Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm tired

I'm tired! Oh wait, I'm a mom, we are always tired.
I am sure dads are tired also. (just wanting to be fair to all the dads reading my blog) Although the only dad reading my blog is probably my husband. Hi Honey!!! 

If I could invent one thing in the world, it would be this:
A Sleep Chamber 
*For moms only, dads you have to take care of the kids. Read below for more information

A Sleep Chamber for moms-sleep through your child's teen years. You could set the timer on it to wake you up when they are 33 years old, married, responsible, and have produced beautiful, lovable, sweet as can be, grandchildren for you. Then when your grandchildren are teenagers, you can jump back in your sleep chamber, and set it for another 20 years.And this is why- I don't want to be awake when my grown children come to me, plop on my couch, and start asking "Mom, little Suzy is awful. She rolls her eyes at me every chance she gets, tells me she hates my music, talks back to me morning, noon, and night. And the only, ONLY time she even acts like she loves me is when she needs a ride somewhere. And even then, she sits in the front seat of MY car, and tells me how stupid all of the music on MY ipod is. MY CAR, while I am giving HER a ride. Can you believe that mom? I wasn't that bad was I mom?I never made you cry, did I mom?"

"Well Honey, let me tell you..........................................."

*Here is the deal. I did make my mom cry. I was disrespectful, I slammed the door and blamed her for 'ruining my life' when in actuality she probably was saving it. I am now a woman, with four children. Three of them being teenagers, and everyday (well, maybe not everyday) I am tested on some level. Be it big or small. But I am tested! And I plop on my moms couch, and cry to her about how horrible my kids can make me feel sometimes. She has never once thrown my teen actions, back in my own face. She has never once brought up what I put her through. She just gives me the shoulder I need to cry on. Snotty nose, runny mascara kind of crying. So I guess after writing this, I do not need a sleep chamber. How would that be fair? Because it is a circle of life. I am going through all of this, to one day be the kind of 'best friend' to my kids that my mom is to me. I was not always a nice teen girl, and my girls aren't always sunshine and f*ing roses, but one day they will need me. One day, they will come to my home, curl up next to me on my couch, and cry. And I will have to remember the love and patience that my mom has always shown to me, and I will have to NOT make them feel guilty for how they treated me. I will have to NOT remind them of the things they said back to me, but I will have to be their shoulder to cry on. Snot, mascara, balled up tissues, and all. 
So no sleep chamber for me. I am stronger than that!!!

But if anyone is offering, I would take a one week vacation to a beautiful island getaway! I may have had a moment of clarity about the circle of life, but mommy is still tired.

Good Night everyone! Tomorrow is another day.

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