Monday, April 4, 2011


He is probably one of the most Manly Men I know. He is strong, brave,and would never ever let anyone hurt me.He barbecues like you wouldn't believe.Slays it when he goes out fishing, charging through a storm and big waves when he really wants it bad.
Our yard is beautiful,plush, and tropical. He works very hard for us. Tomorrow he gets to go see his favorite sports team play. My brother hooked up on some tickets. I am so happy for him and he deserves it. I love him with all my heart.

OK, is that enough kissing up for me to tell him that I want to go on a girls trip this summer with my best friend. Yup, I think so!! Yippee, Palm Springs here I come!!

Honey, if you are reading this. You know I think the world of you. I always try to put some humor in it, even when I am being mushy and lovey dovey. You are awesome!! ;)

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  1. Update on Palm Springs Girls Trip. It actually turned into a mother/daughter girls trip. I did go with my best friend, but we both brought our teenage daughters. She brought her seventeen year old, and I brought my fifteen and thirteen year old daughters. It was great. We even got a surprise as we left the pool at night to head back to our room. Michelle Branch was playing acoustic in the lounge. I stood outside staring through the windows, until one of the radio station promoters grabbed us and told us we could go in and watch (even the teens) After we were able to take pictures with her. That was Friday night. I will definitely have to dedicate a post about my bestie and I going to the Hotel Lounge on Saturday night to Whoop it up on the dance floor. Much to our daughters dismay. They walked down in their pajamas to spy on us, and were completely mortified. MORTIFIED!!! Well, that is our job. Embarrass the hell out of our kids!


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