Saturday, March 31, 2012

When all else fails, fill em up with booze!

So one of my best friends had decided months ago that she was going to try her hand in home sales. Skincare to be exact. She knows how I feel about home sales. The feeling is not a positive one. Years ago I tried my hand in selling Mary Kay cosmetics.I was coerced! I will just leave it at that.

Well, actually I will leave it at this-
I bought stock to have on hand, because they told me to
They also told me I was going to have a pink car someday.
I had 2 parties.
I did not sell enough to get a car.
I was left with $1,500.00 worth of 'stock'.
It was not easy to get my money back.
In fact I never got my money back.
So yes, Home Sales has left a bad taste in my mouth. 
Real bad........
Like rotten sour cream, mixed with ca ca doo doo bad!

Because I am a supportive friend, I tried her product.
I am NOT a product person. 
I wash my face with whatever is around.
Sometimes splurging on Olay face wash for $8.99 a bottle, and Olay moisturizer for $7.99

I tried her product, liked it, and agreed to support her by hostessing a party.

This product is a bit pricey, but it really can sell itself.
Plus everyone who knows me well, knows that I won't hostess one of these parties unless I truly like something. So that was a selling point right there!

So I told my BFF that I would invite everyone I know, and if they come, they come. I can't guarantee anything.

But I did have a little trick up my sleeve to help her out.

Who in the hell is drinking water?
Get those people out of here. We only want wine drinkers with credit cards.
This is only one counter. There was another counter with a couple more bottles.

And when wine isn't making them whip out their cash, checkbooks, or credit cards fast enough.
I pull out the big guns. 
Anything for a friend.
You know, being supportive and all..........

What? What do you mean you think you can't afford the whole anti-aging kit right now.
Oh, your husband would kill you if you purchase anything?
Oh my gosh, I totally understand.
Here, come have a shot with me.
Oh, and did I mention this skincare line really works wonders.
Oh yeah!
Here, another shot.
Oh my goodness, I can see your skin glowing already just from the demonstration sample they gave you.
Here, have another.......

From across the room, I see my best friend.
I give her a wink and a smile. As if to say
I got your back girl. I will get your business up -n- running in no time! 

* Party was a success. Shots were actually not needed.
Wine did the trick. 
She got a couple of good orders.
I was a supportive friend.
I have taken care of my hostessing duties for the year.
I gave my friend a little help in her early stages of what will hopefully be a successful career for her. Just because it didn't work for me, does not mean it won't work for her.
For as long as there are BevMo's, Liquor stores, or Backwoods Moonshine (depending on where you live)
There will always be intoxicated impulse purchasing.
And that, my friends, is my approach to marketing.

Hmmmm, maybe I should bring that up at our next meeting at work.

Me: "I have an idea for our marketing department"

Boss: "O.K. Let's hear it"


  1. Oh God, I haven't heard the words 'ca ca doo doo' since I was about eight!

    Sorry you wrote a great post and all I can focus on is 'ca ca doo doo.' I'm sorry. (goes off to find dunce cap to go and sit with the other idiots)

  2. I know. When I hang with my husband too long I say shit and f@ck ALOT!!! If I hang with my five year old too much, then I pull out the fartheads, butthead and ca ca doo doo vocab! Must have been a five year old kind of morning mixed with a 38 year old white wine hangover;)

  3. That's a bad taste, J.R. Gag!
    Ca ca doo doo head. My middle child's favorite words. He's hit his twenties now and talks like your dirty mouthed husband. Shit is my most favorite word ever, so go figure.
    White wine will never touch my lips again after a hangover 15 years ago. Worst hangover of my life. Gotta stick with tequila.
    You probably do feel like ca ca doo doo! ;)

  4. You ARE a supportive friend. I hate home sales parties...but I'd have gone for the wine!

  5. Awesome! If there's alcohol I'm in and I'm spending, and I too take up the vocabulary of toddlers when exposed for extended periods of time.. I still say, "I have to go potty." WTF happened to us???

    Great post! Great marketing!

  6. Oh home party sale thingy yuck - that was a great post, good deed and sounds like fun. Never heard of ca ca doo doo - is it another name for poo?


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