Sunday, May 27, 2012

My husband is LOUD in the kitchen, that is why I am awake!

Oh Husbands.........
They are strong, brave, manly, funny, handsome, loving, caring, and good providers.
My husband takes me on date nights, hugs me when he knows I'm in need of one. He tells me I'm beautiful,smart and funny. He only has eyes for me. He is a wonderful father to our children. Generous, and caring son-in-law to my parents. He works hard for our family, and even harder to maintain a lifestyle that can keep us happy, warm, safe and secure in all aspects.

My husband is a true gem!


Oh, yeah, there is a BIG ASS BUT..

HE IS AS LOUD AS F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He does not shut cabinets quietly!
He slams the microwave door with the strength of He-Man! 
(and NO honey,if you are reading this, that is not a compliment! A compliment would be, "he slams the microwave door, all the while looking exactly like Brad Pitt")
Even the way his key turns in the lock is loud!?!?! WTF??

And this morning??
He was up at 4:00 a.m. getting ready to go fishing.
The kitchen is downstairs, directly below our bedroom. I could hear him searching for something in the cupboard. Loudly!
I could hear him washing his cooler out! Loudly!
I could hear him slamming the meat drawer in the refrigerator. Loudly!
I could hear him grumbling, LOUDLY, because he could not find his 'super special' coffee thermos!

So I am up!
I am awake!
He is going to hear my foot up his..........

Oh... sorry, I was just interrupted mid sentence.


Because that loud, obnoxious, door slamming, inconsiderate husband just ran upstairs to give me a kiss before he took off for fishing. He heard my footsteps, and knew that he had awoken the beast
~yes, I am a beast in the morning. I like my sleep~

I wanted to be upset at him!
Now he has foiled my plans!

Slightly distracted by the beautiful nature outside my window. 
'Hey' is that a blue jay on the bird feeder?
Mornings are kinda peaceful and calming.

Good Morning World!
I guess I'm awake now.


  1. Love it - he must be related to my Hubs. I swear he's going to come through the ceiling when he walks around like Bigfoot upstairs. You gained a new follower...and screw whoever it was that left in the first place. xo DG

    1. I think all of the Hubs are related! And I have the same thing going on when I am downstairs and he is upstairs. I keep waiting for his foot to come through the ceiling with his loud stomps!

      Thank you for following xoxo
      I love your blog!!

  2. My husband works lots of hours so I try and creep out to the living room quietly on the weekend. No TV, tip toeing around. The once in a blue moon I do sleep in, he is completely oblivious and must be a brother from another mother to your man.

    1. We are always quiet for them. I am totally the same way. You would think I was a little quiet fairy, shutting the doors with pixie dust, and he is a GIGANTIC BIGFOOT slamming the doors with his humongous pick ax!

  3. Gemma's GirlMay 27, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    Both of your brothers, J and D, are the same way!!

  4. Ohhhhh you poor thing - 'cause I know exactly how you feel. I have one too. A husband, a noisy husband but he doesn't have so many of the other wonderful things yours has although he would be there in a second if I screamed...

    1. We need to create a 'National Women of the World Unite, Door Slamming Day'

      See how they like it!

  5. Great blog! Found you at Domestic Goddess. I followed you...congratulations! You've hit 30! :D.

    1. YES!!! 30!!!!! Honestly, thank you.
      I will definitely check you out!

      And you will forever be known as 'my 30th' ;)

  6. Send 'em over here. My husband has mastered the art of the silent exit because if he stirs the boys, then he's on the hook for wiping tushes & pouring cereal. We'll get your guy trained up right good.

  7. What is your address Marianne? He is on his way! Should I have him pack for a weekend trip, or have him bring a months worth of clothes.It may take a while for your hubby to train him.


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