Saturday, December 10, 2011

Date Night With my Hubby

iPhones have taken over my date nights with my husband. How? You might ask. Well, one word........
(actually three words) WORDS WITH FRIENDS!!! Yes, we sit on the couch together, not staring longingly into one another's eyes, but playing WWF in silence. Now we are up in bed, not renting a movie, not chit chatting about our day, not utilizing the empty space left by our four year old who is actually sleeping in her own bed. Nope folks, we are in our California King bed,keeping to our respective sides, playing a grueling, competitive , neck and neck game of Words with Friends!! 10:30 on a Saturday night!
We are a couple of party animals, let me tell you.

Ooooh, gotta go, it's my turn. Yup, I'm blogging and words with 'friending' at the same time.
**words with friending being one of those special phrases/words that I store in my own dictionary, deep in the crevices of my smarty pants brain. If I wasn't a smarty pants would I be kicking my husbands butt, (not to mention my moms butt)at this game right now!!! Oh, that'll be my next blog, my mom and her iPad. The present she still hasn't figured out!!! I definitely would have won Americas Funniest Home Videos if I'd have recorded her as she opened it. Love you mom. Xoxo

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