Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Screw This!!What do you mean I don't get to live my life as a Post? I don't want to be just a 'Draft'!!!!!!

I was going through my posts, and realized 'WOW' I have alot of drafts.

Some I cannot even remember titling, starting, or thinking of - Was I drunk blogging?? Who Knows!

Anyway, so instead of going back, trying to actually add to these posts, I am just going to list the titles.

  • What is a 'Good' Mom? What is a 'Good' Kid? - This was going to be a long, rambly post. How as parents we all have different opinions, views, thoughts, ideas for what is the best way to raise our children. But as long as there is happiness, love, and NO abuse, then everything is all good. I was also going to go write from the viewpoint of the children also. What defines a 'good kid'? I have some friends, who have kids the same age as mine. When we have our girls night happy hour, it can sometimes turn into a Child Bragging night! I just want to drink and eat hot wings ladies. My children are AWESOME! I will brag to my parents about them. Grandparents care!! Friends?? We just want a rum and coke! I had many other reasons for this post, but it turned so jumbled, that I gave up. I will go back to this post one day, but I need to gather my thoughts better. 
  • Untitled - Picture of Husband eating??? But not showing his face, only fork full of food. Perhaps it was going to be a recipe post??

  • Untitled - Picture of a pile of clothing tags. I was going to write a post about how sometimes I tear tags off my new clothes, then stuff them in weird places, as opposed to tossing in the trash can. I cleaned out my closet, and seriously, SERIOUSLY.....You would not believe this pile of hidden tags. Is there a reality show for people with this issue? O.K. I will be honest, sometimes I go shopping when I shouldn't. Like the day after my husband and I have a talk on budgeting, savings, and retirement. So, I tear tags off,hide them, and say 'Oh, this old thing, I've had this'. Honey, if you are reading this, I know that you know I do this. It's one of the cute things you love about me.......right?? Honey??

  • I don't like change! Well, sometimes I do....but mostly I don't! -Started to write about how I have had the same doctor since I was 12.Also, the same dentist since I was 5. He is now 102 years old I think, but I still trust him drilling my teeth. I don't like change people!
  • Untitled -Picture of my cat. Does anyone really care? Probably why I scrapped that one.
  • Are Men and Women meant to be together?   - this one must have been after a fight with hubby. The fight had me pondering being a lesbian. I really don't ever fight with my girlfriends.......
  • Woop Woop!! - Not quite sure. This draft had no body to the post. Maybe Margaritas brought on this title.
  • Untitled - Picture of my wine glass in front of fire pit in backyard. Hmmm, was I going to 'brag about how I am relaxing by the fire, with a glass of wine, hanging with my wonderful husband, enjoying the beautiful evening'??? Noooo, that is what Facebook is for. Giving minute by minute, second by second play by plays, about how wonderful your husband/life/kids/dinner/coffee/insert any word, is or are! Uggh, Facebook braggers BUG ME! Maybe that was going to be the post, a joking, ridiculing of the FB (Facebrook Braggers)!!! WHO CARES HOW WARM YOUR COFFEE IS! WHO CARES! O.K., they bug me, but sometimes I do it. Not gonna lie! ;)
  • The only thing I begged my parents for when I was young, was clothes- Boring title. I think I was going to write about all of the F'ing things that kids need want these days!
  • JUSTIN BIEBER We are coming for you! - Yes my followers, I bought Justin Bieber tickets!Yes I went into work late last week so that I could sit in front of, not one, but two computers, multi mousing, waiting for the clock to change to 12 noon. The time that pre-sale tickets for the Biebs went on sale to American Express card holders. Yes, I called my Aunt to use her AMEX, as we only have VISA. YES I GOT THE TICKETS. JUSTIN BIEBER, in October at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. YES, MY GIRLS WERE ECSTATIC!! ........................................ I'm  a bit psyched also, not gonna lie. Don't judge the poor kid, until you see his movie. Even my husband was a 'hater' but we duct taped him to the couch, rented the movie, and forced his eyes open. At the end he said, and I quote - "O.K., I'll give it to him. That kid is talented.Pretty cool how he is close to his mom and grandparents too!"
  • When I have a car, I am NEVER going to be home - long story, but my friend and I were able to read texts back and forth between her 15 year old son, and my 15 year old daughter. Both of whom wound up in the same drivers ed class. O.K., not long story. He had his phone taken away, used his grandmas phone all weekend while he was texting my daughter. Then left grandmas, did NOT erase the texts, and the grandma brought the phone over and let us read the texts. Nothin juicy, nothin bad, nothin worth putting anyone on restriction for. THANK GOD! I was reading it, with one eye open, the other eye cringing. You never know with kids and their texting. It brings on courage with words. The most hilarious, downright laugh out loud, you've got to be kidding me, pile of words?  The back and forth conversation they had about when they get their licenses/cars. -
'When I get my car, I am soooo NEVER going to be home'

'Me too! I can't wait'

'I'll be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want'

'I know, it's going to be so cool! I'm never going to be stuck here.'

You just have to laugh at this. I remember thinking the same thing. Car=Freedom!
Boy is she going to be in for a surprise! But I will let her keep living this fantasy life. Until she gets her license in December. Her Dad and I will be responsible for squashing, breaking, and then stomping on, setting fire too, and burying that fantasy. The only thing your car and license will be used for is running to the store to grab milk and toilet paper when we run out. Oh, that, and taking your younger sister to school. No more car pool to the High School for Mama. Daughter has her license fantasy, I have mine! MINE WINS!

There you go! Posts that never made it!

Have a great day, I'm off to work.
Yum Honey! Some of these recipes you find on Pinterest are the Bomb!

I don't mean to brag but...........

A bit random
Another post that never made it.
Limb broke off of plant.
Mom and daughter tried to tape limb back on to plant,so dad would not notice.
Plant being special to dad and all, because mom gave plant to dad when they were first dating.

Note to self.
You cannot tape a limb back onto a plant, tree or bush.


  1. I'm with you - I've got about 20 draft posts ranging from why I hate all of humanity to why I think fat women are hot.

    Your drafts are way cooler.

  2. I like the sound of, 'Are men and women meant to be together.'
    But I'll admit to being REALLY curious as to why Marianne thinks fat women are hot.


  3. Did you try duct tape? Universal solution to EVERYTHING. And yes MaRianne, dish it.

  4. I was trying to rationalize gaining 30 pounds since getting married, citing increased boob-age as the key "hot" factor. And what's sexier than a woman sucking on a spoonful of Nutella? Nothing, I say.


  5. Marianne- I feel ya;well, I don't 'FEEl' feel ya! Although, that would go along with my sometimes I want to be a lesbian post that never made it. I just don't think I would ever argue with my girlfriend. We would just drink wine, rent movies, go shopping, share makeup. Ahhhh! ;) When I would carry my pregnancy weight for a while, I would turn to my hubby and say "There is a bit of Hotness about this huh?!" Sucking on a spoonful of Nutella? I'm sure any man would think that was hot! It has the word 'sucking'...........Men are pigs!

    Lily-Seriously, Right! Are we truly, 100% meant to be together. Or........were we meant to live on separate, beautiful tropical islands. Men on one, women on the other. When we missed the men we would blow on a loud conch shell, signaling them to come to our island. Their boat would bring them. We would 'frolic' and 'play' then we would send them back, so we could continue on our merry way of basking in the sunshine, weaving purses, eating pineapple and laughing with our friends. They can stay on their island talking about sports, budgets, leaving the toilet seat up, etc. Can you tell I have put alot of thought into this bizarre fantasy??

    Mod Mom- Duct Tape?? That is my Dad's solution to everything! EVERYTHING!!!!! Duct tape has been a family joke since I can remember. P.S. -you have been my night time reading. Loving your blog. Got sidetracked last night, but I will become an official follower and commenter my next read session! I too struggle with the Forever 21's.... ;)

  6. Love the clothing tags. I do the same thing to Rainman. He'll go on and on about a budget and of course I don't follow the bouncing ball but I do find my way to the mall. I figure I deserve a reward for sitting thru economics 101 with Rainman. Then, after waiting a couple of weeks, I put on my new outfit and tell him that the dieting is working, I'm able to fit in my old clothes again! :)

  7. Gem ma's GirlJune 3, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    About "taping" broken limbs of plant. I suppose this ends any hope of my girl becoming either a surgeon or a horticulturist? Who gives a shit. You are simply, MOST EXCELLENT period

  8. I used to think a girl/girl intimate relationship would be the win but then I heard that it ends up with just the same old power struggles and issues. Sad :(


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