Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Move Over Twilight,There is Another Literary Phenomenon Heading Your Way! EPIC MOM!!!

So my Blogger Gal Pals got together and wrote a book! 


Let's face it, as bloggers we all want our 'words' out there. We may start off blogging, just to get some stuff off of our chest, or make connections with other humorous writers that we can relate to. But in the back of our minds, some of us are thinking
'What If?'


'What if I just went for it?'

Well, two bloggers I have the honor of following and being followed by went for it!

Marianne  - Funny Mom Extraordinaire over at 
Julie  (a.k.a. MOV) - Wonderfully Witty Mother at

Got together and wrote a book.

Let's show some support



For every 100 "Likes" they get on the new Facebook Page, Epic Mom Book (!/epicmombook),they are giving away a book to one of the "Likers." 
The contest will end once they get to 1,000 "Likes." 
After 1,000 likes I am assuming they will be too busy moving into their new beach front mansions, and deciding on which private jets to purchase. So let's help them get there!!!! 

Look for this book coming out sometime in December.
Christmas Gift for a friend!
Stocking Stuffer!
Gift for yourself?

* In all seriousness, let's show some support and like it. Ask your friends to like it, and they can ask their friends. If there is one thing I like doing, it is helping people. Especially people who are trying to follow their dreams, be it big or small. I also like supporting other women. As women we all spend so much time sizing one another up, we don't stop to realize that in actuality we should be one another's best supporters, cheerleaders, and friends. 

O.K. enough with the mushy stuff. I just don't want them to forget me when they are riding around in their private jet. Maybe they can parachute a bottle of Cristal Champagne down to my humble abode, as they jet set off to the Cayman Islands. So 'Like' the dam page already! I may need to borrow money from them if they strike it rich! 


  1. I've already advised the pilot that our first stop, before we land in NYC to be on Good Morning America, is your house. Because I love you. More than bacon and beer and sausages.

    Thank you, bloggy friend (or as I call you, "friend").

    xoxo Walshie

  2. You are welcome, although as you can see by the millions of comments,from the trillions of followers that I am not sure how much it helped. LOL!

    Friend ;)

    1. It helped! Trust me. This stuff can't always be measured in comments or likes. It's all rather cosmic.

      Thank you again!!


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