Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest..... It can be fun (or make you feel like a loser)

So I logged on to Pinterest (or asked to be 'invited', excuse me) a few months ago. I did not get it at first. I thought it was a craft website (I can be a bit crafty when I have the time), but only pictures of pretty models, and interior design came up. Then I dove in a little more, realized I had to 'follow' people, still didn't totally get the point though. Then I figured out how to look stuff up that pertained to me. DIY and Crafts, Kids, etc. There is a TON of great ideas on this site (still don't 100% get it though. I mean am I to 'like' a pin, or am I to 're-pin' it. Making sure to give credit to the original re-pinner??) When I go on it I am more just like a kid in a toy store, ooohhing and ahhhing. Every once in a while, I yell to my husband 
"M, come look at this. I finally know what to do with all of the Wine Corks we have been saving."

"Mmm Hmmm." - he is about as interested as I am in hearing about whatever websites he thinks are cool.

The only thing about Pinterest is this. It makes me feel inadequate as a crafter,sewer, do-it-yourselfer. It makes me feel jealous,upset,and envious that I don't have a craft room in my house, decorated and organized like it jumped out from a Martha Stewart magazine. It makes me feel anxious, looking at all of the pictures and really, truly thinking to myself
'I can make these things. I could TOTALLY do that' but when would I have the time? I feel stressed and excited all at once, I can't handle looking at all these cool pictures, uggghhh!! 
There are a gazillion crafts using the paint chips from home improvement stores. I have already asked my husband to start smuggling some each time he steps foot in one. Pretty soon,they are going to start having security cameras set up in the paint aisles. Looking for any suspicious 'crafty mom' types. 
"Mam, are you taking those samples to go home and match to an actual room, that you are going to actually paint?" 
"You sure?? Or are you going to be constructing a hanging lantern, valentines garland, bookmark, name cards, or homemade gift tags?"  SECURITY we got a crafter, paint aisle!!

Yeah, I will send my husband. He will get away with it, he certainly does not have the look of a crafter.

Since I have no craft room, (hell I don't even have a craft desk, or a craft closet.) I have to use the kitchen table, and a cardboard box that fits everything from broken tile pieces ( I really have been meaning to try out Mosaic Tiling), to pipe cleaners, to Scrapbook supplies (another thing I keep trying to get into,but after one page is done, I go on a two year hiatus). I may do the Valentine Garland. Looks easy and fun.

But.................... The one thing that was easy, because you don't really need tons of supplies, and between myself and my daughters, we are pretty well stocked, was the fading, glittery, colorful, french manicure. I don't need a Martha Stewart craft room to do this. I have everything I need in a basket under my bathroom sink.
Close up pictures of nails are ALL OVER Pinterest. So I chose the one that looked the easiest,and tried it. I love, love, love painting my toes, but my fingernails are another story. I am too impatient to let them dry, they always chip, and I always mess up. But this was easy. You don't have to be perfect in applying the tip, because the glitter goes over it and covers up any imperfections. Easy, Cute, Love it. 
See, when I am not writing about PMS, getting frustrated at my kids or husband, or hoping our cat doesn't get eaten by coyotes, or wondering what my (almost) 18 year old son is going to do with his life, and all of the other annoying things about being a woman/mom/wife, I am sitting on my bedroom floor painting nails with my girls..... until they annoy me. Kidding! My daughters had decided to try out a newspaper look. Where you dip your finger in alcohol (not rum, or vodka. That is for me! RUBBING alcohol for the nails. RUM for mom). Then you press a piece of newspaper onto your nail. Kinda like when we were kids and you would press your silly putty onto the comics, and then the picture would appear on the putty. Then the girls saw how cool my nails turned out, compared to how crappy theirs turned out, and they begged me to "please do ours when you are done" 
I said "sure, just let me finish" with a big,nice mommy grin. Well a few minutes later, I was over it. That is me, I get all gung ho on things, but can be totally done after fifteen minutes, laziness, and exhaustion setting in.
So I stood up, said "sorry guys, I'm gonna pour myself a cider (alcohol), and watch t.v." 
Fun Mom one minute... Tired Mom  the next...
That is how I roll........

Here is the final outcome, I am pretty proud of myself. (must be, since I took pictures, huh?) No pictures of the girls nails, theirs sucked remember! 

"Look Honey,look at my nails!"

"Mmm Hmmm!"
Red polish tips. Silver/Pink glitter
Clear Coat

Gray tips. Silver glitter
Clear Coat 


  1. Hee hee hee, the part about be gung ho is very like me. I'd be like "I know Spawn, let's much a life size, papier mache replica of the Taj Mahal." Ten minutes later inertia sets in and all I then want is chocolate and death.

    Nice nails btw. :)

    1. I would never say I am a spontaneous person,yet any 'fun mom' activities I decide to do, had better be spontaneous. Planning is not for me, as I could 'plan' to take my daughter to the park, but the way I felt at 8:00 at night when I mentioned it, is not necessarily the way I am going to feel at 8:00 the next morning when she is expecting to go. My hyperness comes and goes. You just gotta get me when it comes!
      And Thanks btw :)


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