Monday, May 6, 2013

I don't always complain about my kiddos.....sometimes I get crafty with them, then complain! Fun with Washi Craft Tape, Woo Hoo!

So there is this stuff all over Pinterest called 'Washi Tape' Washi Who? What? Huh?

Anyway, we are getting ready to re-do K's room (K, being our six year old) I have always HATED!!! DESPISED!! DETESTED!!!! The chalky, weird, gray blue, kinda baby blue, kinda NOT, kinda UGLY paint that is on her walls. Why did I pick it out? I didn't!! It was free...leftover from one of my husband's jobs where the homeowners decided they did not like the color.
HINT - If  homeowner did not like it, why would I like it for our baby girls mermaid themed room?
Aqua Blue?
Sea Foam Green?
Tiffany Blue?

Muted down bleeeeccchhhh blue

Like I said, after six years we are going to spruce up the room. 
Daughter and I picked out the paint
and husband purchased it.

So one night I was sitting on the edge of her bed staring at her ceiling fan thinking of ways to brighten it up, then I remembered this Washi Tape stuff I keep seeing online.
Went to craft store, picked it up, and without further ado (or complaining) here is my decorated white fan.

Super Simple! Not to mention easily removable, should you change your mind on placement
Washi Crafting Tape, the possibilities are endless.
Actually the possibilities have to end somewhere, huh?
I mean, I don't want to start seeing Washi striped toilet seats, trash cans, cigarette lighters, crack pipes........ 
It almost looks like glued on fabric when you stare at it. 

I asked my husband if he could take the blades off for me.
He said "yes"
I waited
He didn't come upstairs in a timely manner, so......
I grabbed the ladder, electric drill and my inner 'Women Can Do Anything' attitude and set forth.
All Done!! Pretty Cool if I do say so myself.
Now time for one of these


  1. A pink bedroom for a six yr old- she must be grinning from ear to ear. Washi tape is fun.
    Like you, I have no patience for hubby who says he'll do something for me. I meant today, jackass!
    Who's painting???

  2. I like how you craft. Sign me up! And make mine a double!

  3. Tina - My hubby is usually the painter, and poor guy has had to switch colors so many times in this house. 3 daughters who go through different phases in life. The 'Hot Pink' phase, the pastel phase the neutral phase, the Gray phase. The teens are done with their phases. Next phase will be phasing into their own apartments/dorms!! Our six year old probably has a few more paint color phases to go ;) My hubby is usually pretty quick, I can just be pretty impatient. But don't get me started on my air conditioner in my car. He better have that thing fixed before I drive to Palm Springs in a month.

    Marianne- You are signed up. Classes start Monday at 5 (it's 5 o'clock somewhere) ;)

  4. Where ya been? That Stra-ber-Rita been keeping you busy??

    1. I have been tangled up in that craft tape, and have just been let free. Believe me?? No....

      How bout, turning my life stories into 'funny little tales' writers block? That is more believable.
      I have grabbed my laptop a couple of times but then just sat there with no wit or humor.
      It'll be back though. I'm in a slump... Maybe I should actually drink a few of those Straw-ber-ritas' I'm always funny when I drink. Ha Ha


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