Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey Mom, can we make SLUTTY brownies?

K, 13 year old daughter: "Hey mom, can we make slutty brownies?"

Me: "What?"

K: "S L U H- T E E Brownies"

Me: "Oh, Ooooo Kkkkkk. What are SLUTTY Brownies? Do they get all the boys?"  I laugh alone....

K: "My friend Syd made them this weekend. She said they are soooooooo good. Easy, and 'filthy', that is why they are called slutty brownies"

Me: "I hate the word Slut. I mean just because a woman has sex with a few guys, they get called sluts. A man on the other hand, they are STUDS!! Such double standards in this world!"

K: "Ooooo Kkkkk, well, can you get the ingredients so I can make them, orrrrrr......"

Me: "What are the ingredients? And back to the slut thing....... I mean, there are girls that are probably too promiscuous, but guys?? I mean they don't get any of the backlash. Not that it is o.k. to be a slut, I mean I never want you to be a slut, but...........if after you are a grown woman, you decide to...... well........ Just always be strong, confident, don't ever let ANYONE, man or woman, make you feel less than! You understand me?? Woman are powerful beings, and we need to overcome the stereotypes of the world, and furthermore............."

K: "Ummmm, you are a spaz mom! Seriously! Here, come over here to my laptop, here is the picture of the brownies"

Me: "OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Those look sooooooooooooo good! Print out what we need!" - I totally forget about any sort of lecture, speech, or mommy-isms. I just want these baked, and in my tummy,NOW!

K: "Are you going to the store now?"

Me: "YES! I have a sweet tooth, and those will do just fine!"

K: "Awesome"

This recipe is all over the internet. I just typed in Slutty Brownies. Not only does the recipe appear on Blogs, Pinterest, and other random sites, it actually comes up on the Duncan Hines website. I wonder how Mr. Duncan, or Mr. Hines feels about that. If for some reason a prudish person complains, they could call it:

People Pleaser Brownies
I mean isn't that what a slut really is?
A People Pleaser?
Nothin wrong with that 
As long as she isn't barkin up my hubby's tree. Oh, and as long as my daughters don't turn out to be "People Pleasers", well I mean keep it to a minimum level......after you are in your twenties.........and you are safe about it............ nothing where a notepad is needed to keep names straight........... I mean......ugghh, double standards are tough to ignore....... 

Anyway.......back to my podium speech

For if there were no "People Pleasers",
there may not have been this recipe.

So thank you 'People Pleasers'
Thank you from the bottom of my sweet toothed little heart!
You have inspired a recipe, for which millions of amateur bakers give thanks!
This one's for you

*I really did make these this weekend. Seriously soooooo flipping YUMMY!! And yes, SOOOOOOO EASY!!!!! EASY, and it will certainly 'please' any sweet tooth you may have.
Try 'em out.
I put a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled some hot fudge over them. 
Of course I paid with a bit of a tummy ache the next morning, but hey, so worth it! 

Next week we are making Skanky Ho appetizers, and Whore Soup. 
Or, their new given name
Appetite for Love appetizers & Spreading Some Joy Soup.


  1. You make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
    I. LOVE. YOU.

    1. That comment made me smile and smile and smile!!

      Thank you Tina

  2. HAHA to funny, of course I have to go look up Slutty brownies and pin them to my pinterest page

    1. Don't only pin them, make them! So good!

  3. Dammit. The only chocolate I have around here are the chips in a Quaker granola bar. Thanks for awakening my sweet tooth for the evening. Do you know how many granola bars I'm going to need to go through now?

    1. I have had major sweet tooth attacks before, only to have a Quaker choc chip granola on hand. Something about them is just NOT exciting! Even with the little bits of chocolate.

  4. Replies
    1. Brownies, Brownies, Brownies!!! Yup, I said it.

      You do know you would have to take the packing tape off of your oven. I promise, Christening your oven with these brownies will be a great way to start off your baby steps towards cooking.


  5. This Blogging lark, is fast becoming hazardous to the well-being of my computer!

    First the words 'I laugh alone,' had me sputtering my ginger biscuits, all over the keyboards. Then on reading 'skanky Ho appetizers' and 'whore soup,' my screen gets a liberal dash of coffee. My poor Toshiba Satellite C660/C66OD, is becoming a nervous wreck!

    (Note to self: no more hot beverages whilst reading blogs)

    1. I do laugh alone, a lot. I think I am hilarious, my kids, ehhhh, not so much! I do get courtesy laughs from them, so for that I am thankful.

      Put that note to self smack dab in the middle of your computer, poor little Toshiba. Getting spat on!

  6. HYSTERICAL! Way to turn a recipe into a life lesson! And I WILL be making these! But I think I have the whore soup recipe memorized.. ; )

    1. It is funny how life lessons can pop up out of nowhere. I will take the opportunity any chance I get. My poor kids!

      Make the brownies, you won't regret it.
      The Spreading Some Joy soup, that may be a popular Soup of the Day.....

  7. You soooo inspire me!! Your "people pleaser" analogy is wonderful!!!

    1. I am pretty proud of that analogy. Just a way of trying to stop some of the double standards with that one.

      Hopefully I inspired you to bake as well. . . . .

  8. Having survived my daughters teen years, this post started my day with a smile...and a hankering for brownies! :D

    One of the funniest parts was "it actually comes up on the Duncan Hines website." Whoa! :-o We've come a long way, baby! LOL

    (Many thanks, JR for your kind comments on my Ho post. Very much appreciated!)

    1. Surviving the teen years. There seriously needs to be Trophies, Awards, Medals, Spa Gift Certificates, 2 week vacations. SOMETHING given out to parents after surviving the teen years.
      Most of the time they are great, but watch out when they are not!

      Hey, Ho, you are welcome ;)

  9. Is this a Bill Maher recipe, by chance?

    1. LOL, no but maybe I should send him the recipe. He does seem to like that word a bit. I could also explain to him my "People Pleaser" analogy! He can listen while scarfin down some brownies. ;)


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