Sunday, December 30, 2012

I have a very important job, and I am VERY BUSY at my stressful important job!

I have an important job.

I am very busy.

I have deadlines,stress, and major responsibilities.

I have emails to check and respond to.
Voicemails to delete listen to.
Co-Workers to chit chat discuss important work topics with.

The other day my Co-Workers and I(whom also happen to be two of my closest friends)were going over some notes from a meeting that we had.

Somehow, online marketing strategies turned into 


First we were talking about some of our clients, and then it turned into talking about a Hospital in Oregon.
We deal with Hospitals

Then it went from a hospital in Oregon to talking about snow.

Then being trapped in the snow.

Then I said out loud "I could totally survive in the North Pole if I was stranded alone. I watched this show on how the Eskimos build Igloos, and I think I could do it. I mean, at least for shelter"

Then Jenna my Co-Worker/Friend said "I could totally picture you trying to build an igloo, hunting for polar bears."

Next Daniella got in on the National Geographic sounding discussion, saying "Oh My GOD J.R., actually I REALLY can see you trying to survive out in the canyon." 
Don't ask me how we moved on from the freezing, frigid North Pole weather, to the canyon behind my house in sunny San Diego. Like, really........Don't ask.

"Yeah, I would be back there trying to light a fire, hunting for coyote's!!"

Jenna then asks "In all seriousness, have you ever come across a coyote when you and M go for your walks?"

I say "NO"

She says "OH"

Then we all ponder silently until one of us asks
"Where do Coyote's go during the day? Like huts, or holes, or dens? DENS!! Yeah,I think that's it!"


Yellow Arrows Point to Actual 'JOB STUFF'
Blue Arrows Point to 'BULLSH*T my co-workers and I think about

Yes Folks!

I am busy!

Pretty Fricking Busy! 

Thank Goodness I have off the next two days for New Year's! 
I need a break from all that stress!



  1. Replies
    1. Yes - but you'd be new, so you'd actually have to work ;)

      Seniority gets you the perks of being able to discuss coyotes.

  2. What would we do without google? I wouldn't know how to treat a torn-off toenail, that's for sure!

    1. My reply to EVERYTHING is "let's google it!"

  3. The less time I have the more I want to look up the answers to the world's questions. When I get stressed I add stuff instead of subtracting stuff. It's an affliction. So glad I am not the only one who needs information and answers NOW about things like where coyotes live.

    1. I am a Google fanatic! It solves all of my arguments with my husband.

      Well, not all of them, but at least the ones that start with
      "No, you are absolutely wrong. Michael Jackson did not sing 'sometimes I feel like somebody's watchin me'


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