Tuesday, February 19, 2013

STOP BEING SO LAZY AND MAKE SOMETHING HEALTHY! This Mom is Taking a Stand, One Post-It Note at a Time!!

It is the same ol' story in households across the country.

Mom and Dad go grocery shopping,
Stock up on some good stuff
Healthy and Not so Healthy living together in one cupboard or refrigerator.
Not So Healthy always being the first to go.

Kids get home from school and are STARVING (which is another post in itself) 
They ask for a snack, when really they are looking for a 2000 calorie fourth meal.

What do they reach for?

Banana?      NO, Waffles.
Fruit I washed and cut up, because I know that is half the battle is them being too lazy to wash or cut it.?         NOPE, no fruit, they want Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Another setting - It is a Saturday afternoon, around 12:30. Kids start to herd into the kitchen, mumbling that they are hungry. I know this because I have supersonic hearing, which sometimes feels like a curse. 
I am hoping to god I hear the fridge door open; because let's face it. that is where most of the healthy stuff is. That is where anything that needs to be washed, cut up, or prepped has it's home. 
Do I hear the refrigerator door? NOPE
I hear the squeaky ass cupboard door. Cupboard - Home of SNACKS!!!
Then I walk around the corner and see the freezer door open. Freezer - Home of Waffles and Ice Cream.

Immediately I spring into action.
Psycho Kitchen Warden Mom takes charge, and starts in on her lectures.
"It is 12 freaking 30. LUNCH time! Make LUNCH! Cereal and waffles are for breakfast, which you already had, and don't get me started on the ice cream. 3 hours ago you were dousing your waffles with pure sugar, a.k.a. 5 pounds of syrup, and now you want to eat the ice cream? Make a sandwich first, then you can have a SMALL bowl of ice cream."

What am I met with? 
The moans, groans and grumbles of what you would think were teenagers living in a boot camp getting told to run 40 miles at 0300 in the pouring rain.

"A sandwich? Then I have to take out all the stuff. What do we even have good to make sandwiches? Turkey? I hate Turkey, and I'm sick of Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Never mind, I'm not hungry."

aaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddd......... teenager exits the kitchen; with a look that should be saved for someone who just lost their childhood pet.

"Waaaa Waaaaaa! Want me to call you a WWWaaaaaaaa mbulance??"
I chuckle to myself.

"Ugghh, mom, no one even says that! You are such a weirdo!"

Hubby and I went grocery shopping on Sunday. The older girls were with friends at the beach, but I knew when they got home they were going to be hungry. So I sprung into action.
* By the way, when I write "these are for lunches" it means they are quick and easy snacks that are to be saved for packing in their school lunches.School lunches that should consist of a sandwich, some type of fruit, and one 'quick snack item'.
 Had to explain that, otherwise it makes me seem like a crazy mom contradicting myself. 

"Waffles are for breakfast only. Grab a banana!!"

My kids think that Goldfish or Cheez its are an acceptable substitute for a sandwich. When they pack their own lunches in the morning, they will stand there pouring the whole box into a zip loc, and call it a meal.
Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are gone in 2.2 seconds in this house. Not any more! Not with my new Post -It note plan!
Cereal is for BREAKFAST!!!
and for mom's late night snack, but these rules don't apply to mom.
I am an adult! I can do what I want! I pay for the cereal!
You kids go make a sandwich!

* Oh, by the way. When you go grocery shopping with hubby, and you both venture off on your own; throwing stuff in the cart without checking if your hubby already did the same, you end up with double of a few things.
So I am pretty serious now......these kids really need to eat some fricking bananas!

See the picture below?
This is my fridge stocked with fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and sandwich fixings.
Ohhhhhhh, but that is too much work!!!
It is so much easier to grab a Chocolate Chip Granola Bar!


  1. Mine is 23 and still does that...although he does cook for himself. "There's nothing to eat!" still gets thrown around when I've just come home from the grocery store and Costco.
    Standing in the freezer staring? That doesn't end, either.

    1. Oh I love the "There's nothing to eat!" sentence.

      But the funny thing is, I'm guilty of all of it.......just don't tell the kids;)

  2. Hahahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gone through this! Those days are behind me now but it sure is fun watching someone else do it. Hahaha.. Oh JR.. I feel your pain.. Let me know how long it takes before you're making banana bread with those bananas.. Lol.. :)

    1. How funny you said that. I am the queen of banana bread.

      Yesterday however, I made banana smoothies and peanut butter,marshmallow,banana fried sandwiches. YUM!
      I am actually trying to eat better myself, so I stuck to the smoothie, and only had one bite of my daughters sandwich! You know, to check for poison;)
      Eating better is hard!

  3. I am guilty of eating those quick not so healthy snacks myself. I wonder if the notes would help me too!

    1. I am guilty too :) That is sometimes the fun part of being a parent;being able to tell the kids "do as I say, not as I do"

  4. I now know which two moms are single-handedly supporting the Cheez-Its, Granola Bars, Goldfish crackers & instant oatmeal industries. I'm with you, sister.

    1. Those big giant cardboard jugs of Goldfish are a god send.

      And those Granola Bars are always on sale. 2 for 4, buy one get one free, whatever it is, they are goin in my cart.


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