Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Spanish with Dora, now Penis with MOM! Thanks NickJr. you are full of information.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been creating a new nightly routine that goes a little something like this -

5 year old daughter: "Mama, can I watch t.v. while you are brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed?"

Me: "Yes, of course"

5 year old daughter: "NickJr. is boring now!"

Me: "Oh, really, yeah. O.K. honey" not really paying attention because I am too busy wondering if the $200 facial cleansing set is really worth the money. Olay for $8.95 worked just as well.

5 year old daughter: "I am going to wait for you in my room mommy. I will play Barbies instead while you brush your teeth"

Me: "O.K. I will come in and read to you in a minute"

Does this nightly routine sound new?


Because it is not!

The new part is this:

After putting my daughter to bed, I walk into my room and climb under my covers searching for the remote that my daughter likes to stick in weird places after she gets bored with the T.V. Not to mention that she always fails to turn the T.V. off.

I am fluffing my pillow, putting my hand lotion on, and plugging my phone into the charger getting ready to change the channel for some "Housewives of New Jersey" when all of a sudden I hear the word



P    E   N   I    S

Now, is hearing the word "Penis" the hugest deal in the world? God NO!!! I am not a prude!

But.........Hearing the word "PENIS", and then looking up to the T.V. Screen and seeing the NickJr. symbol in the right hand corner.......well that is just plain craaaazzzzzyyyyy!!!

Uhhhh, am I drunk?

Uhhh, am I in some parallel universe?




I change channels, then change it back. Blink my eyes and open them again. The symbol still says NickJr. 
But the show is called 
NickMOM Night Out!

I leave it on the channel for a minute, hear a few more ADULT jokes, and start totally tripping out!

My husband walks in and I turn to him like a complete spaz -

"Honey, look at NickJr. Listen! Look! It's like stand up comedy,and it's called Mom something and I heard the word Penis, and, and blah aadfaiddgfiahgfiagfahfhkdfsdijds"

"WOW. Weird, crazy"
I don't think he is paying attention to me. Maybe he is also wondering if my $200 facial kit was worth it. Ooops, I meant $100 dollar facial kit. 
Do we ever really give our husbands the 'true' price?

This has been my nightly routine for the past week or so.

Every night I turn on NickJr. just to see if there are still ADULTS saying ADULT THINGS.

YES! NICK MOM is still going strong

Every night, I spaz out, trying to get my husband to feel the same bewilderment I feel. 

Every night he doesn't seem as miffed as I do.

So I figured I would blog about it.
Would I be the only one?
Am I in the Twilight Zone?

But then I got home from work today, and on the MSN front page I saw this:   


Someone wrote an article!

*As I said earlier. I am totally not a prude. But they did not even wait until past 10 or 11. I mean, why go messin with NickJr anyway, but if they really wanted to they could have waited until the Juniors of the world are actually asleep. I don't know about everyone else, but at 8:00 my little one is still beggin to watch T.V. and YES, sometimes I actually let her. She watches T.V. while I catch up on my magazine subscriptions, or talk to my older girls about their day.

Wonder how long Mom Night is going to last. I mean, I am amazed by it, but I have a million other things to be passionate about. But there are some crazy protesting moms out there, so little Junior better watch out. Moms on a mission can be dangerous!

Penis on NickJr. Is "NickJr." turning into "DickJr." ? 


  1. Okay, I'm not believing this. What are they thinking? Is there no channel safe for little kids anymore? When I see the garbage on Disney Channel, I just about come unglued at the rudeness and sass on some of those shows. My nieces don't know what the big deal is, but that stuff rubs off. I don't let them watch it at my house. Then they asked for the Kardashians. No! You may watch Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island and Donny and Marie- like I did. haha
    Dick, Jr. You are hilarious!
    Go Moms!

    1. I was so baffled, it was almost turning into a game for me at night. Or that weird feeling of driving by a car wreck and HAVING TO LOOK! I would turn it on every night, wanting to see it but at the same time thinking, 'Is this really on right now?'

      Gilligan's Island- FAVORITE, but so frustrating every time they would not get saved. ;)

  2. When consumers don!t buy and viewers stop watching it makes a difference. There is power in our choices! Which reminds me. VOTE. Love you girl!

  3. Holy cow! I've been missing out on this blogging gold??? Foiled!

    And Oil of Olay rocks.

    1. Seriously Marianne! That is what I thought every time I turned the t.v. on at night. My husband (even though he wasn't completely paying attention) even asked "you gonna blog about this?" I think I could have elaborated alot more on this one, there was so much room for humor. I mean, I could understand Teen Nick, but Nick Jr. ??? WEIRD!

      YAY!!! I love you for calling it OIL OF Olay. I still add the 'OIL' part, but my girls always make fun of me because now it is known as OLAY. No oil!And I say it so fast they thought I was calling it Olive Olay. So this post was the first time I called it Olay. I should not let my teens bully me. I will go back to adding in the Oil. Ha Ha!

    2. They dropped the Oil??? How did I miss this??

      Next thing, you'll be telling me they don't call it Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore!

    3. I know, my girls were seriously laughing at me , no joke. They did not even know the OIL part. So we got home from Target, and I was all ready to prove them wrong.Ohhhhhhhh, I couldn't wait. So I made them come over to the computer and I googled OIL OF Olay. Guess what sight it takes you to??? - NO OIL- Then they rolled their eyes, walked away, while I feverishly searched the site for any hint of the word oil.

      The Colonel would roll over in his grave if they tried to take the Kentucky out...... ;)


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