Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Texting is AWESOME! You don't have to actually see them roll their eyes!!

What would my family do without texting? How on earth would we communicate?
Biscuits would be left un-buttered, houses would burn down, tires would blow out, moms wouldn't know how much their teens love and appreciate them, and children wouldn't get fed. Here are just a few from the last couple of days between my family and I. 

Text between my husband and I- I was upstairs actually blogging on my laptop,he was downstairs keeping his ear open for the oven timer. Garlic Cheese Biscuits, they are my specialty (o.k. it is the recipe on the back of the Bisquick box) One of my biggest pet peeves is someone yelling to me from downstairs, another room,etc. I HATE IT!!! Drives me INSANE. I have finally gotten it through to my husband, NOT TO YELL TO ME FROM ANOTHER ROOM IN THE HOUSE!!!
So instead of yelling to me, my husband has resorted to texting. What did we ever do without technology? Probably got more exercise.  
* side note- I love to correct my husband on his grammar. I love to correct my children on their grammar.
I should not be correcting anyone on their grammar. Because I have obviously failed to understand the difference between 'Than' and 'Then'. I'm not sure I ever really will. So I call a truce, the white flag is raised. I surrender. Sorry family, sorry for thinking that I was so perfect. 


From 17 (almost 18 year old son) who started living with my ex husband about a year ago. About 30 minutes north up the freeway.
He has had this spare tire on his car for about a month now. He is supposed to purchase himself a new tire (teaching him responsibility and all) All together his Christmas money added up to about 400 dollars but he did not want to spend that on a tire. Every weekend he says he is going to get a new tire.I have already told him he cannot drive on the freeway with the spare he has. Every week this month, he has sent me almost the same message. I know what he is doing. I carried his 10 pound baby body in my little 19 year old stomach for 9 months. That lazy,good for nothing,mama's boy, love of my life is hoping that I will cave and buy him a tire. 

The mommy in me just wants to do it. The responsibility guru in me says "Snap out of it you Wuss! He can buy his own tire. If he can give money to a bum outside the liquor store to buy him and his friends beer, he can buy a tire." - O.K. Responsibility Guru Voice, I will listen to you!! (Well,that voice and the voice of my husband, ex husband, and my dad. They would not be very proud of me if I caved. Need to teach him to be a man and all!!)


From 15 year old daughter B

My two teen daughters and I all use straightening irons on our hair. 

My two teen daughters and I have all, at one time, been guilty of leaving them on.

My two teen daughters and I have been lectured by the husband on the dangers of doing this, and what would happen if we burnt the house down.
My two teen daughters and I are very paranoid now...............

13 year old daughter K
She is in 8th grade, and on the yearbook staff. For $30 dollars you can purchase a small section to dedicate to your graduating 8th grader. After Christmas, we were a little strapped for money, but by god, I would do whatever it takes to make this happen. I want to write a little blurb about how awesome she is as a daughter!! How would she feel if she were one of the only kids whose parents didn't show their pride and love. She would be devastated. So I called her yearbook teacher, and asked him if I could turn the order form and check into him on Monday.(Deadline being yesterday and all) He said that was completely fine, and he would reserve a spot for my yearbook dedication. I hung up the phone, smiling, relieved, full of joy, and a sense of mommy accomplishment. 
My daughter, on the other hand, after having been told by her teacher that I had called, had some different feelings
(thanks Mr. A, thought the dedications were supposed to be a surprise)

*I may re-think the kind words I was going to write about her
My Five year old does not have a phone yet. But if she did, these would be our texts:

Ki - Hi Mommy!

Me - Hi Baby Bear, Boogie Butt

Ki - Can you come downstairs and make me a Quesadilla?

Me - Where is your dad?

Ki-  Sitting next to me, we are watching T.V. together. He said to text you so he didn't have to yell........

Me - O.K. well, I would not want to make your daddy get up

Ki - Thank you Mommy! 

Daddy says he wants one too!

Me - :) tell daddy to text mommy. I want to text him some 'special words'. Thank you Baby Bear!

Ki- Daddy just rolled his eyes mommy.


  1. Love it! SOOOOO funny! I was cracking up at the end. You are funny!

    1. I crack up too sometimes, I have to admit, just going back through my texts. I mean some of them are completely absurd!! Especially from the kids. Especially when I'm at work. I literally will get texts from them all day long. I'm like "ummm, aren't you supposed to be in Math class right now, but you are texting me about what we are having for dinner tonight"

  2. Oh I so hate to be in daddy's shoes when he recieves that text. Very funny!

    1. Some of the texts between Mommy and Daddy are pretty great! Text 'arguing' is the best! Slightly immature, but still great!Nothing says you are pissed like CAP LOCKS, and a million exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the idea to post this because I was going through my phone getting ready to erase my texts, but started reading them, and realized 'my god, these are pretty lame/stupid/funny/absurd/ ' I may do this once in a while, just show our texts, and I PROMISE they won't be staged, or planned,that I swear!! These are just the tip of the iceberg to some of the text conversations I have had with my kids (and husband)
      thank you


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