Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Me is really smart! Ain't I? Just ask my BFF!

I am pretty lucky in the job department. I have worked for the same company for 11 years, and honestly other than wishing that I was rich and didn't have to work at all, this is the next best thing. (well, maybe the next, to next, to the next best thing. But still a great place to work!)

But one of my ABSOLUTE favorite reasons for loving my place of employment is that I actually get to work next to one of my best friends in the entire world. 

I met her when I started working there, and after we got over the hump of getting to know one another, we realized we were soulmates. 

In many ways we are different:

She doesn't take crap from anybody                    
I, on the other hand, take your crap, hold onto it for you, and tell you your crap smells like roses all the while smiling.I will nurture it, hug it, and keep it safe for you!

She does not get nervous in professional office situations. In fact she is calm and cool, and intelligence oozes out of her.
I on the other hand develop a horrible case of the nerves anytime we have important meetings with anyone other than our normal work crew! If my Immodium A-D doesn't take affect quick enough, the only thing that oozes out of me is diarrhea! 

On the other hand,she does get nervous in certain social situations. BBQ's, Parties, etc.
Social situations..........Pssshhhh, a breeze! Gimme a microphone, I'll even tell you some jokes!

When she gets drunk, you really can't tell.Other than a glassy eyed look, and a slight head roll and finger snapping attitude that decides to come out, she is never falling down drunk.
When I am drunk, you really CAN tell! I will just leave it at that......You really, REALLY can tell! 
REALLY, REALLY can tell!!!!! 

She has curly hair
I have straight hair 
(figured I'd throw that in there)

In alot of ways we are the same:

She can spot a bargain from 10 miles away. 
I can spot a bargain from 9.9 miles away.
(hey, close enough)

She has a buttload of kids
I have a buttload of kids

She grew up in our town
I grew up in our town
(I am a few years older than her, we went to competing high schools, but did not actually know one another when we were young)

She has stomach issues
I have stomach issues
(this alone made us soulmates.When you go to a Quickbooks class with a new co-worker, then ask for the bathroom key, and don't come back until 2 hours later. ...... well there is no room for embarrassment. You just gotta put it out there! "O.K. I get diarrhea ...... I mean ALOT"  When you hear back an "Oh my god, I have stomach issues too!" Well a friendship is formed for life!!)


She will tell a story, and I will know exactly where she is going with it
I will tell a story and she will know exactly where I am going with it
(in fact, we will keep a story going, embellishing it, making it more humorous and adding to one another's 'stories' to keep it all going)

I love to text her. Sometimes it is easier than a phone call. Stories, sentences, one liners, jokes, or just a stupid emoticon (like the piece of poop emoticon on the iphone. Immature? Yes. Funny? Yes)
She loves to text me. She understands it is easier than a phone call. 
(Sometimes we text each other until one of our husbands has to put the brakes on it, accusing us of sitting on our butts, laughing out loud to our phones, and forgetting we have dinner on the stove)
'Ooops, sorry honey! Just texting D.'
'Why don't you just call her. Or better yet, go down to her house, she just lives down the street?'
'Because I wanted to hang out with you tonight Babe! But hold on, let me text her back one more thing' "LOL       LOL         LOL      OMG           LOL       Husband getting cranky! I'll see you tomorrow at work! Bleh, can he be any moodier! Whahhh, Whahhh!! I burned the biscuits! 
Call a WAA-MBULANCE! LOL!! LOL!! Gotta go!"
'What are you laughing at over there?'
'Nothing honey! O.K. I turned my phone off. Now where were we pookie........'

Our differences are very different.

But our similarities are extremely similar.

So it was no surprise today when we were both at our desks

Checking our emails

Getting updated on our tasks for the day

Going over contracts, websites, paperwork

Filtering out stuff in our inbox


to it's fullest potential.

We both believe that being smart is important.
How do we do this you ask?

Read books?

Study current events?

Attend classes at our local college?

No, we eat smart!

As I was chomping down on this
Smart Popcorn! I can feel the intelligence growing inside me.I won't be able to contain it!

She was guzzling this down
The bottle is almost empty. Somebody, QUICK,!Call 9-1-1, her brain is about to explode with Smarts!!!

Oh, and one more thing that we have in common.....
the way we think

As soon as it was pointed out that we were both consuming brainiac snacks, what did we do?

We both grabbed our phones out of our purses and took a picture......

all the while laughing, because we had realized we both grabbed our phones.

So now we were laughing at the Smart Food
We were laughing at our phones
We were laughing because we were laughing
And then
We laughed some more!



  1. Wow, what a fantastic post. It's like you knowing you. Beautiful. No wonder you like working there!

  2. That is awesome! I feel this way about my lit'l sis. :) And funny. You were taking pics of your smart food with your smart phones!

  3. Such a happy post! I would love to work with a best friend. I did last year...and while work was sometimes trying, I LOVED having my two girls right across the hall.

  4. Julie- Thank you! I do enjoy working there! Crazy to say that about a job.

    Mimi-Hey, I can't believe we didn't think of that. We were using our 'Smart' Phones. Good one ;)

    Stephanie-Exactly. It makes the trying times at work, so much easier to deal with. This BFF/Co-worker also has a younger sister who works there, and I love her too. So it is awesome!

    Although I would still high tail it out if I ever won the lottery. lol!


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