Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My TV in my room just blew up......Literally!

It will be a dark, sad, lonely place in my room without my one true love.

My television!

It literally woke me up this morning by making a loud popping sound.Imagine someone jumping from the top of a roof, onto a pile of bubble wrap and fluorescent bulbs! That is the exploding sound it made. I SWEAR!!!

Then the t.v. became aglow with a bright chartreuse color;You like that color description? I could have just said 'Pea Green' , or 'Baby Diarrhea Yellow', but I pulled a whopper out of my vocab. I had to google the spelling.

This lasted for about 2 seconds, then the screen went blank again and-

POP, Pop, Pop,Pop, POP!!!!!!!

And my beloved B.F.F. was gone.

I then called my husband who was downstairs in the garage!

"Ummm, can you come upstairs? The T.V. just blew up?"

"Blew up?"

"Yes, like Crackle, Pop, Pop, Crackle"

"Like Rice Krispies?"

"No, like our T.V. BLOWING UP!!!!"

"I'll be up in a minute. I'll move the armoire, and unplug it, but I'll have to check it out later. I'm already running late!"


Since we are on a budget right now, and we won't be able to buy a new t.v. anytime soon. We are going to have to do an 'ol television switcheroo again.

My fifteen year old was so excited that she got my son's old t.v. and was able to give her little 13 inch to our other daughter, but guess what........

Sorry Charlie.
We are stealing your newly acquired 20 something inch, and giving you back your 13 inch.

**Or, you can just whine to Dad and tell him Mom really deserves a new Flat Screen in her room. And Budget, Schmudget....
And I am sure there are some good deals going on....
And T.V. makes Mom happy..
And we all know when Mom is Happy, the whole house is happy
And when the whole house is happy, well..........
I don't know!
The whole House is Happy!!


OLD RCA Television.
We had a good run, you and I!
Hopefully in your Heaven, 
The Office is played continuously,
and a little bit of Trashy Reality T.V. is thrown in for your guilty viewing pleasure.
Here is what Telly would say to me if he could give a speech at his own service:
I have had a good life. My owner has let me play all the good shows. I will never forget her, and our hours, upon hours
,UPON HOURS, UPON HOURS, of time that we have spent together, just her and I, and our good friend remote! Ohhh, the laughter, the tears!
The Good Times ~ marathon days spent watching all of her DVR'd shows
The Bad Times~ that husband of hers trying to take me over. Infesting me with his sports channels, and Gangland documentaries.
I will always remember my one true love, my partner in crime.
Her name is J.R.
 I will be watching over her from above
I will be her Television Guardian
Never forget me J.R., even when Flat Screen comes into your life.......Never Forget!!!!!


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