Friday, April 1, 2011

New Cat.....Ummm what was I thinking?

So I am not an animal person. Not sure when I became a non-lover of pets. I had dogs when I was young, and I definitely cried when we had to put them to sleep because of disease or old age. In fact I even found one of my old diaries, and from the sounds of it I was downright distraught. So why now are pets just such a nuisance to me?
I have come up with a reason, that to me sounds pretty good. I am such a busy mom, such a good mom, such a hardworking mom, that it leaves no room to give my attention to animals as well. I love, love, love my kids. Love spending time with them, helping them, tending to their needs, etc. But at the same time, those kids wipe me out. They exhaust me. So how do I even have the time or patience to give love and attention to ONE MORE KID (Errr, I mean CAT) Right now for instance, it is circling around my desk chair meowing. Not just meowing, but whining. REALLY, REALLY loud! I just got done tending to a whining 12 year old who was mad because I made her tone down her 6 inches of thick heavy eyeliner she was trying to slip out of the house wearing. Then after I dropped her off at school with a half hearted kiss and a wave goodbye, I had to tend to a whining 4 year old who was unhappy with her breakfast choices, unhappy that I made her wash her hands after petting the cat, unhappy that I told her she was going to have to take a shower and wash her hair before pre-school, and unhappy with the red sweatshirt I put on her (and that is a whole other story. When did four year olds get such an opinion about their fashion choices for morning outfits fit to lay on the couch in?)

So a whining, or meowing feline is not what I need. But I was at work when this all went down. I received a text from my husband- "I am going to take Nans to the pound to pick out a kitten. That o.k.?"  Who was I to rain on their pound parade? So needless to say,Bailey is a part of the family now. Well, atleast until one of us accidentally leaves the front / back door open and she escapes. Then she will be part of a coyote family. Did I mention our backyard leads into a canyon full of coyotes. Hungry ones. So with a family of four kids, (five including the big kid otherwise known as a "husband") we are expected to NEVER, EVER, EVER accidentally leave a door open. Wish us luck. Or wish Bailey luck. She will need it if she slips out the front door

I will keep ya posted on the life of Bailey the cat. Cute little thing!

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