Saturday, March 12, 2011


Teenager - The dictionary definition is a young person between the ages of 13 and 19. Adolescent.

My definition would be much different. Much, MUCH different. I was a teenager once too though, and I know I put my parents through some emotional times. Especially my mom. But oh boy, if this does not kill me, then it is surely going to drive me insane.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doctors Appointments.......Should I just take up permanent residence atmy Doctors Office?

Love my doctor, grateful for my doctor, think he is the best........................Don't EVER want to go there again though!!! (or at least not for a long time) When you can walk in and greet the reception staff with an "it's me again" (or its US again, if I am bringing one of the kiddos) Can they just start selling Antibiotics over the counter? I promise I won't abuse them. Poor little baby bear has an ear infection. Who knew? Thought it was just a fever,runny nose, and an awful cough. Nope! Roaring ear infection. This comes a month after she was already on antibiotics for upper respiratory issues,and a week after being treated for molescum (don't ask! or if you do I will direct you towards the Internet, where you can google it)

Got to the Doctors office and suddenly realized how empty my stomach was, which then made me realize how all of a sudden lightheaded I felt. And how quiet a room suddenly gets when your stomach starts making sounds like a boat swishing around in a sea of 4 cups of coffee. What would the Doctor think if I scooted my baby girl over a bit, and laid down on the bed as well. "Mommy just needs to put her feet up. You understand right?" I restrained myself. Stood ground (ground, not bed) right next to sickie,and rubbed her head until he could come in and check her. Went Quick, thank god. Went to the car and updated Mema and Daddy (in no particular order, or not an order that I would admit too. Feelings could get hurt). Lightheaded, oh yeah, almost forgot. Need to eat. Drive through Del Taco, two chicken soft tacos, and a quesadilla. 

Now that I am home, I have my baby bear all snuggled on the couch watching Max & Ruby. It is so hard to watch your babies feel so crappy. My seventeen year old son was just sick on his birthday a month ago. And even though he is independent, and almost a man, he too is still my baby. Cheeks red from fever, eyes a bit droopy from headache. I just want to bundle him up as well. My fourteen year old has an immune system that could make any sickie jealous, and my twelve year old just got over "the cough" as well. I have named it "the cough" since I have had it for about two months. It does not want to go away. It likes it here,and I think it has turned into one of those uninvited house guests. The kind that promises to stay for only two days, but winds up nestled in your guest room or couch, making you feel angry and uncomfortable at its very presence. 

I cannot wait until SUMMER!! It could not come soon enough. Well, back to my little girl. Mommy's coming honey.........................