Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't ever say I'm not a fun mom! Would an un-fun mom do this?

The weather here in San Diego county is beautiful. Even in the winter, we are lucky. I'm not going to lie!

But we do get rain.
We have thunder.
We experience lightning.

When your daughter is on Spring Break, and has plans to go to the beach, but then those plans are thwarted by rain,
==Lots and LOTS of rain==
well what do you do? 

You give your daughter and her friend some ideas for a rainy day.

  • Rent a movie
  • Give each other makeovers
  • Throw some rain ponchos on, and run up and down the street
  • Bake something
  • Uhhh, rent a movie
I get no response

I see blank stares

It is as if I have said "do some homework"

Oh well, I tried! I'm going to snuggle in my bed, while watching General Hospital and reading a book simultaneously. I love rainy days, especially on my days off.

Then I hear it........

The sound of a plan....

The sound of masterminding......

The sound of Imagination, driven by extreme boredom.....

I come out of my room to find this

Cover the stairs with blankets
Line the walls with pillows
Take the cushions off of the couch to pad the tile at the bottom
Grab a hamper

What in the heck are you doing?
That is dangerous?

"Moooommm!!! It's Fun!!!OH MY GOD MOM, You should try it!"

No Way!
No How!

Did I say 'No Way!No How!' ?
Was that me?

that was un-fun mom
I am FUN mom!!

When you can't beat 'em
Join 'em

Oh, and after they got bored with their stair sliding idea,
they took one of mine


True Quotes

"Ummm, OMG, These ponchos don't match"
"This poncho hood is messing up my hair"
"Wait, let me look in the mirror first"
"Are we really gonna run around the neighborhood?What if we see someone we know?"
"Your poncho is cuter than mine"

*Sometimes it is fun to act like a kid.
Sometimes it is rewarding to be fun mom.
Sometimes I don't wanna beat 'em.
Sometimes I wanna join 'em.


  1. ha! Done that - not the poncho thing, the sliding down the stairs thing. 13 steps (yes like the movie, creepy). Slippery wooden stairs on a foam mattress. My son wouldn't take no for an answer. Just about peed my pants (with fear). Cool.

    1. Julie, you get a 'fun mom' award too!
      Who can resist sliding down stairs? Not us apparently ;)

  2. THAT is AWESOME!!!!
    YOU are AWESOME!
    Great post!!

    1. Thanks Mimi! It was rather 'awesome' of me to go along with the stair sliding.
      I will have to add Awesome Mom, to my already Cool Mom, Fun Mom resume ;)


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