Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Gripes we can all relate to.... or not!

I think I am going to start a new tradition on my blog.

Every Monday I will gripe about something. Something we can all relate to.

F.Y.I. - this will probably last about 3 Mondays tops. I don't really stick to anything.

Oh My God - My mind just went blank. Like seriously blank. I was driving home after dropping my daughter off at school, had an AWESOME gripe that I just knew everyone would be able to relate to. I was even smiling to myself imagining the comments:

"Oh J.R. you just wrote exactly what I was thinking"

"J.R. that has happened to me before also. I so relate, I hate when that happens"

"Way to tell it J.R. That was a terrific gripe. I feel ya sista"

But alas, I am sitting in front of my computer staring. I cannot remember the F*ing Gripe. It was a good one too. 

O.K. so on to Plan B- 

My Gripe for today, is this:

"Don't you hate when you can't remember something that was literally in your brain 2 seconds ago?"

Happy Monday!


  1. Have you been drinking mind erasers???
    I drank a few in the early 90's and they are still working.:)

    1. At this point, water even acts as a mind eraser. ;) ha ha

  2. It's taken a long time for me to accept that I just have to write sh*t down. I used to convince myself I'd remember. It was a lie.

    I coulda had Tolstoy up there, but I was too lazy to find a Post-It.


    1. I know, I even have the little 'Voice Memo' option on my phone. Does anyone really use that?? Anyone?? ............ I may start!


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