Saturday, March 2, 2013

My son's chore list preserved like an ancient Egyptian artifact....only not ancient or Egyptian! Diggin Ho Ho Holes, Diggin!

Chores. Every young child's rite of passage.
 There are little everyday chores
  • Dishes
  • Sweeping
  • Cleaning windows
  • Folding towels
There are BIG weekend chores
  • Mopping
  • Wiping down baseboards
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
Then there are the BIG, BIG weekend chores
  • Yardwork - More specifically, and in my sons case; DIGGING HOLES for one of the many new palm trees that my husband would decide to bring home to add to our tropical landscaping.

"Can I go to Ty's house, and then over to Tanner's? After that we are probably going to meet up with everyone at the beach, and then........"

"Let me cut you off. Yes, you can do all of that. After you finish your chores."

The look in my son's eyes when the word CHORE was mentioned on an early Saturday morning was always one of fear. Even though he had been reminded and warned repeatedly that....
"Next Saturday, do not make any plans because you will be helping with some yard work." 

Yeah, kids have selective memory. Not to mention selective hearing, selective sight, selective everything!

"Great! Another Hole!All of my friends think you guys are like some weird slave drivers. Makin me dig holes all the time. Like the movie! I should just live in some boys juvenile camp,just digging holes all day!"

His bad attitude and borderline talking back was not appropriate,
It sure did give us a good idea for his Christmas gag gift that year.

This still hangs in his room. Some memories are too precious to be packed away in a box.
Have you read the book or seen the movie?
My son loved both!

When you leave your work boots outside, and your parents tell you to bring them in the garage because rain is in the forecast. Don't think that "accidentally" forgetting them outside overnight, only to have them soaked through will get you out of digging the next day.
No sireee!!
Soak up as much rain as you can with these here paper towels, then grab two grocery bags, put them over your socks before slippin into your boots, and get digging! 

My son is 19 now, does not live with us anymore, so therefore does not have to endure the family chore list. My husband is the sole 'yardwork' guy now. I mean I of course help with some light weeding, light flower planting, light mulch placement, light.....well, you catch my drift.
The girls and I stick more to the inside stuff. 

But M was outside today planting another palm tree, and re mulching the planters and he came across this in the corner of the yard, behind one of the planters.

"10-23-08 Digging a hole again"
It was like finding old ancient carvings from 10,000 B.C.
Only it was from 2008, and it was from a pissed off teenager.

Of course hubby had to text me his find.
LMAO is right!
He then texted it to C, so that he could remember his good ol' hole digging days, and Laugh His A** Off!


  1. Hilarious! Finding that "Digging a hole again" was priceless. I'll be sure to keep reading more from your blog. Would be pleased if you wouldn't mind following mine too. :)

    1. Totally priceless! And thank you.
      I will definitely check your blog out. ;)

  2. Hahahaha! That is the best ever! How very cool that you found that on the fence. What a great memory! :)

    1. It is so cool that we found it. My brothers and I used to write on the shelves in our parents laundry room .
      "Doing laundry again, instead of being with friends!" 7/15/89

  3. Oh how priceless is that?!

    When my friend was re-decorating her childhood bedroom, underneath the wallpaper, we found lyrics from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers first album, that we had scrawled across her wall in a fit of boredom.

    And 'Holes' is a brilliant book. One of mine and Spawn's favourites. :)

    1. Priceless indeed! I believe every child should have some 'light' vandalism under their belt. As long as it is on their parents property so that the parents and/or the children themselves can find it years later and reminisce. Holes was awesome. One day when my son is a 'man' and actually has a home, I will give him that poster. He can pass it down to his hole digger.
      RHCP lyrics, good one! I think I have about a trillion J.R. loves _ _ _ _ _ _, and J.R. loves _ _ _ _ _, and I heart _ _ _ _ _. Yes, my childhood home vandalism consisted of Love Declarations for whatever boy I was crushing on at the time. My parents probably should have had me digging holes...would've kept me too busy for boys. ;)

  4. "Once upon a time there was a place where it never rained. The end."
    I love that movie! And, your vandalism is fabulous!

    1. Quoting the movie, you must be a fan ;)

      I am quite fond of any vandalism from my children, as long as it brings on a good memory. (and is not followed by a phone call from the police that a public building was spray painted)

  5. My kids loved Holes, I never got it, bug surprise there huh:?

    1. What? Not getting Holes! Kidding. I did get Holes, but for every one I get, there are a few I don't. Napolean Dynamite??? Did anyone get that? MOre of a teen movie,I know, but whaaatttt?? One year that was our 'Christmas Morning after present opening, family movie' WHHAAATTTT?


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