Friday, December 30, 2011

My Glamorous Home Office

This is what I looked like last night blogging. Just figured I'd share real quick, before I jump in my car to pick up my two teen daughters from a 2 day sleepover with their cousins. It is not just down the street though. Nope! Lucky me drove an hour away to drop them off on Wednesday night (after work). My brother had said if I drop them off, he'd be able to bring them home. But now he has to work (not his fault I know) So my Friday has turned into a 2 hour drive. An hour there, an hour back. My husband is fishing, and my plans were to clean up some of the Christmas stuff before our New Years weekend. Looks like plans have changed. I will now be driving (did I ever mention my freeway anxiety? FUN!!), then by the time I get back I will NOT feel like cleaning. I will NOT feel like organizing. I will NOT feel like exchanging the robe my husband got me for Christmas(well, maybe I will do that because then I get something in return. FUN!)

Anyway, quick morning blog - along with a picture. Me, Bailey the cat, my 5 year old (who wanted to sleep in our room and wait for the tooth fairy. Yes she lost her first tooth. She is sooo flipping cute) and my hubby sleeping snoring so peacefully! All the while, Mama is bloggin away (and strategically using her phone to take a picture of the scene) in her home office.

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