Sunday, September 1, 2013

Four year olds bring great joy! Teenagers bring on therapist bills.....

Four year olds bring great joy! Teenagers bring on therapy bills.....

Conversation with a 12 year old pre-teen-
"You have too much makeup on! You are only 12"
"No I don't, this is how everybody looks."
"I said you could wear clear lip gloss and light mascara in Junior High. Not all of this!!"
"All of WHAT?? This is what EVERYBODY wears!" 
"Well does everybody look like an Oompa Loompa with ORANGE foundation?"

Conversation with a 14 year old teen-
"Bbbbbb,  Get in here right now! What is this picture on Facebook? Why are you posing like that? How many times have I said NO sexy poses?"
"What do you mean?"
"What do you mean, 'WHAT DO I MEAN' ??!!!??You know what I mean, because I have only explained it like 50 MILLION TIMES! No standing in the mirror taking pictures of yourself in your bikini!!!!!"
"OH?!? OH MY A**!!"

Conversation with a 16 year old son
"God Mom, I'm so glad I don't stress you out as much as the girls do!........By the way, can I borrow your car?"

Conversation with an Angelic, Sent from Heaven 4 year old 
"I love you Baby Bear!"
"I love you too mommy. You are the bestest mommy ever."

 Oompa Loompa, Lolita,and Eddie Haskells Long Lost Cousin would probably be pretty pissed to know that I wrote about them in my blog.Although if I ever become rich and famous, it would definitely help ease their pain.

**Since this post was first written, the 4 year old is now 6, and yes she is still a flipping JOY!
The 12 year old is 14 going on 25 and I am happy to report she has learned proper makeup application.
The 14 year old is now a 16 year old newly licensed driver;she has deleted her Facebook because 'it isn't really cool anymore, and she is so over it' (and has matured beyond mirrored self pics)and she is being stalked by Mom and Dad! Read about that here.
The 16 year old is now 18, has graduated high school,has a car of his own (thanks to the money lent to him by every living family member every time that hunk of junk breaks down) ,is working at a movie theater and signing up for some general ed classes at the junior college. 

**END NOTE- I love my kids! There are some straight A report cards coming through, major help with chores, and family unity that makes me proud.But goodness gracious, when they want to act up,it sure does help out with the blog material. Not to mention the stand up comedy routine that I have been writing since I was 7 years old imitating Gildna Radner on Saturday Night Live.

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