Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did you just tell me to 'Shut the Hell Up'???

If you are driving with your six year old daughter, and you think you are entertaining her by engaging in some chit chat, and she says

"Umm, Mama I know a game we can play. Let's play the 'Whoever can be the most quietest game, and whoever talks loses, so if you talk you lose, but whoever is quietest wins, so you gotta be the quietest'......Yeahh, mama let's play that game"

Then she lays her head back against her head rest and stares out at the ocean as you take the scenic route home. 

Well you know what just happened?

You just got asked to 

 'Shut the hell up'

in six year old talk.

Did she just try to play the master?
Did she just do the ol' switcheroo and play me at my own game?
Did she .....
Did she.....??
Yeah, she just told me!

In all seriousness, this happened today. Did my daughter need some quiet time to mentally go over the events of her day?
Did she just want to stare at the waves crashing on the sand, and ponder the meaning of life?
Was my meaningless chit-chat not superb enough for her exuberant brain?


Do six year olds just need some quiet time in their life too?
We probably don't give the little ones enough credit, but they can be pretty wise.
Maybe it was her way of saying 
"Hey Mama, let's just be silent and enjoy the beauty of the ocean that we are so blessed to live by"


I think she was saying
"Shut the heck up Mama!Stop talking about all the fun things we are going to do this summer, and for the love of god PLEASE STOP SINGING
You cannot, and never will be able to sing like Kelly Clarkson, Adele, or Stevie Nicks. PLEASE STOP TRYING"

* This moment of silence is dedicated to my daughter. Really and truly one of the wisest, most thoughtful, and sweetest little human beings. 
Besides my other 3, they are pretty wise, thoughtful and sweet.
Dam equality! 


  1. I am sure I will hear this request soon. If only I could sing better! If only...!

  2. Oh my gosh. My SINGING!! THAT'S why they're always asking to play this in the car!!

    I swear I didn't know.

    Thank you. And I think I have a lovely voice.

  3. Right Ladies??

    I totally got told!

    My singing voice can be perceived differently by everybody. Usually perceived in a negative way, but who's asking??

  4. You got told alright. I get told in with much more certainty by my boys. Eek. And the singing? Oh, they let me know in no uncertain terms they want that nastiness to end. 'STOP!" haha


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