Sunday, March 11, 2012


O.K. Well I didn't actually tell my precious five year old little girl to 'fend for yourself', but I did NOT get my butt up from my chair when my daughter pleaded with me to make her something to eat.But might I add that I was working 
(Fridays are usually my day off, but we are in a rush to get a project finished)

She said she was hungry.
I said "I have one more email to send out."

She said "I'm super starving mommy"
I said "Hold on just one more minute"

She said "O.K. 1 !! There, I counted to 1 mommy"
I said "That is not what I meant!"

She asked if she could grab some crackers
I asked "can't you just wait 10 more minutes?"

She said "NO Mama I'm really hungry for breakfast"
I said "Fine, have crackers"
(and I did the mom shush, wave, go away signal with my hand)

She must have been confused by the word crackers.
I must have been confused as to whom I was trusting in a cupboard full of snacks.

She must have thought that I am a distant relative of Willy Wonka and believe that candy is an acceptable breakfast.
I must have been so enthralled with my email to not notice that she had slipped out of the kitchen and upstairs into my bed, where Sponge Bob awaited. 

This was her self made pre-breakfast snack

Saltines and Reese's Pieces
Breakfast of a 5 year old Champion
-or -a 5 year old 'deprived by her mom' little girl
-or- an Extraterrestrial that goes by the name E.T.

So I first walked into the kitchen

No Daughter?!?!?!

So I walk upstairs

She is happily playing in her room.

I smile, and go into my bedroom to get dressed.
I walk over to my nightstand to get my phone off of the charger and see the evidence.
Oh well, atleast the crumbs were on Daddy's side of the bed.

She must have heard me mumbling, or decided to come back in to finish her episode of Sponge Bob.

 I proceeded to lecture her on getting crumbs in my bed, and eating candy without asking.

She said
"But Mama, I was really hungry. Really, super, duper hungry!"

Then she gave me the sweetest look in the world, with her adorable buck toothed smile, and her strangely, unfairly long eyelashes fluttering.

"I'm sorry Mama"

Then came the hug! The strongest, tightest squeeze of a hug. I instantly melted. She has that affect. Maybe it is because I deal with the 3 teenagers so much, that she is such a refreshing dose of sunshine no matter what she does.
~but I have caught her practicing a very dramatic eye roll in the mirror. So not sure how much longer I will have sunshine. I see the rain clouds forming already. I have to remember to thank my older girls for teaching her that.~
Oh, I can't lie. She probably learned it from me.I am the QUEEN of eye rolling. I started young with my parents, then teachers(only when they weren't looking) and now my poor husband gets the eye roll at least 5 times a day, if not more. I will still blame my daughters though! 

Anyway, how could I go on with the rest of my morning knowing that little peanut butter candy's were floating around in her stomach, bobbing up and down in a sea of saltines.
~Is it just me, or does anyone else think of saltines ONLY as a Morning Sickness Meal???~
My 15 year old daughter loves Saltines, and requested I buy them. She is also obsessed with Teen Moms on MTV. 
That's it. Her and J-Man are breaking up this instant!!! Overreaction?? 
O.K. I will calm down
They are just Saltines!

O.K. So back to my mom of the year story; one that will surely go on to win a Mom of the Year contest in Good Housekeeping or Family Circle
or Jailhouse Mom's. 
As long as I win!!

So this is what Candy and Crackers Mom did next

"Thank you Mama! You are the best Mom in the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!"
(she did not really say that. But it's only because her mouth was full, and I have taught her to not talk with food in her mouth. She was definitely thinking it though!) 

I had to redeem myself somehow.

Then we sat outback enjoying the warm weather we have been blessed with lately, and I ignored her some more while I read the Hunger Games. 

Don't worry I made her lunch.
Snickers  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!


  1. HAHA gotta love kids. Oh and it is hard to not ignore your kids while reading the Hunger Games. Loved that whole trilogy!

    1. Definitely gotta love them!
      And I just literally finished the first book, gonna start on the second one tomorrow. Can't wait!

  2. I'm forever berating the Lil man about wanting chocolate and cake for breakfast.
    I always serve him a hearty brekkie and then shove him out the door in time for school...before settling down with a nice cup of coffee, a slice of cake and a bar of chocolate.


    1. Exactly! I put enough peppermint or vanilla creamer in my coffee to count as a candy bar, and I love brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. Guess there is no difference between Reese's Puffs Cereal and actual Reese's Pieces candy.

      I love eating whatever I want (be it chocolate or more chocolate) when the kids aren't around to ask for a bit ;)

  3. Oh you're so lucky to have a little girl and one who still loves you (16yr old son in testosterone cloud in next room, shhh...)
    She might as well eat it while she can, before teen diet fads and boyfriends. You brought back memories of my grandma with the saltines and I must but them on my shopping list.

    1. Saltines are a Grandma thing aren't they? I think my grandma used to have those in her cupboard.

      I am lucky to have a five year old who thinks I walk on water.

      But I feel your pain on the 16 year old testosterone ridden male. Mine is 18 but uggh how he can break my heart! So touchy aren't they?


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