Friday, February 3, 2012

My High School Drama Teacher Once Said........

My freshman year in high school I took drama. Looking back, I am surprised I did. I loved being outgoing in front of my friends, but at that time in my life, I certainly was not the most self confident young girl.
But it covered my elective credits, and my best friend got switched into my same period class and she promised me we'd get through it together.

Well, get through it was about all we did. I SUCKED!!!! I mean, I tried, I really tried, but like I said, I did not have an overflow of confidence. I had boy short hair and braces (the boy short thing having to be done, since I was coming off of a little stint of trying the whole 'new wave' look of almost shaved short on one side, and comes around long on the other side. Well, I had to get rid of the long side, since I was so over that cut after summer) One of the first skits we had to do was from Little Women, I can't even remember what character I played, but I know my 'sisters' and I were supposed to be sitting around drinking tea, and chatting with one another.

I basically played the whole scene with my tea cup covering my mouth, to hide my giggles. See, I did not like getting in trouble. My friend? Yah, the opposite. So she spent the whole time laughing, which then made me laugh. But...... I was a good student. Good in the sense, that I didn't disrespect my teacher, and I actually REALLY listened when he talked. And boy did he talk. He was a very passionate drama teacher, VERY PASSIONATE.

I just told you this little short story because... well... I don't know, but the point is this. Well, keep reading, I really will get to a point.

I was an awful, horrible little actress (in my room alone, I was Meryl 'fricking' Streep. In class? Forget it!!)  and definitely not a student that stood out in his class, but something he said always stood out to me.

He said this, in an extremely dramatic over the top tone (which was how he said everything) for instance : " Haaaallll Passsss! You would like to have USE of the HALL PASSSSSS! Why, YES You May" - then he would stare at you for a few seconds, wave his hand in the air, and push his glasses  back onto the bridge of his nose.  O.K that was an example of his tone, but this is what he said:

"I detest going to the Movie Theater. Full of rowdiness, sticky floors, and sounds of obesity chewing on popcorn. But if I MUUUST go and invest my time in sitting through a Beautiful work of Art that is laid out for me on a giant screen, then I absolutely, under no circumstance, ever leave before the very last credit has rolled. I only stand up when the lights have turned on. Because class, it is not just the actors on the stage who made that film work. But it is a collaboration! My years spent performing in theater, I have played many roles. The actor,the understudy,the light man, the sound man,the stage designer,and simply someone who swept behind the curtain. But I was proud. So when those credits rooolllll, I want you to paaaay attention, past the main actors names, paaaast the supporting actors, paaaaaaast the music, because I know you may wait to look up a song that was in a scene, but just REMEMBER.(slamming his cane thingy down on the ground) There are makeup artists, prop technicians, food service workers who all know their name is going to be up on that screen, yet sadly, they know that nobody will see it.They are proud and their moms are proud. Show them some RESPECT! They helped make this motion picture an Academy Award winner! Claaaassss Dismissed!" 

Do I do this for every movie I go to? Sadly, No
Have I done it here and there,when time and patience allows? Yes
By 'here and there' do I mean, just once? YES- I really have the best intentions though, and the thought is always there. Those words truly have always stuck with me.


So I was looking at my blog list, and of course reading the updated blogs from those whom I follow, and it got me thinking. Every blogger had their first posts. Their posts that were being written to an empty audience, but they wrote anyway. The "Middle Posts" probably get ignored the most. Kinda like the Middle Child Syndrome. So I am going to make it a personal goal to sit and read, from first to last, every single post from the blogs I follow. I don't have a deadline set for myself, I will do this at my leisure ~or~ at my 'lazy ass' time, but I am going to do it. It is like the newest posts are the Main Actors, and the old posts are the Food Service Technicians

But what would those Main Actors be without some Food and Water?


  1. Hey, my whole blog suffers from 'middle child syndrome,' as do I. (Sniffs and holds back tears of self pity)

    I could actually envisage your teacher through those words and he's right.

    Spawn and I are always the last to exit the cinema. We may not pay heed to the credits in their entirety but we do stay out of respect to all the people behind the scene.

    This makes me truly realise that, jeez, I really do need to go out and get a life...geek!

  2. Well Lily, Harold the Stage Tech, Margaret the dog trainer on set, and Suzanne the Costume designers assistants, assistants, assistant are probably all glad you and Lil Man stay through to the (almost) end.

    And somewhere in the world (or heaven? ...he was kinda old, even back in the day) my drama teacher's ears are ringing. Yup, Mr. Reed, it's me, the brace face who couldn't get through a scene without laughing.

    also- Geek? I think not!


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