does not get to be a stay at home mommy like she was dreaming of. Mommy does not get to do arts and crafts with you at the kitchen table, while she brews another pot of coffee. Mommy does not get to snuggle with you on the couch for a mommy daughter afternoon nap. Mommy does not get to look you in your big beautiful, hazel eyes and so "no, Nan's, actually you don't have to go to school all day today. You get to stay home with Mommy. We are going to go do some errands, then you can color me a picture, then we will water the yard and feed the fish. After that, you can help me get stuff ready for dinner. Then we will make some snacks for when your older sisters get home from school. And daddy will come home from work, and say "what did my favorite girls do today? You are so lucky to have a mommy that is home with you."  [insert cheesy,happy Daddy grin, followed by jolly Leave it to Beaver laugh]
Nope I am dropping my daughter off right now for full day pre-school and every morning she is sad. Last year when she only went 3 hours for 3 days, it was truly like Disneyland to her.We signed her up more for some social time, while mommy worked a few hours a day. She would wake up with the hugest smile on her face, so excited to go. Now she looks at me and says "mommy, I want you" as she is hanging onto my blouse.
WOW!! Hope its worth it!!! Really hope its worth it!!

I didn't feel like being funny today. I usually try to be humorous about everything, well atleast I usually figure out how to turn even the suckiest (yes, Suckiest is in my personal dictionary stored in my brain) anyway, I can turn a sucky situation into a funny one when I put it on paper. But today, I just wasn't feelin it. Not after I pulled into that pre-school, walked to the playground and just spied on my baby bear for a few minutes. She is the sweetest, most awesome child in the world. And when she looked up, saw that I was standing there,she ran to me like you would not believe. She literally jumped in my arms, whispering "mommy, you're here. I wanted you today mommy" 

Yup, I'm not feeling funny today. But maybe a week from now I will. Maybe a week from now, the story of her jumping into my arms will take on a life of its own. And in that new story, I will have fallen backwards into the sandbox, where I dislocated my hip, and had to be carted away by an ambulance. All the while, children were running, screaming and crying from the crazy lunatic mommy who could not stop whaling "Holy Sh*T, Mother F*CKER! Dear God, Help ME! I THINK MY HIP IS BROKEN!!" Yeah, that would be pretty funny at my little ones Catholic Pre-School!
One Day Baby Bear!! One day mommy will not have to work. One day I will be a stay at home mommy!A Stay at home mommy on disability, in a half body cast. But by golly, I'll be home
Love you Baby Bear!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Suzy- Is she a meth head or a homemaker? Fact or Fiction?

So I was going to start blogging everyday! Hmmmm, what happened? LIFE happened. Oh, and also the fact that I am a lazy, procrastinator. (Slightly kidding)

I want to become a writer. I dream of it. I read books all the time, and as I'm reading, as I get sucked into the characters lives, and can think of nothing else but what is going to happen at the next page turn, somehow, my brain also thinks deeper. Deeper into how the author thought of these characters. Did the author have to research cancer, because in her book one of the main characters is dying from it? Did the author actually travel to the town of 'Beachport' to locate every convenience store, diner, used car lot, and hair salon, so that her scenic descriptions were true and correct? Or does the author just take people, places, personalities, situations, towns, and lives from her very own life and somehow twist, mold and shape it into 'fictional' characters?
I love to write- but I am having a hard time writing fiction. Because every person I start to write about turns into me. Or some element of me. Sometimes funnier than me, more outlandish than me. Stronger than me,a bad girl version of me. She may even be a meth head prostitute,( the complete opposite of me, I promise) but somehow if "Suzy" the meth head decides she is hungry, and I write about her stopping off at a McDonalds to buy a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and  a large Dr. Pepper,but McDonalds won't take her coupon because it expired in 2010, and we are now in 2011, but how was poor Suzy to know. I mean her purse is a mess, with all of the receipts, gum wrappers, post it notes, grocery lists, and just plain junk, so she begs the guy at the drive thru to take it, because she only has three dollars, her ATM card is MIA, and her daughter is in the car seat crying. Not to mention she is late to pick up her other kids from school (and if she is late to get them, even by 30 seconds, the texts start coming, and they come FULL FORCE. "Mooommm, are you coming? Where are you? OMG!! ") And Suzy is just so hungry, and all she wanted was to treat herself to a Quarter Pounder, sit in her car, scarf it down, then go home and start doing laundry and helping with homework. Well folks,I've just incorporated myself into Meth Head Suzy.I love, love, love Quarter Pounders, I have definitely dealt with the embarassment of handing over an expired coupon to a clerk, just because I was trying to rid my purse of the heap of trash, consuming its every pocket, one mangled coupon at a time.About my purse, Oh good lord, you should see my purse. I just won a game at a baby shower where you had to go down a checklist of miscellaneous items, and you got so many points if you could prove you had all of these items in your purse. Not only did I win, but I actually won the bonus points for the "extreme item" I mean who does not have their daughters baby teeth in a ziploc bag at the bottom of their Louis Vuitton? I was on my way to run upstairs and hide them, but my daughter came out of her room, so I panicked and stuffed them in my purse. Just having a busy week, not enough time in the day to take them out and put them away.
Wow, I have really gone off subject. The point is, I even found a way of turning Suzy Meth Head into Suzy Homemaker. So it starts off one way, but all in all, it's me!! I have a busy life, and it makes for some GREAT stories. So I am starting to second guess my life choice of wanting to be a writer.
Stand Up comedian specializing in the tales of my life! THAT'S IT!! That may be my new venture. Now to just get over this increasing daily anxiety that is starting to plague my every move. I would definitely have to be drugged up with some perfectly legal prescription pills before I could get my butt up on a stage.
Oooooh. Kkkkk. So maybe stand up won't be my thing. Back to writing.......let the creative juices start flowin! Wish me luck ;)   Oh, one more thing, I do not,nor have I ever owned a Louis Vuitton. Suzy the Meth head might have gotten one as a present from her pimp, but I don't have one. This Mama's way, way to thrifty for that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Restriction..... More torture for kids, or for the parents?

My seventeen year old son is on restriction right now. Two months! It was actually my ex-husbands idea for the length of his sentence. (and I have to admit I was a bit shocked, as I thought he was the 'easy' one, and I was the crazy, screaming, lunatic, one) So two months it is! I agreed, and here we go. Of course, my sons father and his new wife probably have to deal with the moaning and groaning waaaayyy more than I do. Since my son decided to try living with his dad, he is only at my house every other weekend. Which breaks my heart. I walk into his room sometimes during the week, and just sit on his bed and look around. Laughing at a memory, or getting choked up looking at pictures of him. He is seventeen years old. He is my first born. He is my only son, and although he is the oldest of four, in a sense he is my baby. The bond that him and I have is unbreakable. I was nineteen when I got married and had him, and he was my sidekick. My buddy, my little beautiful baby boy. Now he is almost a man, with a social life. But not right now!!! No social life to take him away from me. He is on restriction and for me, this is GREAT!!

me- "hey, want to go to the store with me?"
him- " sure mom, I might as well, since there is nothing else to do" said with a bit of an attitude!!
me - thinking to myself  "this is great, he is going to hang with me"
            ----- hours later-------
me - " hey, want to watch my DVR'd episodes of the Office?"
him- "yeah, my favorite show. I already watched last weeks episode, but I'll watch it again with you" still a bit of pissed off grumpiness in his voice!
            -------next day------
me - " So, I guess we are going to go golfing today huh?" YES, I know, he is on restriction,but my husband was going to take me golfing for the first time, and my son golfs (in between being a semi-rebellious teen) so we wanted him to come with us. Golfing at 6:00 a.m. with your mom and stepdad is kinda like being on restriction. Wasn't like we were handing him beers, and letting him drive the golf cart. He probably does that with his friends, but not us.
him - " Yeah, M and I are going to take you. Its kinda been fun hanging out with you mom"
              ---------that same night-------
him- knock knock - He knocks on my door "watcha doin mom?"
me- "nothin, just readin. Whats up?"
him-climbing into my bed, and slowly laying next to me puttin his head on my shoulder. "Remember when you used to sing Puff the Magic Dragon to me mom?"
me- "of course." me jumping a little to ahead of myself  "why, do you want me to sing it to you now" Which I would love to do
him- " uhhh, no thanks mom. Just wondering if you remember."
That was enough for me. Of course I remember singing that song to him. I remember every moment of every day that I have been able to call him my son. And right now he is on restriction for doing something that caused great disappointment to all of the adults in his life who love him. But I have to say, that if he had not done this 'bad thing', and he was not on restriction for two long months, than he probably would not be hanging out with me as much as he has been. That boy with his head resting on my shoulder, secretly wishing I would sing to him, but too old to be sung to by his mother, would probably be off with friends had it not been for his awful act of teenage rebellion. 
So in a weird way, I am thankful. Thankful for the bad choice he made this time. Because it was a bad choice that didn't hurt anybody, it did not scar him for life, and it did not take him away from me. In fact, that horrible decision he made in one senseless teenage moment, gave me my son for two months. So for me, right now, I am thinking that this restriction is A - o.k. in my book. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is going on?

All My Children and One Life to Live have been cancelled. Although I am a General Hospital fan,I have always thought of AMC and OLTL as siblings or at least cousins to my beloved GH. Not to mention, I did watch all three of them when I was pregnant with my firstborn, and even watched all three well until his toddler years. But 3 straight hours of soaps started to feel a bit extreme. I felt selfish, and even a bit guilty as I would be glued to the T.V., my little son on my lap with his lambie and blankie. NO housework getting done at all!!! Yup, 3 hours was too much. So I had to cut back. I also started working, and there was no such thing as DVR 17 years ago.

Fast forward to 2011. My DVR list is FULL! I don't know what I would do without it. And General Hospital won out as my top pick soap. Sorry AMC and OLTL. I gave you up a long time ago, but you were never forgotten.

That is all I feel like writing about today. Oh,and my daughters have been very, very pleasant lately. I have really enjoyed their company, and quite frankly I think they have actually enjoyed mine. I also had a wonderful day on Sunday with my 17 year old son. Mother and son, laughing, eating Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, talking as if we were lifelong friends.  Yes, great week had by all. Oh, and to add a positive note for my four year old. She found her beloved Whiskers the dog under the couch (stuffed animal,not real dog f.y.i.), and her pre-school sweatshirt that she thought was gone "forevwa" (forever in 4 year old talk) wound up found!! By ME!! In the lost and found!! Yes, great week!

Well, great week except for the people of Pine Valley and Llanview. :( Sorry guys!

Monday, April 4, 2011


He is probably one of the most Manly Men I know. He is strong, brave,and would never ever let anyone hurt me.He barbecues like you wouldn't believe.Slays it when he goes out fishing, charging through a storm and big waves when he really wants it bad.
Our yard is beautiful,plush, and tropical. He works very hard for us. Tomorrow he gets to go see his favorite sports team play. My brother hooked up on some tickets. I am so happy for him and he deserves it. I love him with all my heart.

OK, is that enough kissing up for me to tell him that I want to go on a girls trip this summer with my best friend. Yup, I think so!! Yippee, Palm Springs here I come!!

Honey, if you are reading this. You know I think the world of you. I always try to put some humor in it, even when I am being mushy and lovey dovey. You are awesome!! ;)

Did not write much

Oh what a day!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cell Phones

How is it that I ever survived my teen years without a cell phone? My life must have been pure torture. If I am asking this question to the blogging universe, is it because I need help remembering? Did I push the memory so deep inside,only to have sporadic flashbacks creeping in and out of my mind, once every blue moon?
A quarter in my pocket, waiting for a half hour in front of my school wondering "is my mom picking me up today? Did she forget"  Staring at each car that drives by, hoping it is going to be the White Chevy Nova, loud embarrassing muffler and all. Or better yet, Dads truck with the camper shell on it. How did I converse with my friends. How did they know if I was laughing out loud? Or better yet, if I was laughing my ass off? Oh yes, I walked into my kitchen, picked up the orange phone from the wall, and waited about 30 seconds (that is the time it took to dial my best friends phone number. Ya know...... ROTARY PHONES) to hear the phone ringing on the other end. Oh the travesty that was growing up in the 80's early 90's. Now my poor 12 year old daughter, has such a gut wrenching decision to face. Her perfectly good phone is just "not cool" She wants to use my husbands upgrade so that she can get a phone that will better suit her tween lifestyle. Seems as though lunchtime in 7th grade does not consist of children sitting down at the outdoor eating area, giving praise to all of the moms for their masterful culinary brown bag lunch dishes. I mean, come on, peanut butter marshmallow sandwiches! Who can beat that as a pb&j alternative?
Back to the cell phone ranting.......... Now at 30 something years old, YES I ADMIT- " I would die without my phone" But oh to be young again! A quarter in my pocket to check in with mom and dad. "Oh crap, I spent my quarter. Collect Call. Do you accept?"
Stretching the phone cord from the kitchen wall phone, all the way out to the pantry. Where I would sit on top of our washer and talk to my friends all night. And the only smiley faces, or emoticons were the real smiles coming from my brace ridden mouth. LOL!! OMG!! :)

New Cat.....Ummm what was I thinking?

So I am not an animal person. Not sure when I became a non-lover of pets. I had dogs when I was young, and I definitely cried when we had to put them to sleep because of disease or old age. In fact I even found one of my old diaries, and from the sounds of it I was downright distraught. So why now are pets just such a nuisance to me?
I have come up with a reason, that to me sounds pretty good. I am such a busy mom, such a good mom, such a hardworking mom, that it leaves no room to give my attention to animals as well. I love, love, love my kids. Love spending time with them, helping them, tending to their needs, etc. But at the same time, those kids wipe me out. They exhaust me. So how do I even have the time or patience to give love and attention to ONE MORE KID (Errr, I mean CAT) Right now for instance, it is circling around my desk chair meowing. Not just meowing, but whining. REALLY, REALLY loud! I just got done tending to a whining 12 year old who was mad because I made her tone down her 6 inches of thick heavy eyeliner she was trying to slip out of the house wearing. Then after I dropped her off at school with a half hearted kiss and a wave goodbye, I had to tend to a whining 4 year old who was unhappy with her breakfast choices, unhappy that I made her wash her hands after petting the cat, unhappy that I told her she was going to have to take a shower and wash her hair before pre-school, and unhappy with the red sweatshirt I put on her (and that is a whole other story. When did four year olds get such an opinion about their fashion choices for morning outfits fit to lay on the couch in?)

So a whining, or meowing feline is not what I need. But I was at work when this all went down. I received a text from my husband- "I am going to take Nans to the pound to pick out a kitten. That o.k.?"  Who was I to rain on their pound parade? So needless to say,Bailey is a part of the family now. Well, atleast until one of us accidentally leaves the front / back door open and she escapes. Then she will be part of a coyote family. Did I mention our backyard leads into a canyon full of coyotes. Hungry ones. So with a family of four kids, (five including the big kid otherwise known as a "husband") we are expected to NEVER, EVER, EVER accidentally leave a door open. Wish us luck. Or wish Bailey luck. She will need it if she slips out the front door

I will keep ya posted on the life of Bailey the cat. Cute little thing!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Teenager - The dictionary definition is a young person between the ages of 13 and 19. Adolescent.

My definition would be much different. Much, MUCH different. I was a teenager once too though, and I know I put my parents through some emotional times. Especially my mom. But oh boy, if this does not kill me, then it is surely going to drive me insane.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doctors Appointments.......Should I just take up permanent residence atmy Doctors Office?

Love my doctor, grateful for my doctor, think he is the best........................Don't EVER want to go there again though!!! (or at least not for a long time) When you can walk in and greet the reception staff with an "it's me again" (or its US again, if I am bringing one of the kiddos) Can they just start selling Antibiotics over the counter? I promise I won't abuse them. Poor little baby bear has an ear infection. Who knew? Thought it was just a fever,runny nose, and an awful cough. Nope! Roaring ear infection. This comes a month after she was already on antibiotics for upper respiratory issues,and a week after being treated for molescum (don't ask! or if you do I will direct you towards the Internet, where you can google it)

Got to the Doctors office and suddenly realized how empty my stomach was, which then made me realize how all of a sudden lightheaded I felt. And how quiet a room suddenly gets when your stomach starts making sounds like a boat swishing around in a sea of 4 cups of coffee. What would the Doctor think if I scooted my baby girl over a bit, and laid down on the bed as well. "Mommy just needs to put her feet up. You understand right?" I restrained myself. Stood ground (ground, not bed) right next to sickie,and rubbed her head until he could come in and check her. Went Quick, thank god. Went to the car and updated Mema and Daddy (in no particular order, or not an order that I would admit too. Feelings could get hurt). Lightheaded, oh yeah, almost forgot. Need to eat. Drive through Del Taco, two chicken soft tacos, and a quesadilla. 

Now that I am home, I have my baby bear all snuggled on the couch watching Max & Ruby. It is so hard to watch your babies feel so crappy. My seventeen year old son was just sick on his birthday a month ago. And even though he is independent, and almost a man, he too is still my baby. Cheeks red from fever, eyes a bit droopy from headache. I just want to bundle him up as well. My fourteen year old has an immune system that could make any sickie jealous, and my twelve year old just got over "the cough" as well. I have named it "the cough" since I have had it for about two months. It does not want to go away. It likes it here,and I think it has turned into one of those uninvited house guests. The kind that promises to stay for only two days, but winds up nestled in your guest room or couch, making you feel angry and uncomfortable at its very presence. 

I cannot wait until SUMMER!! It could not come soon enough. Well, back to my little girl. Mommy's coming honey.........................