Friday, April 1, 2011

Cell Phones

How is it that I ever survived my teen years without a cell phone? My life must have been pure torture. If I am asking this question to the blogging universe, is it because I need help remembering? Did I push the memory so deep inside,only to have sporadic flashbacks creeping in and out of my mind, once every blue moon?
A quarter in my pocket, waiting for a half hour in front of my school wondering "is my mom picking me up today? Did she forget"  Staring at each car that drives by, hoping it is going to be the White Chevy Nova, loud embarrassing muffler and all. Or better yet, Dads truck with the camper shell on it. How did I converse with my friends. How did they know if I was laughing out loud? Or better yet, if I was laughing my ass off? Oh yes, I walked into my kitchen, picked up the orange phone from the wall, and waited about 30 seconds (that is the time it took to dial my best friends phone number. Ya know...... ROTARY PHONES) to hear the phone ringing on the other end. Oh the travesty that was growing up in the 80's early 90's. Now my poor 12 year old daughter, has such a gut wrenching decision to face. Her perfectly good phone is just "not cool" She wants to use my husbands upgrade so that she can get a phone that will better suit her tween lifestyle. Seems as though lunchtime in 7th grade does not consist of children sitting down at the outdoor eating area, giving praise to all of the moms for their masterful culinary brown bag lunch dishes. I mean, come on, peanut butter marshmallow sandwiches! Who can beat that as a pb&j alternative?
Back to the cell phone ranting.......... Now at 30 something years old, YES I ADMIT- " I would die without my phone" But oh to be young again! A quarter in my pocket to check in with mom and dad. "Oh crap, I spent my quarter. Collect Call. Do you accept?"
Stretching the phone cord from the kitchen wall phone, all the way out to the pantry. Where I would sit on top of our washer and talk to my friends all night. And the only smiley faces, or emoticons were the real smiles coming from my brace ridden mouth. LOL!! OMG!! :)

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