Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank God for Wal Mart and Duct Tape!

I'm tired, and my fingers don't even want to type.

So this will be short!


My daughters performed this week in their High School's Student Choreography show case. Props were needed. Props built by my husband, and painted by yours truly.

The first showing was a matinee at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. The first performance is never crowded, and that was probably a good thing, as the tombstone prop that we built FAILED! 

The glue wasn't strong enough, or something; not to mention that my daughter probably did not pull her feet up high enough, and her sister and friend probably did not give all their strength when lifting her, but they are kids, they worked their butts off for the past month practicing, so I will blame it on the construction.
Lift your feet honey, Lift your feet!

Man Down, Man Down! Errr, I mean, Prop Tombstone Down, Prop Down!!

I can't imagine what was going through my daughters mind that very  second.
But she might have been thinking
Noooooooo, not my daughter!  I am sure she was thinking "Golly Gee Willakers, how did that happen?"I was mouthing
"Keep Dancing!KEEP DANCING!!!" 

~Cut to intermission~

Mom wipes a tear from daughters eye,
Mom helps both daughters & their friend laugh it off.
Mom finds someone with a roll of Duct Tape (yes, apparently people just carry it around with them) 
Mom runs backstage, and quickly starts taping like a mad woman, so it will be repaired before the 7:00 showing.
Mom then runs to Taco Bell to get the girls dinner before the night show.
Mom's phone rings as she is pulling out of the drive thru
"Uhh, can you get more duct tape?Some girl backstage wanted to see if she could jump over the tombstones, and she broke the other one. And Kialy's tombstone is kinda loose too"
Lo and Behold, I am in a Wal Mart shopping center.
Super Mom to the rescue.

Taco Bell delivered, Tombstone #2 and #3 repaired (and even better as I bought black duct tape, instead of the grey that I had to borrow the first time) 

Ready for the next dance!
Cross your fingers!
oh, and honey, lift your feet higher......Mom's just sayin......!

See the duct tape at the bottom? That is some handy work, huh? YEAH? Right?
I know! 

THEY ROCK.......And their mom isn't so bad either


  1. Your girls are awesome and YOU rock! Mom to the rescue indeed! Looks like a fun night and now I want some Taco Bell! :D

  2. Oh, the trauma of prop fail! That kind of thing can mess you up for the rest of your days. Thank God for duct tape is right...and a mom that can move her ass in a crisis! ;)

  3. Oh my God. Funniest post EVER. And what? You don't keep duct tape in your purse? Oh, I forgot. There's that roll of toliet paper in the way....

  4. Mimi- It was a fun night, and I did scarf down a few tacos of my own, I will admit;)

    Tina- Prop fail gave me anxiety for the rest of the shows. Wondering if my duct tape would hold. Only they didn't sell alcohol at intermission, to help with the stress. DAM! ;)

    Marianne- Thank you. I will start blogging more about my daughters mess ups if that gets me the 'funniest post EVER' comments. My kids don't really pay attention to my blog,like they know it exists but they forget (or try to forget) but this one I showed my daughter and of course I got the "OH MY GOD Mom, you put a picture of us messing up?" then she read the rest, and couldn't help but laugh.
    If anyone has a bathroom crisis, I will come to the rescue with TP, but duct tape, I'll have to remember that one.

  5. Haha! I should start keeping a roll of duct tape in my car at all times!

    1. I'm thinking the same thing. It will now be a part of my 'emergency mom kit'

  6. I also wonder why some people have duct tape or cellophane tape in their purse. Mostly I wonder how the roll of cellophane tape ended up in my purse this week. Surely I must have put it in there for some reason long now forgotten.


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