Thursday, February 21, 2013

When life hands you a BANANA, make banana/peanut butter/marshmallow/nutella sandwiches!

If you read this post then you know that I recently purchased a few too many bananas. 

I usually make banana bread, as Mimi had suggested, but this time I went a step further. 
A step further into the direction of committing one of the seven deadly sins. Can you say Gluttony?

Grilled Cheese sandwich?

Grilled Peanut Butter/Nutella/Banana/Marshmallow sandwich dipped in cinnamon sugar, cut into triangles and served warm?

What else should I have done with the extra bananas?
Something healthy?

The worst part?
I am trying to eat healthier. I had made these for my kids as an after school snack.
I am not always one of those moms that makes after school snacks, so don't barf!
I just happened to be home from work, in a peppy mood, and those extra bananas were calling out for my creative concoction making.
I only had one little know, to check for poisons and stuff. ;) 


  1. I'm moving in with you. Like tomorrow.

    1. If you move in, I will have one waiting for you. With a nice big glass full of RumChata. If that isn't enticing, I don't know what is.

  2. Wow, that was a great idea. We have peanut butter and Nutella, but this is a great idea. I wonder if it would be easier with Fluff.

    1. The fluff idea is great. That may be one of my new pantry staple items.
      Along with healthy stuff ;) I'll have to put a post it note on my fluff now too. "STAY OUT"

  3. That looks amazing!


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