Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Broken Hand is NO GOOD FOR A BLOGGER!!

You cannot type with a broken hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, I can only imagine how hard it would be to type with a broken hand..............

I mean.......

Oh, do you think I am talking about myself? Do you think that is where I have been?

Sorry to mislead you.
I didn't break my hand!
I was just saying, wondering
Thinking out loud!
Got your attention though!
Where have I been?

No good excuses, really..... I wish I had some terrific, funny, outrageous story. But, sadly, I don't.

Here is a quick re-cap of my last few weeks, in pictures!

I will be back with a vengeance! I have so many blogs in my head, that the fire department is getting ready to be called due to my brain reaching it's maximum occupancy limit. There is an unsafe number of words piling into this little head! It is against the city ordinance! Some of these thoughts are going to have to leave, or there could be a riot! No one wants a riot coming out of this mind! Believe me!

First of all WORK. VERY BUSY right now.

No, I don't work for a chicken tender/corn dog taste testing company. Geez!
I just really wanted junk this day!
That little dish with the fork sticking out? Those are green beans to go with my corn dog and chicken tenders.
See? Healthy, Right?

Second of all......Family Stuff! Broken hearted daughter, Easter, just stuff!

When your daughter comes home with a broken heart because some little nimrod stomped on it, well you make her homemade Frappuccino's, and Ruffles chips for dinner.
And you just listen
And you share your heartbreaks
And then you get a bad stomachache, because Ruffles and Frappuccino's don't agree with you.
Then you listen, hug, and listen some more.

Our counter top on Easter! No joke, this was exactly sitting like this when I walked through. Had to take a picture.
It's like the circle of life, but in drink form.
All that was missing was an Ensure at the end!

Third of all.......... More life stuff. 

A.K.A. Spring Cleaning!

This hamper?
It was full and overflowing.
The laundry fairy was taking a break.
Well, she came and visited.

No matter what...
Even if my life depended on it....
I can never keep a clean purse!
But I did clean it one day, because my daughters begged me to.
They are sick of standing in stores with me while I dig through it for something.

Lastly...........Just spending time with my family. Fun stuff, boring stuff, but still time with them.

'Caviar Nails'
My daughter got the idea off of Pinterest.
I have been doing this to both daughters non stop, as the beads only seem to last a day,
then they want me to do it again.

Easter Present from my son.He has been disappointing me a bit lately in the  'responsible young man' department, but when he walked in on Easter morning with this...
Let's just say 'TEARS'
The original old school Game Boy with Tetris.He knows I have been wanting one, just like the one I had in High School
Just like the one I played during my whole entire pregnancy with him.
They are either hard to come by, too expensive, or broken
He found a working one, with games, at a thrift store. Used his own money, and thought of me.
I had to hold off on the responsibility, 'what are you gonna do after you graduate' lecture for the weekend!

Ahhhhh, Yes!!!
 Our new passion!
Our new addiction!
It was supposed to be for our five year old daughter who starts singing lessons on Monday.
My family bought it for her.
She has been able to use it twice!
Because hubby and I need to brush up on our rendition of
Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne
"If I close my eyes forever
Will it all remain unchanged....."
This picture was taken the SECOND I walked in from work. Hubby had been practicing, and told me to put my bag down, and get over there.
He had thought of our perfect duet.............
"Uhhhh, Can I go pee first?"
"NOPE! Get over here and sing with me!"
"What song?"
"Close my eyes forever"
"OHHHH, I always loved that song. Peeing can wait!"

And the rest is Karaoke History........
We are already planning our Summertime Karaoke Bash!


  1. Go Ozzy! Go Lita!!

  2. Bahaha @ the beverage circle of life. So sorry that your daughter had her heart broken. :(

    1. Her heart is definitely getting better! Thanks Stephanie:)
      That circle of drinks needed a margarita!

  3. Tetris was the cause of my worst semester in college. I want to get it "for Daniel" for his DS. wink wink. The laundry will never get done again.

    Love the nails, your purse, and your side of veggies with your heart attack.

    Another great post! You make me laugh every time!

    1. Tetris is ADDICTING! I forgot how much I loved it (and how good I was, if I do say so myself) Crazy how different it is though. WOW, electronics have come a long way.

  4. Great nails! This was a great post. Hahaha - glad you didn't break your arm!

    1. Thank you Julie! I have been having fun with the creative nail stuff lately!These were a bit different though.
      I too am glad I didn't break my arm, although hopefully I didn't jinx myself. I have actually never had a broken bone. Torn, sprained, but never broken! Cross'n my fingers.

  5. Where is the mustard for the corndog? Are you one of those corndog and ketchup types?
    I had to laugh at your cure for a broken heart- Ruffles and frapp's are my nieces favorite treats. I'm more of a Cheetos girl, myself. ;) I hope she's over the little nimrod. Poor baby- young love is tough.
    You and Ozzy have fun- I drank a few too many MindErasers the last time I did karaoke. 1995! haha
    I'm so glad they did the trick!

    1. I actually am a mustard and corn dog gal! Forgot to ask for mustard, thought I had some in my drawer at work. But no!
      Ketchup it was!

      Ohhhh, Frap's are the best! And since we started making homemade with our leftover morning coffee we have saved some money. :)

      Minderasing karaoke. I have done that a few times (years ago)
      I like my karaoke with a side of memory these days! Although my hubby and I have commented how a few drinks would be fun with friends one night. Margaritas, friends, and the karaoke machine. I see it sometime in our future.

  6. You bring it home girl. Every time! If you ever make it to sitcom land I can say I knew her when!

    1. If I make it to a sitcom, I'll take you with me ;) I am sure I could find a part for you.


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