Friday, October 12, 2012

Who needs toys when Mommy & Daddy drink a lot of wine and like burritos?

Does my title make sense?


Does it now?

My daughter loves stacking things.

I collect wine corks. That was only a weeks worth....KIDDING!

Isn't there a correlation between stacking and being a genius?
Did I just make that up?

Who cares!

Happy Friday!
Whatever you are doing, have a great time.
I will be adding to my wine cork collection.My daughter needs new stacking material.

* I am actually collecting the wine corks, and am determined to create something nifty out of them. Have you seen Pinterest lately?
Good Lord, there is a world of crafts out there dedicated to Wine Corks.
Now to make a trivet or really go for it and make a backyard chair??

Yes, someone out there had enough corks (and time on their hands) to make an actual chair the size of a lazy boy, out of wine corks.
wine cork chair
Start Guzzlin
Mama needs a new chair!


  1. I'm going to start saving wine corks for you now! I suppose you don't really have a use for the twist-offs, no?

    1. If you are serious, I will take em. You need my address???? ;)

      Just don't try to throw any Mikes Hard Bottle Caps in there. That would not make for a comfy chair. LOL


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