Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mistaken infection 'on the prairie'? Walnut Grove, my second my dreams of course.

Mistaken infection 'on the prairie'?

Little House on the Prairie was by far my FAVORITE show growing up. I read all the books, watched every episode, I had the lunchbox with matching thermos,I wore pigtail braids like Laura, and instead of J.R I secretly wished I had a cool nickname, like, ohhhhh, like Half Pint!
Ma and Pa were the best. When Ma made chicken and dumplings in the kettle, I could practically smell them through the television. I wanted to wear a bonnet, and walk to school (well wanting to walk to school may be stretching it, but walking through a prairie with crops as tall as myself always looked fun)
Oh and Laura became a teacher at 16 and got to marry Almanzo at what? 17? Now that seemed awesome.

So I log on to MSN and see the article that Mary's blindness was NOT caused by Scarlet Fever, it was most likely caused by meningoencephilitis. So for any die hard Little House on the Prairie fans out there that have spent their lives full of pride that they know every detail, every in-n-out, every trivia game answer pertaining to The Ingalls Clan, well now you know one more fact. You can rest at night.

I have tried to get my teen daughters to sit down with me and watch 'the greatest show on earth' when the reruns play, but somehow they don't last more then 10 minutes. Seems as though the courting of Mary and Adam, or the school girl crush of Laura and Almanzo cannot compete with The 'Situation' and Snookie of the Jersey Shore.
Maybe my six year old little girl will watch it with me. Oh, but Ma and Pa Ingalls aren't as slap stick funny as the parents on Good Luck Charlie.

Oh well! The whole town of Walnut Grove,and every person in it will always hold a special place in my heart; well everyone except the rapist who assaulted Albert's first love. Remember that episode? Weird! Awful! That episode tormented me for a while. That wasn't the 'Little House' I knew and loved. Let's move on....

Where was I? Walnut Grove, I miss you! You were a huge part of my childhood, and your theme song always gives me goosebumps.

* Oh, if anyone ever comes across a Little House on the Prairie metal lunchbox with matching thermos, let me know. I'd love to get my hands on one. Just for the memories. :)


  1. I loved "LHOTP" too and like you, I could never get my kids to sit down and watch with me, although my daughter loved the books. I am so done with t.v. now, there's just such a huge amount of garbage on, I limit myself to 1.5 hours a day now. An hour for "Castle" and a half hour for the news/weather. I think it's sad that little by little the innocense of childhood is going away..

  2. Nellie was kick-ass bad. They just don't write 'em like they used to.

  3. I knew I found a soul sista in you, JR!
    I still watch it, too. I wanted Pa to be my dad.
    Nellie Olson...I wanted to strangle her and bury her out in the woods.
    The original mean girl!
    I have my books, my dvd collection set and I call my little niece Half Pint.
    She loves it. She'll watch when she's here, but those trashy shows call them.
    Those Kartrashians..ugh! We learned from the Ingalls and the Waltons. I can't imagine having little ones these days and what they might be exposed to. Bart Simpson ruined my children. ;)
    I'll be on the lookout for a lunchbox.


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