Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lovin my family! Yes Siree!!

I am going to add this little disclaimer to my blog- I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!
That is it!
I was standing telling my husband that I want a laptop for Christmas, mentioning it would help me write more. Then my 14 (almost 15) year old daughter asked "write what?"  I then realized that alot of my content in my blog (or private exaggerated comedic diary, since really it is not public yet) is about my children.They are not always going to be shone in the best light, so I wanted to explain that to her the best way possible. So in terms she would understand, I said this "Well, B, honey, sometimes I will take life's daily little stories, and then re-tell them for millions on the internet. Of course adding a humorous twist. But don't worry, I will never write that you were sitting on the toilet with Diarrhea and right before that your boyfriend broke up with you. No, my sweet little daughter. I would never do that to you. Instead I will write that you were sitting on the toilet with Diarrhea, and that YOU broke up with HIM! No one dumps my daughter!!!"

Love my four kids- for all the joy, heartache, humor, sadness, love and frustration that they bring to me. Because if I had to do it all over again, well....... I wouldn't! This is the way I want it to be! I mean I would change a few things. A maid, a butler, a driver, loads of money, 2 vacations a year to a tropical getaway. One for just my hubby and me, NO KIDS! and One for just my hubby and me, NO KIDS!- Kidding, one with kids! Mommy loves you ;)

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