Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drunken Lullabies with Flogging Molly

YAY! We are going to see Flogging Molly in concert tonight at the House of Blues!

It was a Christmas present from me to my husband. Great thing about buying your mate concert tickets, is that you get to enjoy it too! Not to shabby!

Well, before we head to downtown San Diego, sway our hands or jump up and down to an AWESOME band, I must first take care of my mommy duties-

  • Go to work, get off early so I can come home plan my outfit
  • Daughter springs on me that she needs to buy her friend a Birthday present. It is her BEST Friend, so this can't just be some re-gifted item I pull out from my re-gift stockpile. Uggh, off to get her a gift card. 'Oh mom, also can I run into the craft store. I want to buy some poster board to make her a giant card'- FYI, homemade GIANT cards are really in right now. Anyone else with teens dealing with this? 
  • Tell both the older girls to please straighten up a bit while we are gone. Don't forget whose dish night it is, and be good for Mema and Papa when they get here.
  • Deal with finding out why a charge is on my credit card statement from February 15th in Yuma Arizona. Husband looking into it, while I try to get ready! Husband yelling at me upstairs while I am still trying to decide on what to wear 'Babe, when did you go on that girls trip to the river? Obviously not February right? Wasn't it July or August?Babe come downstairs, did you go to Da Boys Pizza when you went to the river?You spent $9.03 cents, right? Why would they be charging it now? Did they ever originally charge you the first time? Where are our files?'  Ugggghhhh!!!!
  • I run downstairs to go over statements real quick, listen in as he calls Da Boyz Pizza, where they explain to him the glitch in their system, yada yada, blah blah. All is taken care of. Thank God!
  • I run back upstairs
  • Doorbell rings.I run back downstairs My dad is here to take the older girls out to dinner, while my mom is going to come up in a bit to watch my 5 year old. Usually the older girls can watch the five year old, but for nights where it may be a long one, I have my parents come up. They live down the street. 'Girrrrrllllls, Papa is here to take you to dinner'
  • I run back upstairs to look for my black bandeau strapless bra. My fifteen year old stole borrowed it! DAM! Now she is gone at a restaurant, so 2 of my outfit choices are done. I text her to ask 'hey, did you take my bra?'  "Ooops" she says!
  • Thirteen year old chimes in from the background. 'You can borrow mine mom!' Bless her tiny 32AA little heart!  
  • SHIT!!!! SHIT!!!!! SHIT!! I forgot to put my pants in the dryer! Look at clock! I need a cider!
  • Run back downstairs, grab a cider and start guzzling. Unfortunately, rather than calm me, it'll probably make me burpy. Oh well,guzzle away........GUZZLE GUZZLE!! 
  • Outfit! O.K. Outfit............ Green, off the shoulder shirt? Black tank with jeans? UGGHHH!!
  • Husband asking me if he can just run to Roberto's and grab a burrito while I get ready? He can't wait to get downtown, he is hungry now. Then he starts shootin out the questions. 'O.K., doors open at 6:30, but there are 3 bands before Flogging Molly comes out. If we get there too early we will just be standing. Plus I doubt you want to be right at the front of the stage right? I mean there will be a mosh pit. Remember what happened last time?'
  • Decide to not get there too early, and NOT be upfront at the stage. 
  • Husband just got home with burrito, my five year old is waiting for me to wipe her butt (yes, sometimes I still wipe her if I am around. Gotta get her clean!) And I still need to decide on what to wear. 
  • Pray that my dryer starts working in warp speed, work out the gas bubbles that gulping this cider has caused me, put on some lip gloss, and be on our way. 
  • Ahhhh, Breathe!!! 

I will post again tomorrow, about how the show went.
I am soooo excited
I left you with a video.
If you like Flogging Molly.....Great!
If not, don't watch the video
Or if you are like me, and you do LOVE Flogging Molly, but are usually to pre-occupied, lazy, and impatient to click on video links.....well, then, I feel you. I get it! I am the same way!

Hopefully I will have my own video by the end of the night! 
Woo Hoo!
Mama and Daddy deserve a fun night tonight!


  1. Replies
    1. We did!! Awesome concert, now Mama is tired. Such an entertaining band!

  2. Cool music, I'm a fan of the Celtic sound and have The Furys, The Chieftains, The Pogues in my music collection. You'll have a ball.

    1. Cool music, Cool Band, Great night. My husband likes the Chieftains, and we listened to The Pogues a bit on our way home last night!

      We absolutely had a ball. ;)

  3. I have never heard of Flogging Molly before. Fun music! Here in Eastern Canada there's a lot of celtic music. Hope you had a fabulous time!

    1. I have a cute story, I had never heard of them until years ago.But my earthy, free spirited, hip mom liked them pre-popularity.My mom was driving down highway 101, a coastal route, and happened to see a band playing in the middle of the day outside a record store. She pulled over, watched them perform, bought a t-shirt and c.d. and was a fan even before me. Besides my mom, my husband really got me into them.

      And we had an extra fabulous time!

  4. A night out? What's that??

    I'm ashamed to say that I've never heard of them. Will now be checking them out.

    Hope you have/had a great time.

    1. Lily! Once you get over your nasty flu, I will come babysit and give you a night out. Oh wait, you live kinda far! Well, it is the thought that counts.
      If you lived near me, I would make my daughters babysit for you, and we would go have a night out!

      We had a great time! Today I'm a bit sluggish. NOT hungover, just sluggish! Jumping up and down in a general admittance crowd with a tummy full of apple cider (alcohol cider, not "sit by the fire drinking hot cider" kind of cider) maybe is getting a little to much for this gal.

  5. I never liked Irish music until I met my uber-Irish husband. He would LOVE these guys! Let me know if you ever make it to Milwaukee's Irish Fest. We're regulars. Thanks for the band tip!

    1. Oh, let me know how you like them. If you ever have a chance to see them in concert, DO IT!!!

      If I ever make our way to Milwaukee, we would definitely check that out.

      Ummmm, can we crash at your place??


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