Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I am a bit immature, with a bit of a dirty mind.......Happy Valentines Day

Ki, my 5 year old, wanted to decorate her Barbie Dream House. It was really quite cute to be honest. We were sitting in our living room watching DVR'd episodes of The Office Educational Children's Programming, and she looked up at some of our framed pictures on the wall and said
"Mommy, my Barbie house needs pictures.You know, like what we have. Like, pictures of stuff,pictures of people, just pictures. We could take pictures of my Barbies and put them in their house."

I told her to shush, because I don't like to do crafts, or anything for that matter, while I am watching my shows to hold on for one moment while I looked through my craft supplies.

Never one to shy away from a craft challenge. Actually that is a lie.I will shy away from a craft challenge.

Let me rephrase-

Never one to shy away from a craft challenge, after having 4 cups of coffee, I hopped up, told her to follow me upstairs, and we were now in business at the Barbie Dream House Interior Design Company. I cut out little white squares of paper so that we could create 'Art',then used brown construction paper to make the frames. 

Evidence of Caffeine Induced Craft Time

See, I made the 'Home Sweet Home' sign, and my daughter made the 'Abstract Picasso-esque' print underneath.
Then added the Purple Flowers to the Window garden box.

Did anyone ever see that episode of Friends, where Monica was all OCD about her perfect dollhouse? And she wouldn't let Phoebe touch it, because she thought she'd ruin it? So Phoebe made her own doll house out of cardboard, and it blew Monicas out of the water!!! Phoebes was homemade, but SUPER COOL. Disco light, bubbles that came out of ceiling, everything. That is what my daughter and I are going for. We are going to use our imagination, and create wonderful,extraordinary additions to the (newly renamed) Magical, Whimsical, Barbies House of Dreams. Imagination is the KEY!!!

Speaking of Imagination

Speaking of House of Dreams

Our Artsy, Fartsy Design Time was interrupted by my Imagination...
My Dirty Imagination
I will pre-apologize

Can you use your imagination
(your dirty imagination) 
And IMAGINE a caption for the picture below
Is it just me, or is the placement of his hand a bit, well, umm........

Just me?



Just Me??

Oh, and her legs DON'T, absolutely WILL NOT close.
I tried!
There is some spring action that 'Boings' them back open!

Now, I am not one to screw around with the sanctity of the ever pure Barbie, but this was asking for it.

This Barbie Man, whose name given by my daughter is
Mustache for short!
He came to us in a hand me down bag of clothes. Maybe from my Aunt?? I think?? I can't remember. But poor Mustache is a joke in our family. Not to Ki, she doesn't understand the reason we are all laughing at Mustache, but to the older crew in my household, Mustachios hand placement has been an ever increasing source of pure distasteful cackling.For a while he was our only male Barbie. So when she asked her Dad, or big brother to play Barbies with her, they had to be Mustache.
You think I am Immature???
Dad / Big Brother / Mustache
It just leaves you with a 5 year old saying:
"What? What is so funny?What? Why aren't you playing? Stop laughing!! What???"

Mustachio is always ready to go with his hand.
Maybe Years of Barbie having a Headache.
Not sure.
Remember when you were little and you would make an awful face, and your mom would tell you
"Keep makin that face, and your face'll freeze like that!"Well Barbie must have had one to many headaches, and poor Mustaches hands just froze like that!

But Not Today Folks........

Barbie looks like she has had a few glasses of wine!
She looks a bit disheveled!
She looks like she has the opposite of a head ache. Actually she looks as though she did have a headache, but decided to take a couple of Vicodin, washed down with some Merlot.
Mustachio may get some lovin tonight.
Perfect for Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everybody

*Maybe I just have a really, super duper immature mind.
(o.k. the fact that I just used the words SUPER DUPER, kinda confirm it) But, I am sure Mustachio is actually some sort of G.I. Joe doll. And I am sure his open circled hands are actually meant to carry a weapon of sort and certainly not for holding onto his
_ _ _ _ !!

** Oh My God People B E E R!! Holding his B E E R!!

What were you thinking?


  1. Oh my bad, I though it was a reenactment of Freddie Mercury talking to a drag queen. Apologies to Mustaschio.

    As to the line, "I'm sure his open circled hands are meant to carry a weapon of some sort"...actually, I think I better leave it at that...

    Very funny as always,

    1. Mustachio is actually Freddie Mercurys 3rd cousin on his Fathers side. Hence his full birth name of Mustachio Michaelangelo Mercury.

      I read it on Wikipedia.

      Hey, maybe those hands were meant to hold a M I C R O P H O N E!!!
      You've got it Lily!

  2. Laughed out loud at this post. More than once. Oh my, that PICTURE. House of dreams, indeed.

    1. If you laughed out loud, then you definitely would fit in my family. My daughter ran in the room while I was writing this, and I tried to quickly scroll down. Uhhh, to late!

      "Hey, is that......Wait a minute Mama! Is those my Barbies? Are you putting my Barbies on your blog Mama?" - She asked this with the hugest smile.

      I will explain theHouse of Dreams part to her later (later as in when she is in her 30's)

  3. I'd purchase that photo for sh*ts and giggles. Awesome. And I totally relate to manic crafting. Been there on rare occassion. 'Twasn't pretty.

    1. Marianne- Well I call this one "Mustache of Dreams" The original photo can be purchased for $599.00 and it comes autographed by Mustachio himself.

      Whenever partaking in Manic Crafting, do watch yourself with scissors, glue guns or glitter (glitter in the eye never feels good)

  4. NOT immature, imaginative...IMAGINATIVE. They totally (Barbie and Creepy Dude) looked like they've been havin' a good ol' drunken roll in the....never mind. I have a dirty mind.

    And I WASN'T thinking "beer" either.

    1. C A N E ?? Were you thinking CANE?

      S O D A ?? Were you thinking SODA?

      Hmmmm, what other four letter words are there???????

      Thank you! I like Imaginative. Imaginative it is!!!!

  5. First time reader, visiting from The Bright Yellow Balloon and you made me laugh out loud! Also, if you look back at Mustachio's smile in conjunction with his hand position you'll see there's no way all he was holding was a beer. Men don't grin like that over beer!

  6. Thank you Bubbe! I absolutely love hearing that I make people laugh.

    Mustachio!!! Ahhhh, Mustachio. If only my daughter knew. I cannot wait until she is older so I can tell her.
    My husband just told me that I should do another post on Mustachio. We just found him with his shirt off and on the floor in the kitchen of the Dream House. I may dedicate one day a week to him, so check back.....
    And thanks for reading and laughing. I love to read, and I love to laugh so already we have something in common! ;)


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