Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicken Tortas.Yum!!!!! -blogged on my iphone. Totally annoying!

Ma made Chicken Tortas for dinner tonight.Yum!Gotthe recipe off the Internet.Not that I really needed a recipe, I mean how hard could it be?
NOT HARD AT ALL, But my goodness was the hubby impressed! One point for Mom/Wife. Oooowi, gotta go, SONS OF ANARCHY is gonna be on soon! The best show ever! Well, next to The Office, oh, yeah and General
Hospital, and ....... O. K. Every flipping show out there is my fav, because I LOVE T.V.!!!!! Total sidetracked, hodge podge blog tonight, but I have a reason. Wanna know the reason? No, you don't care ? Yes you do, cause you are still reading, agh caught ya! Anyway, hodge podge and probably full of typos or weird auto correct mishaps, because,....da, da, da da drumroll please..... I am blogging from. From my new iPhone for S. Yes folks I finally got an iPhone woo hoo. 0 By the Way these last two sentences were done using the voice activated system is press a button and it types exactly what you tell it to well not exactly. I think I will leave the typos and mistakes and all the other strange things that AutoCorrect decides to type out because it adds character to my blog but it probably is going to be the last time I use my iPhone to blog .
Night night

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