Monday, August 13, 2012

Is Bored a bad word? How dare you say it!!!??!!!

I get so frustrated when my kids tell me they are bored!

I just told my husband I was bored!

Am I a hypocrite???

Shhhhhhh! Don't you dare tell my kids!

He thinks that by me saying 'I am bored' it means so many things- I am bored with him, I am bored with my life, I am bored with our family, marriage, or whatever,and I may now run off with a hunk from the Brazilian circus, and never return home again to take care of our children.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am here to stay, bored or not! Don't read so much into it.

I am just bored!

Like, there is nothing on T.V.
I don't feel like doing a craft!
I know we have laundry to do, but uggggh, that is the last thing I want to do!
I do need to finish my 3rd book of the 50 shades series, but I am a little over the sex stuff (over the sex stuff? Gasp!)
I could go through my makeup basket and get rid of some stuff; Does anyone wear Wet n' Wild liquid blue eyeliner anymore? Can I sell it on eBay as an antique?
I DVR'd 15 movies, but now they all seem lame,and boring!

UGGGGHHHHHH I am somehow a 14 year old teenager, and I am just plain BORED!

I am happy!
I am NOT depressed!

I am just bored!

Kids, I am sorry! Mommy understands, and next time you tell me you are bored, I promise I will not say "well, if you are that bored, go CLEAN YOUR ROOM! It'll give you something to do."

I PROMISE!!!!!!!!

Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a fricking hot needle in my eye. I will never tell you to clean your room when you are bored.


Well, because Mommy is bored and the last thing I feel like doing is cleaning my Mother F'ing room!!!!!!

God, what mother ever thought that was a good suggestion?

Husband's Help


My husband's suggestion?

"Wanna, DO IT? I mean if you are bored and all................wink wink" - gyrating motion!

God, what husband ever thought that was a good suggestion?

"Shucks babe, I have a load of whites to do!"


  1. So true!! And why is it that the longer show sit on the DVR, the less you want to watch them? I'm too lazy to watch them. Pathetic. I guess they seem less relevant. HA! Luckily, we never really have to be totally bored when there are hilarious blogs (like this one) to read! Great post, J.R.!

    1. Totally! I DVR everything!!! Only to say blah to it later.

      and thank you;)

  2. I'm bored AND hungry.

    I wish you would have gotten your husband's response on video. You would've gotten a million hits on YouTube. By me alone.

    1. My husband could have a whole you tube account based off of his gyrating sex hints! Hmmmm, that could be an idea.

  3. I wish I had balls like your husband. I just whimper and cower when wife is off track... In fact, I'm hiding under the bed right now.

    1. I wish my husband would cower. He just instigates........oh, and gyrates!
      Ha Ha!


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