Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I may not have won the radio station contest for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch to perform at my High School, but I just won this award!!! So take that Marky and your Funky Little Bunch!!!!

I would first like to thank the Academy, and all of my fans  Lily at The Incoherent Ramblings of a Moose! I have said this many times over, but she was my first real follower that was not a family member or faithful friend. Although after becoming a part of this blogging world, I feel as though friendships have formed. Is that weird??? Maybe?? A tiny bit?? Oh well, who cares.  Thank you Lily, your blog is amazing! I get you, I get your creative style of writing, because through all of the demon, spawn talk you are just a Mommy who loves her son. And if there are some out there that can't read between the lines and see it, well they are probably just boring, unimaginative, un-fun people, with no creative soul!!!  Thank You Lily for being a follower, or leader, depending on how you look at it, and thank you for your wonderful comments. I always look forward to those, along with your posts.

So this is my first award, and I will see if I do this correctly. Although the person whom gave me this award seems to go by her own set of rules in life, so I am pretty sure she meant it when she said that the rules are not set in stone. 
Way better than Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch

I will happily link back to Lily (and might I add that I deserve a special award for finally learning how to link) 
I already follow Lily
I will definitely proudly display my award (if I figure out how) 
5 of my favorite things- just five??
I will pass this on to 5 fellow bloggees- If I list you, you can either choose to pass it on, or just look at it as a public shout out to how much I adore your blog.Simple, Cross my heart! 
  1.  Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Follow the person who gave you the award.
  3.  Proudly display your award on your blog.
  4.  list 5 of your favorite things.
  5. Pass on to 5 fellow bloggees

My five favorite things- 

First of all, from my blog we all know how much I love my family. My kids are definitely one of my favorite things. So I will leave them out of the list, because that is a given. I will actually list 5 random things out of the 100's of things that make me happy; to give a little insight into J.R. 

1.) The Beach- This picture is from our honeymoon in Kauai. Our local beaches make me just as happy. My dad is a surfer, so loving the beach is in my blood.  A towel, some snacks, sunscreen, and you are good to go. And it is free!!

2.) Lipgloss -I am addicted. My purse is full of them, my desk at work has 3 or 4, and they are all around the house. When my husband and I go out, I always ask him to hold my i.d (I am beyond getting carded, but a girl can dream) and my lip gloss!

2 1/2.)Nail Polishes make me happy. I used to only paint my toes, not enough patience to wait for my fingernails to dry, but then I tried an idea from Pinterest, and have been hooked. You can read about that and see the pictures here.

3.) Painting furniture- This came out of nowhere. I have always had a creative side, but never a creative outlet. About 12 years ago, the local Museum of Art was advertising night classes for Beginning Furniture Painting. My mom showed me the City flyer that came in the mail.I thought,'what the heck'. This was the first piece of furniture I ever painted.I will paint whatever you put in front of me, as long as I can go crazy with bright colors and polka dots. Fits perfectly with kids furniture. Mind therapy also!

4.) FUN WITH FRIENDS- I can be a bit of a homebody. My home is my happy place, but every once in a while, I just want to be with my girlfriends! Good friends are hard to find, and I have a few of them that I am so lucky to have in my life. We understand each other, and never get down on one another for being too busy. That is why, when we can, and do get together, watch out!!! The card below is from one of my best friends, and is so fitting for me! Although, robbing a bank may be where I draw the line! And what girl has not seen the movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun!! OH MY GOD, I used to dream that I was a character in that movie. All girls love to dance,it is just a fact! My best friend and I brought our teen daughters to Palm Springs last summer for a girls trip. One of the best weekends of my life. Being able to relax by a pool, have cocktails,talk with my friend and be silly with my daughters all in one weekend. (although drunken Karaoke was out of the question. Maybe next time without the daughters) I bought this DVD at Target for $5.00, brought it home for my girls and made them watch it right away! 
I have only done 3 out of the 5......Hmmmm, which 3 do you think? 
Cheesy movie? Maybe
Favorite movie? YES
Did I daydream about being discovered, and
becoming a dancer on a hit show like Sarah Jessica Parkers Character? YES

5.) Watching T.V. (preferably in bed)- While I was adding the picture of the beach from our honeymoon, I came across this picture. Yup, even on my honeymoon, I have got to get in some remote control time. In my defense, so I don't seem like a complete couch bed potato, I am certain I probably took this picture while waiting for my husband to get out of the shower. It most certainly was not taken while he was snorkeling at the beautiful beach right outside our room, while I cozied up in bed, channel surfing. Nope, I was definitely just killing time. Oh, but I do love me a bed and a t.v. - Happiness!!!

Now rule # 5, pass onto 5 Bloggees. Now again, I am passing this on, and going along with this because it is my first award, and I am FLIPPING excited!!! But I honestly feel as though Blogging probably does not have rules. It is for all of us, to just be who we are. And if you are someone whom does not do these, or you are having a busy week and you just don't have time. I understand.No Biggie :) I am a nice, non judgmental, understanding person. If I list you, just know it's cause I like you, and I still will!!!! - Insert Cheesy Grin Here

1.) Marianne at We Band of Brothers - I am semi new to the blogging world, and she was one of my first followers. She was also one of the first blogs that I started following. This is one of the first posts of hers that I read. She writes about her boys, hostessing parties with big sandwiches, her son resembling Slim Shady, and many other random tidbits of life that we can all relate to. Something about her just makes me like her!!! 

2.) Stephanie at Clay Baboons - Stephanie is AWESOME! And if I die, I want to come back to life as one of her clay creations so that I can grace the pages of her blog. I just don't want her to smash me! Her stories are heartwearming, cute, endearing, fun, and full of entertainment. Not to mention that it comes with its own claymation, handcrafted by Stephanie herself.  This being one of my favorites. Through being a fan of Stephanie's, I know she does not pass on these awards, but she does her own shout outs in her own way,and that is fine by me. She is GREAT!

3.) MOV at mothersofbrothersblog - She is great! Another one of the first blogs that I started reading. When I first started my blog, I was only writing, not reading. Then I realized, DUH!! I love to read, and here are some amazing blogs right under my nose. MOV has an amazing blog. She writes about her children, her husband, her life, and her love for Target all with a humorous twist! She has just added some decorating touches as well, which I can't wait to see more of. 

4.) Tina at What We Keep - I just started following her blog, and I really like it. She somehow finds a way to write about antiques, Halloween decorations, and the annoyance of having to drive 6 hours to bring her husband a spare set of car keys, all mixed together. (O.K. Annoyance was my word, but Tina, you had to be completely annoyed??? RIGHT??) I like this blog, it has a perfect mix of whimsy, smiles, and good stories. :)

5.) It is getting late, my daughter is calling me from her room, and my other daughter is having a fashion crisis. My stomach hurts, and I think I may have to use the restroom soon. Not to mention it has already taken me a few days to even sit long enough to type something, and learning how to link, wow I need an award just for that.(which I am now doing full force. From now on, I am gonna go crazy, and you can call me J.R. the LinkMaster)So for # 5, I am going to say that I really enjoy the new blogs that I have started following in the past couple of weeks.I cannot wait to read more. If I could just get my children and husband to leave me alone for more than an hour. Dam them!!! ( Love them, but DAM THEM!!) 

Well this was fun! My sweet parents probably think I won an actual real award that will be displayed on my mantle;There goes that unconditional love they spoiled me with.  My daughter asked if I was "makin any money yet from this blog" and when I said "No, that is not really what it is for" then I am pretty sure I lost her interest.My husband just smiles, hugs me, and says "Wow babe, your first blog award! Cool, I'm stoked for you" I think he is reading magazine articles that say being supportive is a turn on to your wife. I wish that he would read an article that states that doing laundry is the real way into a woman's bed! 

This was fun, and whether you pass it on or not, I still love all of your blogs! :) Thank you for sharing your lives with me day in and day out, and for letting me share mine. 


  1. I'll try not to make this too long..ahem...

    1. You almost had me crying with your opening paragraph. I'm so glad that you get me!

    2.There are a few people who I claim as genuine friends on this here Blog-o-sphere and you are most DEFINITELY one of them. I feel like I can be open and honest with you, without fear of judgement or reprisals.

    3. Rules are meant to be broken...just don't tell the kids that.

    4. Welcome to the world of linking! I've just managed to figure it out myself, so I don't always do it properly. But it's waaaay cool!

    5. I'm SO happy I came across your blog, because I adore you.

    6. You are more than a worthy recipient and I have a feeling that this will not be your last award.

    7. OK, I lied about not making this long. :)

    1. Yes, You know how I feel about long comments................
      I LOVE THEM! Every sentence you wrote, lines 1-7, thank you!

      Is there such a thing as a Blog-o-Sphere Happy Hour??

      Cheers! ;)

  2. Wow, you wear nail polish!It sounds like you have fun in your life and didn't need to leave for Santa Barbara in your friend's convertible.
    I want to wear nail polish and smoke cigarettes - no cigars and drink whiskey, die my hair and wear low cut tops and lots of makeup...
    Aaaaand you paint beautiful furniture or rather you paint furniture beautifully, I want that table.

    1. Nail Polish, always on my toes. As far as hands, they have always been bare until recently. My toes would get pampered, my hands had more of a 'tomboy' personality.
      I'll let you keep the whiskey, I will order Rum&Coke (or Margarita)

      Ahhh, that poor little table.My 13 year old daughter broke it when she was 2 by standing on it.

      It was repaired.

      My other daughters friend sat on broke!

      It was repaired.

      My now five year old daughter tried standing on broke!

      It is barely hanging on.

      But I love that table. It represents something that I started for myself. Something that made me so happy!

      Thank you for calling it beautiful! And if I ever make my way to Australia, I will paint you a replica ;) The colors do seem to match you. I don't know why I feel that, I just do....

  3. Thank you J.R.! It's so sweet of you to think of me. And I would never EVER smash you. Or let the dog chew on your head. I promise. I'm glad that you don't mind that I don't pass awards on. I prefer to link to specific posts that I enjoy. I can't help it...I'm just a wild, rebellious rule breaker. That's right, I eat nutella straight from the jar. You got a problem with that? And I LOVE your blog. I rarely read a post from you without smiling.

    1. You are welcome Stephanie!
      Nutella from the jar??? You are Crazy!
      Have you ever tried Nutella on a Waffle??? Kinda Yummy!!!!!

      Nutella, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Sandwich??? MMMmmm Hmmmmm!!!

  4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is THE BEST MOVIE! I've watched it so many times I have most of the lines memorized and I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for me to make her watch it with me! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Isn't it the BEST movie?
      I wanted to be Janey, and have Lynne for a BFF, and then go onto star on Dance T.V. --- It is a lot of fun to share some of my favorites with my daughters.
      I just ordered Some Kind of Wonderful from Netflix!
      And I am trying to find The Legend of Billie Jean.

  5. I usually just spray paint my furniture and call it painting. I painted a similar table to yours...mines matte black and covered with a table cloth..correction: a piece of cloth.. because a leaf fell on it when drying outside disrupting the smooth finish. Your table looks awesome. I should learn how to paint furniture for real !!

  6. I just use acrylic craft grade paint. The purple stain was acrylic paint and water mixed together. Walla Easy!

    I do the black spray paint thing too sometimes, in fact just painted my daughters desk black. Same thing happened to me, except no leaves, just gnats flying into the wet paint.

    Thanks for the compliment!

    1. OH, and can I just say "I am an idiot"

      I just re-read this reply, and realized I wrote 'WALLA' instead of

      OH LORD, shoot me now! I promise my brain was thinking very intelligently, like all Miss smarty pants, well versed writer, but my fingers were all like "Hey, let's dumb her down a bit. Make her spell Voila, like WALLA!"

      It happens right?

      --Crickets chirping--


  7. thank you, J.R.! I was under a rock and had no idea I won this award from you, so thank you! what a great honor! Like you, I also love to paint. But I paint ceramics, not furniture. I actually worked in one of those paint-your-own pottery places for about 4 years. :)

    Your blog is super-fun. Keep writing!!!


    1. You are welcome!! :)

      And I love the Ceramic Paint stores. I go there whenever I can,although they always have names like Clay n Latte, or Coffee n Clay. But I never see anyone sippin on a cup of Joe??

      2 years ago for my Birthday we took the kids out for pizza, and then I told my husband I wanted to spend the rest of the night at Clay n Latte, all of us painting together. We have taken the kids a few times, and we have them paint on the 4x4 bathroom tiles. I give them full freedom to do whatever they'd like, as long as it incorporates blue / ocean / beach theme. Eventually we want to collect enough, so that when we retile the downstairs bathroom shower, we will incorporate those into the new tile scheme!

      What a fun job!

      You are welcome again! I love reading your posts!!!!!


  8. I have an urge to finally delve into the world of lip gloss. It always scared me a little, but I believe you have given me the courage to pursue this elusive dream. THANK YOU! I LOVE Blog awards. I totally never follow the rules. I'm kinda like the person who accepts the Oscar for the guy who doesn't show, but then I have my name put on the plaque instead. Don't stop writing! You have great timing and a wonderful sense of humor.

    1. You are welcome Marianne!!!! You are terrific, and thank you ;)

      Lip Gloss!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Start sheer, clear, light, and then work your way into becoming comfortable with other shades! Report back to me in a couple of months ;) Dr. J.R. Glossy's orders..........
      J.R. Glossy ??? Did I just give myself a porn name??? Ooops!

      ** I do have to say, that looking back at the pics, between all of the sparkle polish, and lip gloss, you all may think I am secretly a 13 year old girl writing a blog and posing as a 38 year old wife, and mother of four. Hey, age is what you make of it. Right?


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