Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sooooooo, ummmmmm, yeah......

I have been busy! Aren't we all?

But, anyway. My next post is going to be a compilation of pictures and captions from my past month.

From sad

  • My Grandpa passed away
  • Stressful day to day blahs
To happy
  • Got up at crack of dawn to make camping reservations that usually sell out in seconds, at our favorite beach campsite.
  • Redecorating our 1973 Itasca Motorhome. I'm talking sewing machine usage, curtain making, wallpaper stripping and all. Pictures to come.
To just regular day to day stuff
  • Meeting our Hungarian website programmer for the first time after only emails for the past year. Thank God other countries teach English, because Americans would be screwed if we had to speak other languages on a whim.- I am speaking for myself. If you are smart and speak ten languages, don't comment. Yay for you! 
  • I am finally turning into someone who enjoys walking. Baby steps toward working out (YUCK) I walked to meet (and surprise) my husband and daughter a couple of miles away at the park where he was taking her to ride her bike. He left before I got there. Let's just say that as he was driving down the road, he had to do a double  quadruple glance to make sure that was really me. His first question?...... "Is everything o.k.?"            His second question?......."What are you doing?" Walking people!! WALKING!!! Yup, this girl is tryin to be fit and healthy. Small framed body does not equal fit. 
I will be back! 
With pictures!


  1. So sorry for your loss J.R. Sending hugs and kisses your way.

    Look forward to seeing some pics of your busy month. I remember what it was like to have a life. *sigh* :)

    1. Thank you Lily! I thought a ghost was trying to make out with me, but now I know it was your hugs and kisses being sent my way. Totally felt them from the UK.

      I'm sighin with you ;)

  2. I am so sorry about your Grandpa. And I would totally walk with you. Especially if we brought some rum. Hang in there, lady!


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