Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I would like to publicly apologize for.............

I have been a bad blogger.
I have been a bad blog reader.
I have been a bad blog comment leaver (yes it makes sense)


Because summer has been BUSY for me.

But I have not been bad at this:

Daughters 14th Birthday 'ROOM MAKEOVER'
I want to live in her room.

I have also not been bad at this:

Jello Shot Cantaloupes!
Healthy yet, 'FUN'

I have also been pretty good at this:
Sittin on the boat, relaxing, reading 50 Shades!

This has kept me pretty busy also:
Teachin my 15 1/2 year old how to drive.
'Keep Both Hands on the WHEEL!'

Havin a little fun too:

Surprised my older girls with a Demi Lovato concert at our local fair.
Then Fried Foods, Picture Booth Photos and Expensive rides afterwards!
Threw a graduation party for my son, and was busy hiding the booze from his friends:
No, I don't normally keep bottles of Tequila in my room, but when my grandpa comes over to me saying "Hey, that tall, loud one over there was sneakin in your booze" - Well, I had to start hiding! and taking keys away.
Summer also makes time for camping:
Hubby had a fishing tournament during our first scheduled camping trip. So it was Mama and the kids!
Girl Power! Started the fire, even had to put a plastic bag over my hand to unclog the sewer in the camper. Ugghhhhh!

An intertube, and the evening ocean!Entertaining for hours.

Daddy and his little buddy! Doing some night fishing in the surf.

Time for some unwinding with a margarita.
Just registered my youngest for Kindergarten. My older girls for their High School Classes. Working, BBQ'ing with family.
My 20th High School Reunion
School Shopping
Checking on 18 year old son to make sure he is making good future choices - "What do you mean  you are going to hold off on taking some classes at the Junior College? Extending your summer a bit? WHAT?O.K. we will discuss this later! Yes,I love you too"
Getting mad at oldest teen daughter for trying to pull a fast one on us. - "Don't try to fool the masters little dear! Your dad and I were teens once too." 
My fourteen year old suddenly having the attitude of a prima donna! - "Who are  you? Where did you come from?"
My five year old wanting mommy to 'play with me.' every single second. - I am not sure how much more Littlest Pet Shop scenarios I can handle. 

I have been busy with just plain ol' family time. And it has felt good! It has been soothing, relaxing, fun! I love my kids! I love my husband, and right now, I am kinda lovin my life in general.

But school is starting soon, back to the old grind. Carpools, busy days, etc.

I will be back to blogging too, but right now, sunshine, beach, kids, husband and margaritas are taking precedence.

Here's to hoping that everyone has been having an AWESOME summer!


  1. JR - hey there! Got a quick question for you - can you email me at Thanks!

  2. Sounds like you're having an amazing summer! And good job on that bedroom makeover - I'd like one too please. :)

    1. Summer has been good to me.
      Thank you, the room makeover is kinda a new thing for me. My older daughter asked for one for her Birthday 2 years ago, and then middle daughter asked for it in June. I guess I am a decorator deep down inside. I get to live vicariously through them. All the ways I would have loved my room when I was young. (although I am pretty sure Kitty and Unicorn posters are not popular anymore) It was alot of fun. :)

  3. Your summer looks a lot more interesting than mine! Love the blue in the!

  4. Re-visited this post and now I want a cantaloupe jello shot.


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