Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is what I think........and I don't care what they think

Woke up to the sun shining through my bedroom window this morning.

I think I will put some shorts on, and sit outback reading the Hunger Games.

My husband thinks that we should straighten up the house a bit,then sit down and go over our budget.

I think that idea sucks!

My daughter asked if her boyfriend could come over, so they could hang out and watch a movie.

She said the DVD player in the living room wasn't working, so they had to watch it in her room.

"Don't worry, my door will stay wide open. I know the rules"

I think the movie they are going to watch sounds entertaining. They won't mind if I sit in the middle of them,and watch it too.

They think I suck!

I think my five year old daughter's room is a DISASTER.

I asked her to please clean her room. I think that is not to much to ask.

She thinks she can answer back to me 'I will mommy........when I feel like it......tomorrow o.k.?'

I think she may have inherited some of my lazy gene.

I think I hear her in there cleaning now. Hmmmm! I think maybe she is not so lazy after all.

I asked my thirteen year old what her plans were today?

She said 'I think I want to go shopping.'

I asked 'With what money?'

She stared at me blankly, thinking I was going to go outside and pick money off of our tree.

I think she should call up some friends, and go to the beach.

She said 'I don't know why but shopping just sounds fun.'

I think she is a shopaholic, with no money, and an intervention is in the future.

I also think she had better have a successful career, and make lots of money (or marry a rich man). 

My husband just told me that I look 'hot' in my shorts(even though my legs have not seen the light of day for a few months) and it is such a beautiful day outside that he is thinking he may detail my car for me, and then afterwards we could sit outback and have lunch. 
'I think we should worry about doing the budget later' he says.

I don't think he sucks anymore!

I think he is a wonderful guy!

I think today is a gorgeous day.

I think I am going to enjoy today.

*I think I may buy myself some self tanning lotion.


  1. I'm with you! I just came in from out in the backyard. It's a gorgeous day.
    Enjoy it!

    1. Such a gorgeous day!! I sat outback, my daughter wound up choosing beach over shopping, I read my book, and I definitely relaxed. Now I am drained from having my energy zapped by the sun.

  2. Look at you, mocking us Brits with your nice sunshiny weather that needs next to no clothing.

    We seem to have had ALL our seasons in one day over here. Which can only mean one thing. That Britain is about to implode upon itself and be forever sucked into the depths of a black hole...and the last cycle on my washing machine hasn't even finished yet...

    1. Mocking!!! You caught me. I looked up the weather forecast in Britain, laughed out loud in an evil devilish way, and then happily wrote my post!! ;)Mwaaa Haaaa Haaa!!!

      Hopefully the demise of Britain will happen after your laundry is clean and folded.You will surely need clean clothes for the black hole. You never know who you may meet in there........

  3. I THINK this was a great blog. And stop taunting poor Lily.

    1. Thank you Marianne! I think Lily can taunt me back if she'd like. My window this morning was a bit more dark and dreary than yesterday, and my husband says tomorrow it may rain.

      How quickly California Springtime can change.

    2. Hee hee, don't mind me, I'm just jealous. Normally I love winter but it seems to be going on longer than usual.

      And bless you Marianne for coming to my aide. :)

  4. It's not just the Brits that you be taunting, we down under have had more rain this summer than...than...well than Brits probably!
    Lovely post with a happy ending.

    1. Julie- my only image of Australia is of course from television or movies. I only imagine SUN and SURF and Kangaroos. Generic, un-original imagery I know. Don't laugh!
      Australia is a place I would like to visit someday, I will just make sure it is when the SUN is out!

      Thank you, it was a lovely day with a happy ending!

  5. I think it sounds like the perfect Sunday! :)

    1. Thank you Stephanie! It was a perfect Sunday, ending with BBQ'ing the most perfect cheeseburgers. YUM!

      Although I woke up to a dreary, darkness out my window this morning. Shorts will go back on the shelf. Never know what you are going to get Springtime in San Diego!


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