Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am worried about my pal Kim Kardashian

Poor Kimberly.

Did you see the episode where Kanye comes in and has his stylist 'makeover' Kim's wardrobe? Calling some of her items ghetto.

She is left with a bare closet. So basically she has gone from one mistake to another. A guy who wants to change her. Only she says she is doing it because she is evolving, and changing herself.

Uhhhhhhhhh, Kim, that is not what it looked like from my point of view - my point of view being from my cozy bed with a nightcap, and a grumbling husband who complains about my choice in television viewing. Sorry Honey, but I am a sucker for reality. Any reality, even if it is semi scripted and fake. How do those Kardashian girls get their hair so shiny?

So it had me thinking. In a way we all change a bit when we start dating someone. Maybe we don't throw the entire contents of our closet away, but we all do something. Even if we don't notice that we are doing it.

When I first started dating my husband, I overheard him say something about how some girls look cute wearing jean overalls with tank tops. (Maybe he had some farm girl fantasy, I don't know) So what did I do? Ohhhhh, I just happened to dig out my Old Navy jean overalls, a little white tank top and just happened to wear them on one of our desert dirt bike trips. I HATED THOSE OVERALLS!!!!!! But I sure rocked the hell out of them that weekend. I also pretended to like the Lakers, even choosing my favorite player. I acted like I knew who the Dead Kennedys were (a Punk band, I don't like punk at all)
Eventually the overalls stopped seeing the light of day, I started complaining when he played his music too loud, and now I go upstairs and read while he sits downstairs alone watching The Lakers.

My daughter is on boyfriend #3 right now. I have watched (or should I say listened) to her style in music change with each boy.
Boy #1 had diamond earrings, and even though he was as white as can be, had a bit of a hip hop tone to his voice.So of course, what was blaring from her stereo for 7 months? You guessed it.......Hip Hop and Rap!
Boy #2 different boy, different music. He didn't last long, so his style of music has already been forgotten.
Boy #3- We love boy 3. He is part of the family. They have known each other for a long time. They have always been friends, but then it grew. He is respectful, kind, and helped me bring in groceries from Costco the other day. He is a keeper. But I have now watched her change again. Not major changes, just minor enough for a mom who was once a teenage girl herself, to notice. Hipster,mellow music now plays from her ipod.When asked how she discovered this band, she says "oh, I have loved them for a while"- Well, that is not what I heard when I was eavesdropping on you and your sisters conversation. A conversation that went a little something like this.

B- 'I love the Lumineers'

K- 'Me too'

B- 'I am so glad boy #3 showed me who they were.'

K- 'Me too! Hey, put on that other song he played for you.'

B-' Oh yeah, they are my new favorite band too. Just so peaceful, ya know?'

K-'Yeah, I know'

B-'What are you wearing to school tomorrow?'

K-'I don't know, you?'

B-' I don't know, boy #3 likes those brown boots I wore the other day, so probably those'

I got to go, I just realized what time it is and I was going to try to paint my nails before work. I overheard my hubby saying he likes red nail polish on women, so..................................

Be yourself
Be Happy

But sometimes it is o.k. to be a tiny bit of the person your mate wants you to be. We all know us women are experts at trying to change our men;short of cutting their balls off.
I guess I can dust off some overalls, wear some red nail polish, and listen to one punk song, while watching sports. ;)

'THE' Overalls

But don't ever, EVER ask me to give away my wardrobe. That is where I would draw the line, for myself and my daughters.

**So it is o.k. if my daughter changes her tunes, and sports her brown boots. But if I start seeing her 'true inner spirit' start to change. We will have problems. On a positive note, boy #3 is awesome, and in all seriousness he has always liked her just for being her. I could spot his crush from twenty miles away, even when she didn't even realize it was going on. I don't think he wants to change anything about her, and that is fine with me. Although I could stand for him to tell her she needs to keep up on the dishes and cat box. Hey, help a mama out boy!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I can't stand that a-hole narcissist Kanye.
    When will Kimmie ever learn? Those K girls seem to have a thing for guys that suck!
    Or, so my niece tells me. ;)

    1. I pondered as to whether or not I should admit to my Kardashian watching. It is only because my television was stuck on that channel. I tried everything to get the button to switch. It was superglued or somethin.

      Oh Kanye...........enough said!

  2. Great advice. My husband has only commented once on an item of clothing. They were bright pink maternity pants. Very fuzzy. Three inches too short. And I was not pregnant. He looked at me briefly and told me I looked "cuter" in jeans. Or shorts. Or anything that wasn't fuzzy and fuscia.

    Other than that, the man knows his script.

    1. A script......that is a good idea. I should type out a script, hand it to him and tell him to practice his lines. LOVE IT!

      ;) My hubby pretty much likes everything too.I think men aren't too hard to please. They are pretty simple creatures really.

  3. Is there an ego bigger than Kanye's? There's nothing wrong with pleasing your man but to change your whole wardrobe??

    Your daughter's boyfriend sounds like a dream. He's exactly what I would want for my child...if my child was gay. Meh, there's still time to see which way the wind blows. :D

    1. No Bigger ego than his!!!!

      And yes he is a dream. But even dream boys have hormones, so we are a watchin him. LOL!

  4. silly kim...i cannot believe she changed her entire wardrobe for a guy! especially one as stupid as kanye.

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

    1. Welcome Newest Follower. You started following at (hopefully) a good time. I was in a bit of a Summer Slump with writing,but I am recharging.

      I am not rich enough to give away my wardrobe and start over. I still have some of my stuff from Contempo Casuals.......Uggghhh, Did I just say that out loud? Hey, high waisted shorts came back, so you never know.


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